Ron Paul hints at ‘deep state’ conspiracy against Tulsi Gabbard

Former congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses his support for Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, and tells Larry King why he thinks some D.C. factions are against her White House run. Plus, his take on the U.S.-China trade war.

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Death Larsen

Nobody accepts free market conservativism when you're paid free money to vote and think otherwise

Isthis Better

I was all in agreement until he started talking about guns, can't have everything i guess

rupert pupkin

Don't be a chickenshit Ron, tell him to his ugly schozface that it is HIS putrid lot sinkng America, that's what you get paid for ain't it?

Aubrey De Bliquy

Imagine Ron Paul would have taken a more discreet relationship of consensus with China on Taiwan which could have been more mutually beneficial for liberty in China as well as Taiwan, rather than this knee-jerk trade war conducted by every crackpot buffoon since the dawn of time. Didn't Trump do history?

Joe Paul

Medical mistakes kill more people than
…. homicide…. suicide…aids… combined………etc….so do we ban doctors??

Lost Cause

I very much agree with that cool logo ☭ at 12:54 – All of us should stand together against the Ruling Class who use Capitalism as their prime weapon of oppression ✊

Do it again

Your vote doesn't count. Why?

Chris Bova

Wow… he actually said mobsters did 2001…

Little Star

Ron Paul is in deep sleep.

Allen Chilaxin

He's right and she's the only Democrat running that isn't a lunatic.

David Watermeyer

I agree with Paul on the gun issue. Don't deny access to guns BEFORE someone has committed a violent act. Give them a shot (or two or twenty!) before you take away their guns!

Jacob Jones

Tulsi wants to ban "assault weapons". Definitely not getting my vote.

sangram solunke

Why I feel that CIA and DNC is plotting to assassinate Tulsi madam in Indonesia?

sangram solunke

Donate for Tulsi 2020 campaign,now.

Fing Hammer

Listen to Ron Paul. This man has been telling us for years…

valentino georgievski

Biden the most popular and the biggest treat to Trump!!!??
Most popular my ass!
He is definatly the most unpopular candidate in reality.

Bernie is the most popular candidate and can bit Trump!
Tulsi can bit him as well even she has been kept in the darkness by the same elite criminals that push Biden and Elisabet Warren on the top.

John Cocca

Civil liberties taken away by the government as a result of an individual being demonstrated as incompetent or guilty is one thing, forcing people to demonstrate their innocence and competence FIRST is another. Background checks adopts the principle that people need to prove themselves worthy prior to exercise of a right to keep and bear arms. People should have to prove themselves innocent, others should have to prove them guilty.


Miss JFK going all the way.


larry getting old, sounds like he's on bender with booze' ludes and heroin

Travis Simms

Tulsi is part of the CFR! Look up their member list!


Isn't Tulsi CFR?? Trump said he would end wars.. Have TPTB not learned anything, have you?

Andrew Cockburn

Good golly! Old guys on the news – Larry looks like he’s having trouble staying awake!