Rand Paul to file class-action lawsuit against NSA

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is planning to file a class-action lawsuit against the National Security Agency for spying on Americans with its bulk metadata collection programs. At the State of the Net conference in Washington, DC, Paul questioned the constitutionality of using one warrant to collect hundreds of thousands of records. RT’s Ameera David talks to Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian National Committee, and Matt Binder, a producer at The Majority Report, about the constitutionality of the NSA’s surveillance programs and other news about the spy agency.

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claude zach

While i agree with the lawsuit, i would never vote for him.

Chad Tebbitt



Where do I sign up?


The NSA have way too much compromising materials on Supreme Court Judges and everyone else.
You should REALLY search in Google the words "everyone in US commit crime a day" 
You will find like :
You commit three felonies a day – Kottke.org
Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent: Harvey 
L. Gordon Crovitz: You Commit Three Felonies a Day – WSJ.com
You, too? – Three Felonies a Day
You commit three felonies a day – Democratic Underground
Hinkle: Commit any felonies lately? – Richmond Times-Dispatch 
The average American commits three felonies a day… – Godlike


Congressman Paul does not need to draft a law to prevent NSA spying.  His angle is that the NSA data collection is against the law.  The courts, or judicial branch of the govt., is set up to determine if an activity is within the law.  If Paul were to try to draft a bill making making NSA data collection illegal, (which implies that it now is legal), he would probably not find enough support in Congress to get it passed.  Good-Luck Rand.

Steven Tetreault

I sin in I wish I could help with $ but I live with a very low income that I can't pay all my bills,but I stand behind him because he is agaist Obana that man is evil.

Captain Peroxide

Let the whole freaking world sign that class-action lawsuit Rand !!


IMO, more power to him, I wouldn't hold my breathe.  Expecting the system to "fix itself" is literally allowing the fox to watch the hen house, and we're the hens.  Why?  Because "we the people" refuse to individually hold the politicians accountable by example, cheer up kids it's going to get much worse!  Lots of love one and all! <3


Not going to happen as long as Obama or Another Fascist president is in office protecting the NSA along with the SAME Puppet Masters that have been in the white out house since Reagan was president!!! THINK People THINK!! 


Most that will happen is that THEY will just get another slap on the wrist and then go along with business as usual!


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matt vovakiss

Signed it. Sick of the clown that spys on me, trolling me on the internet and jacking my electronic devices around. Spy and STFU or go away completely.


@ 4:06 looked like they were they smoking weed?


The ENTIRE PLANET should take part in this lawsuit!

As for the vomitous Huffington Post,…they are a despicable government RAG.

If your comment doesn't agree with their propaganda story lines,…then it is EDITED OUT.

Huffing Post is so disgusting, that I wouldn't use their putrid filth to line my trash can, (if it was printed on paper.)

Of course you can always turn to Huffing Post if you want to know if someone's ass has gotten bigger, or hairier,…garbage news they excel at.

Dragon Butt

Planning to file? lol its not gonna happen.

Philosophical Mind

but the court say its ok so blame the court


And.. RT still doesn't know how all this spying thing works. 500K euro!!
RT could have known 8 months ago.. when I offered it for 200K. 

Kevin Canada


Harry Freeloader

I’m not sure who Rand Paul really is; a patriot or the controlled opposition. Both SCOTUS  and federal judges have been politically and monetarily motivated in their decisions for decades. But suing the NSA is like an ant ordering an elephant to stop stepping on his ant hill.


You guys are kidding, right? Rand Paul is part of the establishment.  His role, as an ACTOR, is to appear as if he cares for YOU and your rights to privacy. There is no privacy.  NONE.  Everything you type is collected and stored.  Every call, every email, text.  EVERYTHING you watch on tv.  Every book you take out in a library or buy online.  Every porn site you visit.  Everything! It gets MUCH worse.  Learn about smart dust.  It is being sprayed on us and used to SEE YOU live, in person, in your own home, at your workstation, in… Read more »

kid gloves

all the government spying and all the information collected, must be pretty crucial for the coporate fascist U.S federal government in order to put together their strategy, on how they are going to acheive their tyranical objectives.

Tony Stark

fight back plz


Yes,mind your own business!


At 5:04,watch a plume of something from the building to Matts right,the camera cuts out the full plume. Just wondering.

Dr. Lewis E. Graham

Rand Paul certainly shows courage by acting on these issues.  Fighting City Hall is hard enough, but this is more like David verus Goliath squared.  AND it is a court action on the government's turf.  As Albert Einstein noted, one cannot solve problems from the same the level of consciousness that created them.