Dogs replacing children in American families

While the US birthrate continues dropping, the number of pets in American homes is climbing to new highs. Since 2001, the population of small dogs alone has climbed to over 25 million. Figures like these have managed to concern some sociologists, who fear that Americans are spending too much money on animals, a projected $60 billion in 2014, and not focusing on our families. Speaking with RT’s Lindsay France about how animals are increasingly squeezing their way into our lives is David Grimm, Online News Editor of Science magazine and author of the new book, “Citizen Canine.”

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B. Chandler

I love dogs. Had at least one since I was a kid from age 4 to age 31 and I miss them both. But my God, get a grip people. This is insane how some people treat pets BETTER than they would treat people. What a disjointed reality some people live in. No wonder people STILL hate Vick. Our out-of-control obsession with dogs has reached a new paradigm.

Bawo Koroma

You people are insane. Food, vermin, tool or ornament that's what a pet is to me.

Paul Stevens

Hell, I'm a single parent and I've been telling baby crazed women to get a dog for years. They're cheaper, they don't talk back and you can get rid of them with a lot less social guilt lol.

I totally seeing this continuing as it has for years


You need an EXPERT to FIGURE out why kids are not born and more dogs and cats?? go back to your roots…. establish Marriage, relationships, commitment and not FUCKING around and sleeping with pets after break up….

Randy Atkins

I read it cost nearly a million dollars to raise a child to 18 years of age.


Pretty much every western country in the world has a shortage of young people. A world of old people will crash…


I doubt pets are the problem, the world govt wants birth rates to drop hence all the gmo consumption. Ppl I know who work in health care for the majority don't know what a gmo is and couldn't know that they make ppl sterile just like the animals they test them on.

John Gold

We have to send a lot of dogs to the Indians and the Muslims, they are spreading like locusts (to use a biblical term). 


This isn't much of an issue. I'm pretty sure that most of the population will be ethical. Virtually every country' overpopulated.

Emily Bisignano

I have 2 cats that are my children. I never wanted kids and I'm very happy with my furry children 😀


A better world ends with yourself. American take dogs, Russian drink themselves to death, Chinese have a one child policy, African.. African.. adopt a disease (Ebola, Aids or Diarrhea). Arabs blowing people to bits and pieces. The average house holding of EU countries exist out of 2,5 people, nothing to worry there (we're doing better than China). 


I love dogs and other pets, but they are ANIMALS. It scares me to watch how most people get so emotionally invested in animals.

samsa deniz

Large number of white LA women are mentally damaged. They love their dogs more than men. I blame the men for this they are usually fucking assholes lie and cheat on their women all the time but the fucking dog is always there and remains loyal to its women owner. By the way Latinos love to make babies. Its mostly white people who love their dogs more than other people


When the whole World is based on Conditions, or Else? and even families Put conditions On Love….The Only Life Forms that Love You Unconditionally, when Love Is shown,…… Are Our Pets 🙂 I Love that My doggy is my shadow, and people cannot believe how he Always keeps Me in his line of vision. and Yes, he is looking at me right now, with hunger in here's a scooby boy;) He Knows when I am Sad, he snuggles. when I am happy he wants to Play. when I mad, he keeps his distance, but stays with me, Always. even… Read more »

Troy Burdine

Think about this the US government wants you to have kids so they can kill them and brain wash them into some bullshit war that does not benefit the American people only the rich benefit from the death of others I will rather die whith out kids then have my kids go fight a illegal war all over the globe. Think about the US government is spraying chemtrails on our children so why should we have anymore so they can keep doing the same shit.


Useless ? Most children are too. They are parasites. They take and consume goods and services, but don't produce any. Dogs are a superior alternatives to wives and children for a number of reasons. Dogs for companionship all the way !


Good, because of all the shitty parenting lately, the kids will just end up smoking weed, playing Xbox, and will automatically be liable to pay the massive debts the govt. has incurred

Ancestralred twocrows.

Well gee, having a child today is fraught with difficulty. Choices about how you raise your child are being standardized. You pretty much are raising your child as property of the state and you can't even choose what type of medical treatment that you would like to apply to treat your child even though many mainstream treatments actually cause more harm than good. It seems that many people are no longer willing to put their hearts into a situation that negates any sort of freedom of choice. 


White people even make out with their dogs and fuck them.

Brit Stormy

Why do people keep freaking out that birth rates are dropping? That's a good thing. Half of jobs are going to be eliminated as technology improves anyway, so less idle mouths to feed.


I see people being shot with those darts, lol.


Be a good employee, get a dog and shut up. We have a gated community to build where everyone is happy, educated and not resentful. At least until we fracture that community and start propagandizing them. Can't a guy just feel superior without much yammering? 

What's that you people are building? A stockade? What's that shiny metal contraption above it? 

Thane Kyrell

this just reflects how our society evolves to be less violent, more moral, more rational, more scientifc, and more loving and caring in general. we don't just eliminate racism and sexism within our species, we also show that we can include other species into our society. this is noble. but we still have a long way to go.

John Doe

Wtf? The pets are not the problem. The pets have been the solution. Men don't want to get married because it's too risky due to the chance they will end up in divorce court. Women don't want too get married because they are looking for the perfect man which they will never find because of unrealistic expectations.


This is where RT's blatant "Fuck America!" bias becomes too ridiculous for words, it's nothing more than a hatchet job. It makes me laugh that so many people consider them such a trustworthy news source, especially when you consider how many of their followers seem to adopt an anti-government stance(RT is the Kremlin's mouthpiece).America's population in 2014 was measured at 318.9 MILLION. There are people getting married and having kids every fucking day here. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to live a life without children. RT is sounding more and more like batshit insane American Christian news… Read more »

kyle smith

There are too many people on the planet.

Martial Artist

My dog definitely comes before my friends. He's a family member and has protected us from criminals.


Everyone today sadly hates kids and would most likely kill them or torture them but wouldn't dare harm an animal that could easily tear their face off. We've evolved alright. Evolved into nothing but moronic psychopaths.


Not to mention, all of us are death and sex obsessed. I see no hope for humanity. Let the crazy people eat their dogs shit and piss.

Texas Ray

Relative to the population, ownership of small dogs went up, while that of large dogs went down.

No big mystery here.

A greater percentage of people live in urban situations, many in apartments .
Less living and garden space leads to smaller dogs.


I like pets better then kids because kids can cost more then Pets

Joseph Mosesean


Mic Theory

UPDATE: WHITE INFERTILITY CAUSE DISCOVERED! Since the 1970's UV radiation levels have been rising globally this is the central reason we are seeing non melanated populations below replacement level births as UVB and UVC radiation sterilizes males without the protection of MELANIN!Pesticides, hormone-disrupting chemicals, diet, stress, smoking and obesity have all been suggested as possible reasons behind the dramatic declines but it is essentially the adherence to fossil fuels that has caused this and they don't want the world to know. The research has proven this but NO major news outlet will tell the truth! Sperm counts have plunged by… Read more »

Kat nip

Pets are useful for all kinds of jobs. These people are only discussing the low birth rates but forget about the high suicide rates of older people. If they have so many worries about the decline of population of the world they should also worry about the existing population.

Skyline Fever

So if there is a ban on dogs, will the birth rate really go up?

The fear of being destroyed in family court is the #1 reason why birth rates are going down.

fuckk Trump

Less white kids is always a good thing

victor soto

Americans love their pets more than other people. Y'all should start an inter-species birthing
program & the world can turn into a new genus of semi-intelligent people. Oops, no, y'all
already low-IQ people.

The Ultimate Reductionist

To conservative hypocrites: NOBODY IS ENTITLED TO BREED SLAVES FOR YOU!!

Anthony Lockley

I rather have a dog than having kids period

otis page 4

Let me guess. Dr. Doolittle is a dog lawyer.

Craig Irvine



Cat > kid. Cats don't need as much attention as kids, & most cats stay cute.