Richard Wolff, Ray Dalio agree on perils of inequality (Full show)

Rick Sanchez reports on violent protests against inequality and corruption in Chile, Lebanon and Iraq, which have already left hundreds dead. What’s behind the upheaval? Billionaire investor Ray Dalio has warned of “self-reinforcing spirals up for the haves and down for the have-nots” creating ever-widening income inequality in countries around the world. Prof. Richard Wolff shares his insights. He says modern global capitalism is a “broken, unsuccessful economic system” and that the romantic “bootstraps” view of capitalism is “a beautiful idea that doesn’t correspond with reality.” (4:50) Former presidential candidate and US Rep. Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) weighs in on the problem of exploding global debt. (09:15) RT America’s Michele Greenstein discusses self-driving cars. (15:10) Pain management specialist Dr. John Dombrowski joins to discuss mounting health problems among millennials. (19:22) Plus, RT America’s Steve Christakos joins for “Jock Talk.” (23:02)

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RT America

“Socialist Richard Wolff and free marketeer Ray Dalio agree on the cause of the forthcoming global recession! What does that say?” – Rick Sanchez

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Let’s get something straight here….capitalism is working Exactly as it was designed…debt, usury, rent seeking behavior and filthy lucre.

Asheru 92

Rick we want the old intro back asap

Comrade Kant

Global Neoliberal Capitalism and Imperialism is what's going on. Richard Wolff is a Revisionist Social Democrat, not a Socialist. But he's a well spoken Professorial Academic who is absolutely excellent at introducing people who don't understand Socialism to an introduction to the contradictions inherent in a Capitalist Economy. And he's very good at diagnosing the Global Capitalist order and it's deterioration.But still he doesn't go anywhere near far enough.Capitalism IS NOT BROKEN. The fact is Capitalism is doing EXACTLY what it's meant to do. Extract surplus profit by exploiting workers.Ron Paul is an idiot and a lunatic. He's not even… Read more »

Nexus J

This is what happens when you have Greedy Psychopaths running your world.

Ben Pavich

heres a thought, how about not spending a trillion a year on military, maybe we could get things under control without punishing the elderly and the poor.

Ben Pavich

if your not a t v anchor the only pcp u know is rolled up in a1.5

Gabriel Martinez

Everyone wants to be a millionaire nowadays, and when they fail they blame capitalism and income inequality. We have millions of worthless people with no desire to work, getting high on drugs, no education, with narcissistic personality posting about a hundred pictures a week on social media, and the IQ of a squirrel. You want to blame capitalism for income inequality? Give me a fucking break


No more Rick Sanchez monologue in the beginning? I liked that that a lot. Good show as always.

Michael Horton

“Failing for the industry hype”…..? On a remote shot with full editing possibilities, no excuse for such a verbal blunder.

Fred Lewis

RT….get rid of the new intro please. Very weak.


Ron Paul's libertarian economic ideas are seriously flawed. Smaller government just means it's cheaper to buy the politicians. Dr. Paul is OK with big business buying up the government as long as it's free market. Prof Wolf would eat the Dr. for lunch.

Mark M

What's Ironic is Capitalism will get the blame when the real blame actually lies with Marxist inspired Central Banking.

Ehsan Khaibar

Great news! Love to see Lula Free.

#FreeLula #JailBolsonaro for Crimes against humanity.

Bo Modén

How about trying Socialism in the US ?

E.C. Alexander

The masses are becoming restless. It's appears that it's all coming apart. The confirmation is when you see the 1% grabbing all they can and leaving.

avni ajdini

The world has had enough,people want better life,so i will not be surprised if civil war starts everywhere,or all over the world.

Rodrigo de Amoriza

Ron Paul is not a good source for solutions. Richard Wolff is.

Gilles Milaire

Good reporting, but the self-driving car reporting was crap.

Rui Preto

Free Lula /

M. Adams

Ron Paul is so caught up with his "government is the problem" mantra. The reality is that people are the problem. People are the market. People are the government. In America, and the world, we are living under a White Supremacist Oligarchy and because the rules, White is right, aren't logical, the whole construct is falling apart as people reject White supremacy worldwide! I don't care what economic system you live under, White supremacy is the ruling order.

Evandro Lima

Who is going to regulate the "bad capitalists"? A government that is bought by those same "bad capitalists"? And how are the "good capitalists" be able to compete in the markets against the "bad capitalists" under this rigged system? If there's no government to regulate markets, there will still be "bad capitalists". And if the government goes after "bad capitalism" with regulations, what would prevent it from being reversed in the future when people aren't looking? We're stuck in a vicious circle!