How Trump Turned News into State-Run Media

Ron Paul joins Rick Sanchez and says in America today truth is treasonous.” Dr. Paul reminds us that journalists are supposed to challenge the powerful and excoriates those in establishment media who’ve turned the airwaves over to apologists and foreign policy conformists. We can also see how far US journalism has strayed by its treatment of real truth-tellers such as Julian Assange.


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P. A. Andrews

Trump is a sorry you know what, but Ron Paul is leaving out the fact that that happened way before he got in office. Another lying Christian with no honor.

Bozorgmehr Bahmani

Israel is better than the whole muzrat world! We don't need state run media to understand that!

Titus Tiger The world according to my view.

Rick Sanchez is the best!


Russia today talking about state run media??? R u ok?

Timmy Fay

Trump? Did everyone forget that there were 40+ CIA operatives in MSM back in the 70s?

WhiteRhino27 -

You can call RT Kremlin propaganda all you want, but Rick Sanchez is dead on the money here. The US MSM is supposed question the government, not parrot it. Their job is not to just report what was or wasn't said in a meeting then have a group of airheads sit around and discuss possibilities of a senator blowing his nose or not. That's why the American people don't trust the MSM. It's what they AREN'T doing as well as what they are doing.

James Thomas

Smith-Mundt Act? Thank obumma.

No Labels

Look up operation mockingbird. Trump had nothing to do with it. He is just their tool.

jez mac

its always been about manipulating the mindset

David Abbott

RT is a state-run media, and now for real news, water is wet WTF

William johnson

Trumps biggest opponents are the Media and Hollywood which are both run by Jews…
Trump supports Israel so what's their problem?
Trump wants to end their drugs and pedophile ring that's what…
And now wonder why the left hates him so much? Because the Jews own them…

Seeker2 Above

Deep state run……the NWO… trying very hard to advance their cause ………A FEW ELITE RUN EVERYTHING……..PRESIDENT TRUMP is stoping that !!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

J vdSpuy

Yeah that's what I don't get, how when citizens expose the illegal actions of those nefarious elements in power are they themselves called traitors and vilified. I mean the right thing to do IS to let people know about illegal going on's. Isn't the good ol motto…"if you see something say something"???????? Yeah only if it is not the powers that be. Whistle blowers SHOULD be protected, not jailed.

Michael Zimmermann

The news was state run 50 years ago.

stephen mcewan

There he goe's again calling Britain england does my head right in fcuking tosser.


This isn't a Trump problem. The media has been in the pocket of the government for as long as I've been alive.


Mainstream media has been controlled for decades in the US, but not by the government. It is controlled by the same interests that control our government. Do you think the American people support continual undeclared wars in the Middle East? Do you think they all support the Zionist state? You might get that impression if you listen to FAKE NEWS and our lying sack-of-shit politicians.

ingeborg postelnik

rt america seems to be joining the msm… you've lost me, mate!

Trump For life

Fox News war with China
CNN war with Russia

steve coley

Opposite of wisdom is greed (absence of love) aka. ignorance. Ignorance coming from "count" Dracula (Trump) and his number speaking, number worshipping counting corpses (vampires)…is sucking the joy out of US and devouring the planet like a ravenous cancer. This qualifies as brilliance to vampires.

Sean Woods

I have to remark one thing to this eversince we have had news it has been a cog in the propaganda machine. Thats why its always best to get as many views from as many different sources as we can.

General Cigar

That was the dumbest video ever. Why would I listen to American media run by Russia? He brought on a politician to talk about how media uses government officials on the news. The irony here lmfao.

C Gall

Our Lying MSM-Tabloids are soros PUPPETS with Terminal TDS is Eating them Alive!!!

Johm Quinn

jews have an ancestral hatred of Catholics and Orthodox Christians; israel has an ancestral hatred for Russia.


Things go better with a sweatshop loonie.

Jorge Echeverri

lol, what about the smith-mundt act that obummer struck down in 2013, Prick Sanchez??

Jt Williams

Let’s face it- you don’t get anywhere in the foreign policy “industry” unless you buy the whole “American exceptionalism”, “Responsibility 2 Protect” narrative. I studied Foreign Relations- that was useful.


Brought us 9/11

Average Joe78

How funny Russian state run/owned TV trying to talk about this topic


I like rt but this vs was a bit ridiculous

T. Thomas

Its not state run media, it is " Special Interest Run Media " big difference

Arik Malakh

So you listen to Russian state run television?

npc 1979

Damn!!! You always nail it man. Love your show and the way you actually DO news. Keep it up!! Cheers and down with the establishment

Jim Smith

Look at the comments at the bottom of the page on a CNN or MSN newscast. Its all eyerolls. We arent falling for it and they know it.


iran's scum agents like chalabi lied on iraq wmds and left arms for isis to make Assad a dictator, iran was the original jet bombers took in exiled al queda and had framed iraq with israelis whose mossad was arrested on 9-11.
usa should of destroyed iran and isralies for 9-11 not iraq who they lied on!

Carlos Krueger

THAT'S Why they Murdered Jesus Rick…Jews Will Never FAULT THEMSELVES…It's ALWAYS Someone else's Fault…

may slager

war on warmongers and their cronies.

Spring4030 Zxqa6519

The politicians should not doing the news it should be journalist, because truth and facts do matter. What people feel should not count unless it is affecting the rest of us.

sinkie chauke

The word truth you can't find it in Capital Hill, they can't even spell it.

Truth Betold
Guest the thumbnail title…just like Russia. ..lololol

cad80 24

the hypocrite russian zionist media controlled by Putin, criticizing the zionist media in the west while at the same time pretending like Russia and iran are poor Innocent countries who supposedly stand aginst israhell, while we all know iran and Russia work with zionist israhell. and putin even openly admitted to be a lover of israhel and best friend of Satan yahoo

Monsieur P.

Love Rick Sanchez from his time at WSVN Miami.

Carlos Krueger

…I Truly Feel that The End of Days are at Hand…

Blunt King

Don't make me giggle, all the media outlets dislike Trump and you all know it their all anti Trump supporting that fake ghost hunt that clearly has been a waste of time and money, amazing what Happened to untill proven guilty? America huh smh….. Give ya sister her pants back maybe ya blood will flow to your head again.

Angel Izquierdo

Rand Paul is a Russian Agent. Why is the father relevant?

Angel Izquierdo


mikhail hilliard

RT, a state funded media site, is accusing and criticizing the US of engaging in state funded journalism.

BTW what the fuck has England done?

Meditating Jesus

Talks about government officials controlling the narrative , brings in ex-government employee Ron Paul to comment on it .

jason matthew

And RT who is funded by the russian goverment does not do have a hand in the media…only reason i watch this channel is to gather infornation to form my personal opinion


It worries me that a Cuban "American" who fled Communist Cuba is now a fucking shell of a human being doing the work for Russia! Really?! Get the fuck out of here you come mierda go back to Cuba the Communist/ Socialist paradise!