How crony capitalism just screwed your beer

The Florida State Senate just passed SB 1714, which restricts how much craft breweries can sell to consumers. The bill allows micro-breweries selling up to 2, 000 kegs a year of their own brew to sell beer in any size container. But if they sell more than 2, 000 kegs a year, the bill prohibits them from selling their beer in sealed cans or bottles for home consumption directly from the microbrewery. This could put them out of business. So it’s no surprise the bill is backed heavily by the Florida Beer Wholesalers Association, who stands to economically benefit. And it’s also no surprise that the FBWA just contributed heavily to the legislators’ campaign funds. The Resident discusses.
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Erica Miles

Good, maybe now America will sober up long enough to see how screwed they are.

Steven Mcdonell

Finally something interesting and unbiased on RT

Gwhiz Ctheworld

Brava… good journalism. Our entire government has been taken over by a sick disease… Zionists and lobbyists who own these corrupt filthy rich politicians. Both parties Dems and Reps. are the same..( two sides of the same coin). We need a strong third party leader,,, No more warmongers and expert liars that seal their records because their hiding the truth about themselves. No pro Israel stooges who are traitors. America needs a younger group of leaders who have families to protect. All the branches of government today are pilfered by old men and women that only drive is to line… Read more »


Dirty traitor politicians need to be euthanized.


What's Russia's beer market like?

Obsidian Wolf

Do you now see what libertarians are talking about?  How can anyone look at that bill and decide, 'that sounds fair'?


The US is like a gay man … loves to fuck another man ,but always get fucked … And not all the time he notices that he's fucked. 

ronan pellen

Thanks, that just brewed my mind! 


Prohibition, again? 


Didn't this chick resign on live air. Why are you still here. You are annoying.

Directed by Puma

ban beer and alcohol, bring on the weeeeed lol

J Gilliam

Only the super rich count in the U.S.  Just because you have a small business does not mean you have any rights in our great society.

Richard Llewellyn

Remember when the US was a democracy and not a corptocracy run by multinationals and centeral banks where the average joe had a chance of starting his or her own busines yea remember is all you can do these days your screwed America but good luck trying to fix it.


They should fight back by raising money through kickstastarter and fund campaigns against the politicians that passed it, and sue based on antitrust. 

Wiyan Wakan

I think someone is confused?
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." – Benito Mussolini
CORPORATISM : the organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and activities within their jurisdiction.
Capitalism is a socio-economic system that allows private owners to profit from the goods and services they provide.

Raymond Pendergraph

Ugh. I'm so tired of hearing this story play out over and over and over again. 


Apply this strategy from the Florida Beer Wholesale Association to the Military Industrial Complex and you've just figured out the reasons behind all of the undeclared wars waged by the US.  Aren't politics fun?

Edward E

When we have: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY, what do we have over periods of time?
We have fewer and fewer White children
When we mix more and more non-Whites with fewer and fewer Whites in the same living space?
In time, White extinction. Its genocide because this doesn’t happen by chance. It is being forced upon Whites just like a rapist does not take no for an answer
How is this not White geNOcide?
Anti-racist is a code for anti-white

Michael York

This is nothing new it's been going on all along.You can please some of the
people some of the time, but you can't please anyone all of the time.
They pay farmers not to grow certain crops, or no crops. They subsidize
failed industries to keep them in place.They spend vast sums of money
on what they know is foolishness. They do all these things in the name
of fairness, but somebody has to lose. Actually, for the Microbreweries
it's not a bad deal. The cap on sales is only sealed container distribution
which is not supposed to be the mainstay of the Microbrewery,


Glen Beck is going to go thirsty.


Hey Floridians, this is such blatant corruption that you would be completely within your rights to find each of these politicians that screwed your micro-breweries and passed this law, drag them into the street and beat the living shit out of them until they swore to repeal it.

nick colletta
Guest sign the petition to get money out of politics and get more free and fair elections!


I'm not saying I agree with the current system, but why represent this as something new?  this system has been in place since the end of prohibition.