Huge event just happened in US history, unnoticed

Michigan just became the 34th state to vote that a Constitutional Convention be called, and no one really noticed. Not Congress, not the media, no one. In Article V of the Constitution, it allows for the Constitution to be amended two ways: through Congressional vote, and through State Legislature vote. We haven’t amended the Constitution in decades, and now that the states have voted to do so…no one noticed. The Resident discusses.

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David Bradley

why would ppl pay attention when sports and porn and drugs are being pushed 24/7…
keep on voting for black gay tranny banging presidents america, its working for you.,.. what you didnt know obamas wife is a man ?…Governments are made up of sick and twisted mother fuckers who put on a show for you.


Citizens of the US.. You have all been lied to.. Obama resigned the state of emergency in 2013 removing any rights you thought you had..

Sadly, even this report fails to mention this…

Adam N.T. Protester

correction- THE 11TH AMENDMENT was in fact originated in the states via the 2/3rds pathway

Marcus Silveritis

The american people deserve to lose their freedom for not standing up for it.American,s make me sick .

Sb Bhasar

911 Americans government


Will you Punk Pinko Ingrates demand your Constitutional rights when you've done away with them? …of course you will, you're Punk Pinko Ingrates. Proud children that have no idea how the world works. You demand rights where there are no Rights to demand.


Well first lets get this straight. This didn't start with the Obama administration. We can take this way way back in the day. But the most obvious breach of our civil liberties and constitutional rights is the war on drugs and all of the policies that followed to strengthen that policy.

TheGlassLion Streams

It's terrifying to think of just how close we are to a civil war, all over again.


I enjoy learning what the author of this channel has to offer but, "Treating the Constitution the same way they treat the Bible" is not true. Yes, the Constitution is being use as "Toilet Paper" by some which is true, but the bible should be treated as stated because this "Black Book of Death and Destruction" should not be read as Fact, but read like you would as poorly written "Novel"…

Man Made god, Not, god Made Man – The best way to become Atheist is to read these book of Horrors…


Thank you. For addressing important things like this.

m. b

She refers to Article 5 (V), but the graphic clearly shoes VI (which is 6).

talmadge kyzer

It was God that blessed America. America couldhave made a paradise for all that came to her shores in the land which God gaveher but she has failed. She allowed Sin to enter and it has corrupted our wholenation. Any time a nation turns away from God; God destroys it. Through greedand lust America has fallen, can she rise again "NO" not without herreturning to God. She cannot bless herself, only God can bless her. If you wantyour nation back, those that are called by the name of Jesus Christ must seekthe face of God, repent of their sins and… Read more »

andy. hello.

The illuminutty / bankers hate the constitution.

john smith

The Constitution died on July 3, 1863.


Tight credit: The recovery from the Great Recession notwithstanding, lenders remain cautious about offering mortgages to home buyers with lower credit scores. The median credit score for borrowers taking out a new home loan is 753, 45 points higher than it was a decade ago, according to a recent report by Urban Institute. “Credit is not where it was during the boom years, but even compared to the late ’90s, early 2000s, credit is still relatively tight,” Simmons said. Aside from those social and economic trends, a simple lack of understanding around mortgages might also be holding new home ownership… Read more »

Calvin George

Disinformation ?

Richard Dawson

Uninformed Americans are usually Left wingers, that is why you see so many crazy left wing idiots infesting our streets, damaging property, burning down their community. Left wingers are the ignorance that is surely killing this country. See them in the streets. When they start their shit…..shoot them. It isn't murder, they are the domestic communist enemies, it is your duty to protect your individual rights and liberties from them. Fulfill your Oath and shoot an anti-America left winger. It will be my honor to fulfill my oath and my duty. wipe them out.

mark rigsby

So this is current news? or your speaking of 2015?

Emil Phoryew

Secret government, deep state and banking cabal is running everything.


America was lost along time ago. Real White men will be restoring everything .

DeWayne Benson

CAFR…. How to SCREW 'We The People'…..

Michael Tennyson

What people should be asking is why has it taken so long to get this matter noticed? And why isn't there a bigger outcry over it? The American people have been repeatedly robbed blind by these dump trucks who were elected to represent us but too many people have virtually ignored their shenanigans for decades and allowed themselves to be used and abused by a few pieces of human excrement's in suits and ties? But it seems that when their own purse is threatened than there's a call for changes in the government financial realms! Dump the banks and their… Read more »

Demonseed 1776

Americans let me warn you, take this RT b***** with a grain of salt, remember who it is, don't be stupid,or gullible. ( that also goes for Fox News).

John Modell

What people don't realize is that once they open up the US Constitution, for whatever reason, EVERYTHING can be changed, including the US Constitution itself. They literally can start over from scratch, no longer protecting the rights of the people.

Sparky Runner

Not only did the Deep State Freemasons used it to wipe their Ass with it , but were very successful in putting into place in the Judicial System of the USA Judges of their own kind an to tweek up that Constitution to prepare for a new one !

Jesus Jimenez Hernandez

The U.S. Constitution is like the Bible nobody really follows its rules at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✅✔😂💯

Carmen Iglesias

Not interested in alliwing the people to really have a say! It sounda good on paper? Wth the People, By the People and Fuck the People!

Derka Derka

I wish i could meet a girl like Lori.

lifeisawar zone

there is a good reason it is worshipped as the bible, americans are controlled by the ccG church government God

lifeisawar zone

the constitution proves that God is playing both sides of the deviant equation and this is fact not fiction unlike the holy bible