‘Fort Trump’: Poland ready for US military base

Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the plan to establish a permanent US military base in Poland. He argues that the justification for the expensive and provocative plan is “based on a fallacy” and that Russia is not a threat to Poland. They also discuss problems in the Mueller investigation that damaged the value of its conclusions.

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Original Youtube video here.

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I have nothing against regular american people, but put this f’ing Fort Dump into your jewish arse together with this s447 (un)just act.


Whay this reporter bitch said Poland COUNTRY IN THE BLOCK SOVIET . Whay dont said JUST Poland. Poland have occupant nazi Germane, Russian communist WE FIGHT NOT GIVEOUP Never. Is Poland FIRST TO FIGHT WITCH NAZI WE HAS NO NAZI SCUMS, and fight witch Russian communist. 2 OCCUPANT NO NAZI FASIST NO COMMUNIST Now we are free and SAID PROUDE POLAND. Proude LECHITIES NATIONS Reporter bitch you are bitch KHAZARIAN MASTER … I am Polish we never sell assss we HAVE HONOR You dont now what is that HONOR GOOD AND MOTHERLAND Słava big LECHITES SLAVIC POLAND


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russia sucks big floppy donkey dick

Iwo Veritas

Clearly this is so twisted and incorrect news. Everything that can make trump looks stupid. Or any other proud patriotic country. The communist never disappeared, it just got a make over in a form of mainstream media and opinions.

God bless USA and Poland. The bond is strong. 🇺🇸🇵🇱
the ☭ is

John E S

Sick! Why Poland is allowing the US terrorism and terrorists to build its base inside a nice country “Poland” !!


Polish people will be put on the endangered species list.😅😅

Peter Jobb

Poland needs to wake up, otherwise it will become battlefield in WW3. I thought the've had enough of that.

Saigon68 Foxtrot

Ever heard of that "Polish" joke? They believe Trump. They are about to get a whuppin' by Russia….again! The USA build walls, military bases and weapons while both Russia and China build up countries! The USA got Poland, the UK, Canada, while both China and Russia got Africa, Asia, India, the Mid East, most of Europe and all of Latin America. Both Russia and China got diplomats, the USA got ex-war criminals, thugs, Christian-conservatives, hillbillies and the most dis-informed public in the world. Both Russia and China teaches science, literature, history, geography, languages and inter-culture, the USA teaches football (a… Read more »

Greg Herman Greg

The Poles have invented the bullet proof vest to stop the incoming threat / Now the Russians are that threat therefore having a permanent base in a place such as Poland that borders the west and the east of Europe makes perfect sense

Ed Holm

Mr. Putin is 10times the individual that Cadet Dick Bone Spurs will ever hope to be, & has a Gulag in Siberia for Agent Orange.

John Miranda

Hey, wizards, it was the CIA who got intercepted Hillary emails from the NSA. It was a CIA-rigged election like other CIA-rigged elections

Tyrone Koumoundouros

Shame on you dumb Pollocks. You don't want Blacks am Muslims but what do you think American soldiers will be doing when their Black Asian Spanish and Muslim soldiers are fucking your wives and daughters.

Tyrone Koumoundouros

Kill Gina Haspel

Ehsan Khaibar

Russia-phobism by the War #Criminal #War #Mongering US Gov + #NATO.

V Philip

When its time for Poland to suffer, USA will run away like Vietnam. Polish people must think wisely before its too late.


Poland the ultimate Vassal state under absolute Jewish control dependant on EU cash handouts to survive. US sets up Radio Liberty / Voice of America in maximum security fortified Spy bunker in Prague Poland where it's staff are restricted to their own floor electronically. Spouts Democracy and fires any Staff who don't follow the Anti Russian SCRIPT exactly. View full story or start at 3 Min 44 to see it.https://youtu.be/Hp9HnBx6pWUUK spends £6 million on World wide anti Russian Propaganda. https://youtu.be/p9flSi-Ls_wIsraeli Intel Boss tells Russia you have been far too polite to bully America.https://youtu.be/FFGo5xgOBeQCurrent Time anti Russian TV station starts up… Read more »

Maria Robles

Poland you just sold your soul to the 😈. In the name of sanity whom can stop the madness of usa and israel?

karol metal

The Polish are smart.Russia is the enemy.

Duck Man


smw5praxis tim

we give you sheet, not fort for president mit 60 hair. Go to Jews. Wir have honour.


funny……"russia is no threat"…..in the meantime Putin proudly anounces hypersonic missiles and nuclear powered torpedoes. you get people to follow you by leading in the direction you want to go Mr. Putin.