Women In Combat: An Issue Of Rights?

Recently Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced that all military jobs would be open to women, including the most dangerous combat jobs. Some have hailed it as a victory for equal rights and are even calling for women to be eligible for the draft. Are they missing the point?

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Original Youtube video here.

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Canaan Myskowski



jimmy stewart, general usaf, B-52 pilot. deployed to viet nam. you pups cant hold a candle to the generation that raised your fathers

Yo ski

If women are in combat, I surely dont think they should be integrated into the same platoons. Sure they can serve, but dont mix them. I dont even think women want that.


Be all that you are told to be….

Pilsbury Doeboy

Send the single moms first!


how about nobody is eligible for a draft

Delisa Mapp

Actually nobody , Man or Woman should serve. The military is now nothing more than the central bankers world wide goon squad. As a veteran I feel so bad for this country.

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

We are at war against Islam because of our Zionist foreign policy only the Jews should have to be registering for the draft.

John Wayne

In Switzerland we have a strongly supported draft in place for our militia army that forces every man to go through basic training and then repetition once every year or if you object to serving in the military you have to do other work for a longer time. 

Government forcing people into the military is a shame in my opinion and damaging for the military.


DID YOU KNOW..if martial law is enacted they can force people into involuntary servitude WITHOUT compensation? READ: PART V – EMPLOYMENT OF PERSONNEL-Sec. 502. Consultants. (c) https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/03/16/executive-order-national-defense-resources-preparedness


I think the MRA organization taking this suit is probably trying to force an opinion of either women should be in the draft (which will cause people to be more against the draft) or that women are a protected class and the draft is only for men. It's not that they would want women to be drafted, but rather they want to illustrate that nobody, including men, should be drafted.

Julian S

you guys need a proper audio guy. the audio is clipping

Mynames Iss

Just something to add, women are commonly raped in the military and there are no repercussions for the rapists or those who cover for them.

Ed Waggoner Sr.

Sad, so damn sad when men are willing to abdicate their responsibility to defend and protect to women.  Mr. Paul we disagree on very little but this was a disappointing video.


women like to say that we are all equal, fuck them, let them go to war and have their legs blown off, just like men.  DUMB BITCHES

sam wang

Glorious victory: women can go on the battlefield to be killed by bullets and bombs too. What a great strategy to make this country even stronger and safer.


The real fact of all of this is the belligerent and arrogant Foreign Policy America has will definitely end, there'll be no real need to reinstitute the draft for men or women. The United States is completely bankrupt…The American Empire will fall and the American economy will crash and burn, and the American taxpayers will soon wake-up.


I don't believe in women in the military. Men and women are to be equally valued but are meant to play a different role in nature. An enforced gender neutral society is death of whom we are a species as it would destroy identity. No more money and no more debt or credit. The death of hyper-capitalism is a must. Gender role is the fabric of society and when a man plays a role as the main protector, provider and representative it gives the women the grace to play the role of the heart. The roles of men and women… Read more »


The idea of drafting is unconstitutional, the problem is that women are exempt from having to sign up for the draft on the basis of gender. By this notion men are considered more expendable than women, the question isn't "is the draft constitutional", the question is "If men must serve in the event of a crisis against their will, should women, who will soon have equal rights to fight in war as men, be held to the same standard?" Nobody should have to serve against their will, but if a draft is implemented today, as is legal right now in… Read more »

Peter Hall

Next they will be accepting dogs too, oh wait, cats then.


I totally agree with Dr. Paul on what he says about the 13th Amendment, how a draft would be just like slavery.  However, I disagree with Dr. Paul about what he says about war being different now and that women could do just as well as men in defending our country.  No matter how technologically advanced war gets, you are still going to need the grunts/boots on the ground, especially if you are against the use of nuclear weapons and/or drones (because of the risk of collateral damage/deaths of civilians).  During WWII, we bombed some of the islands in the South Pacific… Read more »

Mike Hunt

As a man who is of drafting age I do not want to share a foxhole with a woman if, god forbid, there is another draft because if we are both wounded in that foxhole and I'm the person missing the female anatomy I would bet 1,000,000$ I would get pulled out of that foxhole last because of it.

Mladen Milosavljevic

If you dont want anyone to draft, and good way to get that is to force women to drafts…. they are 50 % of voters.

Now… imagine voting results and question about war.

politicians cater to women.

I think that is great move, because it will change syste,


12:12 Involuntary Servitude!??? "Child-Support" AND "Alimony" are Involuntary Servitude! They lock men up in PRISON for not being able to pay! Even if they lose their jobs! >:I


Whenever there's a draft, I shut the door and close the windows.


I'm against the draft in principle but remember we are in an information battle for hearts and minds here. Another draft that included women would generate sooooo much hate for the state that we would be able to direct towards our philosophy. And once those people hear the message of the likes of Ron Paul, Rothbard, the founding fathers ect there is no turning back to statism.

So I say bring on the draft and bring on the hate for the state! (Btw I am mid-30s, decent shape and could possibly be drafted)

Lybard Hoppe

Ron is wrong saying Reagan was very anti-draft. The first thing he did after being sworn in as president was to extend authorization for requiring men to register with the Selective slavery system. So however much of an anti-draft advocate he had been, that was overcome by his hypocrisy. But then Reagan was a hypocrite on all sorts of issues.

Sage Bias

I think if the woman is qualified, she has every right to defend her country. She would have to stand up to the same physical and mental requirements as the men, but if a woman can fulfill the requirements, she should be able to fight.

I would like to point out that Kurdistan has entire female regiments fighting ISIS today. Many ISIS Muslims believe being killed by a female soldier means you can't go to heaven.

The bar for entry must remain high as always, but women should not be eliminated if they are capable of fighting.


Your wrong wrong wrong!!! Women are not built the same as men any idiot can see that. How many men are you willing to get killed to protect or rescue the women in the squad. Dr. Paul asked the right question can she fireman's carry a 200# man out of situation & save him if need be along with all her gear? I don't think so. I'll tell you what Leon Edward Panetta put the uniform on & come on out in the field & keep up with a squad while humping an M60 & a pack of required gear… Read more »