Omar & AOC join Republicans to urge Syria withdrawal

House Democrats such as Ilhan Omar and Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez are joining a bipartisan effort with Senate Republicans such as Rand Paul and Mike Lee to call on President Trump to fulfill his promise of withdrawing from Syria. Conservative commentator Steve Malzberg and executive director of the Ron Paul Institute Daniel McAdams join In Question to discuss the unlikely alliance. #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT #QuestionMore #News

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Sandor Daroci

Malzberg, shut a f up. U zionist scum.

Bosefuss DaBrun

Ilhan Omar is not an anti-Semite. That bullshit lie needs to stop

Akbar, Allard Freichmann

An agreement with the US has no value.

Alan Conlan

The President is the President because of this divide. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is on the same platform holding firm to the key point that elected Donald Trump the US President against the contending criminal warmonger, Hillary Clinton, acting for the Deep State. How it currently stands demonstrates the Deep State takes care of its own. Instead of Clinton being charged for hideous war crimes after shackling Obama, the Deep State has successfully thwarted the media spotlight against Trump, the elected President of the United States, on an ill-founded Russiagate fiasco. President Trump might need to be reminded he was voted… Read more »

slim j

can somebody sweep the trash on the left? Sweep and put it in the trash can where it belongs


Man I can't stand listening to Steve Malzberg. I did try this time, I swear, but too much ignorance and/or ill intent and that smirk… go fight in Syria yourself, Steve – you don't have to fight, just put on one of those "press" suits and helmets and go into the frontlines to offer your commentary, see if you can keep that obscene smirk on your ignorant mouth.
Shame on YOU for propagating the demented lie of anti-Semitism, leave your public spotlight and go educate yourself.


I really think that Daniel McAdams could've come a lot stronger to refute this neocon, GOP, Bolton-lover jerk, who seems to have a mouthful of lies to defend his indefensible position.

Abdol Abdollah

I'm sorry to see Malzberg as a RT member. This person is a racism man. See his last 10 years ago trash shows. RT discredits it's self having crazies like Malzberg on.


Right, Trump wants to keep America, America Israel.


Beware kids
Deus Vult
They banned RT on spectrum cable last November

Tim Moore

Malzberg is a jew. As a jew he can potentially turn any issue, with which he is in disagreement, into an antisemitism matter. Steve, wake up, growing numbers of people don't care a fig about avoiding the antisemitic label. In fact, being called an antisemite might be worn as a badge of honor in the future.

Eliyan Farah

This Lady Need To STOP Talking Too Fast Can't even Hear People Their Name Without Repeating What She Saying


I don't care what the media is reporting, Ilham Omar is a fantastic representative, and we need more representatives who are brave enough to tell the truth!

Bee be Cee

Bibi wants the US to remain in Syria and Trump is going to do just that. Israel's the boss.

Efraim Newman

The mandatory Jew making the usual claims of anti-Semitism. Time to jail these people.

Efraim Newman

"Bi-partisan support" means that Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory.

Jon Sprague

RT is usually better than this. Get that bigoted asshole off the air!


What? Keep America America? What the f**k does that mean? America is all about lies greed and war?

Close Shot TV

Of course the Muslim fundamentalist, Muslim brotherhood following retard is friends with aoc, they both want to destroy the country. Let’s just say we ( we won’t) pass the green new deal, how is she going to get the rest of the world to do it…. hey mr Putin, no more airplanes… Putin…. kill her.

Patsy Lewis

Ilhan Omar is not an anti semite

Huib Wetzel

Daniel has a bettter view than Steve

Phar Few Peace

Aoc and Omar are doing so bad the are now joining the winning team. what a bunch of sore losers.


– what did Omar say that was anti-Semitic?

Daniel Mitchell

Ilhan Omar is not Antisemitic. She's literally telling the truth about AIPAC. And before you come for me, know that I am both Jewish and Dual-citizen Israeli.

Danny Aubuchon

Throw the jew card. Thats all they have.
Jon bolten is a fucking retard.

Me Too

In your dreams!

Andyman Sand

RT, you are always full of BS. Ocasio herself warned Democrats NOT to vote with Republicans

Andyman Sand

I join the free world to urge Russia withdrawal from Syria and Venezuela

Jay Smith

John Bolton is a warmonger pig.

Geoffrey Mclean

Daniel McAdams handled this debate with utter class. Steve Malzberg was too busy using insults, whilst conflating the concepts of Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism – a common tactic used by Neoconservative proponents. The American voters have learnt from the fabricated moral panic produced from the Bush Era, which used the whole "weapons of mass destruction" mantra to justify military invasions of the Middle-East. The Withdrawal of Syria needs to happen now. Well done Daniel, you're on the right side of history.


get rid of this fuckberg hack. the dude is a fkn idiot. iraq is not americas. youve done enough there. get the fuck out

Liz Bethy

AOC AObliteratedCortex, AObseneCortex, for those of us who haven't succumbed to liberal insanity, we wake up to new tragically comical realities every morning. Please tell me that the Time magazine cover is a Babylon Bee joke.

Brian Sale

Did the USA government asked the Iraq government or the Iraq people if they want american troops in their country. Is it ok to use their territory as a staging ground to spy on Iran. to invade Iran. Why would they want a country that gives Arab land to Israel, that is in bed with Israel in their country, that invaded their country on lies and I have to assume stole their oil.


steve malzberg calls anti apartheid anti functional facist Omar an anti semite, judeo kkk logic, either support our racism of zionism apartheid or you are racist. very disgusting! he lost all credibility!

Damario Haynes

The news anchor is beautiful.

Kaa Pii

I don't recognize AOC and Omar as representing my views on anything.