Without Authority, Obama’s Syria War Illegal

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been forced to end his country’s air campaign in Syria because he does not have the votes in the parliament to continue. President Obama has gotten around this by simply ignoring Congress and the Constitution. That means that Obama’s expanding war in Syria and Iraq is illegal. Will the US Congress uphold the rule of law, or is the president to be above the law?

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Original Youtube video here.

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pump up the gain.

Sourabh Kale

no water for Detroit but more bombs for the middle east

American Patriot for Trump

Obama ordered the drone assassinations of four American citizens, yet the Republican controlled Congress refuses to prosecute him.  Obama knows that he can violate the Constitution at will, because he won't be held accountable for his crimes.

Backgammon Player

A vote against war in the Middle-East, set all knobs to 10 and youtube:
(RON PAUL 2012) Spirit of the Patriot – Punks for Ron Paul (RON PAUL 2012)


america equals dictatorship

John Mastroligulano

Congress has the legal obligation to stop Obama from doing what he is but they are party people who only pretend to be at odd's so that they can control the check/balance of such it's horribly obvious.

Truth Archives

You are right Ron Paul. They are all dominated by the warmongers. Their all Zionists too. Please mention that. -.-

Jim Bo

This is the best news source on TV. If you use something like Chromecast to broadcast this video from your phone to the big-screen, this 15 minutes beats the crap out of 4 hours of FOX (I never watched CNN or any of the others)


The Constitution apparently hasn't mattered for seven years now. Well even longer than that actually considering the things Bush did were almost as horrendous with the Patriot Act, Iraq War, NCLB, Medicare Part D and TARP.


Well done! Another great video.

Jake Jones

Really sorry guys but if your government would live by the rules they set (without authority) for the rest of the world, your country would be under sanctions and full on trade embargos imposed by the the peaceful, non-murderous regimes.

Mr Ed

Shouldn't there be a legal process for a party or individual to take to stop the government from violating the constitution and indeed doing something illegal? Surely waging a covert and illegal war is serious enough to warrant such an action especially when the majority of Americans do not approve of it (or so you claim). In my view, the people must reign in the unfettered power vested in the President and organizations like the CIA for whom laws and accountability apparently do not apply.


You deserve more views, great work!

Yui-Omi Muni

6:46– Yet it is astonishing the American people are not rising up about this blatant violation of the Constitution, which is the law. It is not a set of suggestions. ~Daniel McAdamsBombing another country is not taking away our Constitutional liberties, even though it is unconstitutional. Let them start taking away our rights, guns especially, and you will see people rise up. People are weird. We are quick to forget and are selfish. I am first in line of being guilty of this is why I am saying it. Who cares if the other side of the world is being… Read more »

Robert Nadelin

Everyone in the US is too medicated to care.

Annuit Coeptis

Even if Congress were to authorize the use of force in Syria,, such action would still be illegal under international law, unless approved by the UN Security Council or conducted upon the explicit request of the internationally recognized government of Syria, a member of the UN. Dr. Paul focuses on internal US political processes, ignoring the main issue, which is that international law takes precedence over the national law of any country, including the USA. Thus a decision by the USA to violate sovereign Syrian territory would be illegal under international law even if all internal US procedures were followed.… Read more »


Dr. Paul. The information and view you present is well reasoned. More people might take advantage and listen. Best

Konig Frederick

Bernie and Rand should join forces.

Hussain Fahmy حسين فحمي

Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.

Carl Carlson

The hole world is watching

James Ashton

Ron! Have @comicdavesmith on the show sometime, he's a big fan of yours and a fellow libertarian an-cap, a big proponent of Murray Rothbard and the Von Mises Institute. He has a podcast @PartOfTheProblem and was a guest on the Tom Woods show this week. That would be a fantastic conversation


Daily reminder Americans that you didn't elect this man.

John Doran

Thank you, Ron Paul & Daniel.
Voices of sanity.

Mathew Joseph

Dr. Paul you're dedication and unwavering conviction throughout the years is something I admire greatly

Tari Lynn Crompton

We need to get the media back and not let the elite control our televisions


If Rand Paul is elected then the world powers will see that America is not a threat to their existence. Just live like the Amish and don't fuck with other nation's affairs. 'No foreign entanglements' is a Thomas Jefferson quote . If the south should rise again it will be a force of black and white brothers united against the Obama globalist tyranny.

Priscilla Sieckman

Thank you Ron Paul.You are the only one that ever makes any logical sense.

Priscilla Sieckman

Always my go to place for the truth!

William Bruce



Thank you gentlemen for doing this most vital work.

Hivolt Arc

Heck yea it's illegal. But just like Bush, if no one will prosecute nothing will happen. A person can murder someone, but, unless somebody files charges and goes out and arrests them, they will get away with it. How about the fu**ing FED!!!! Our constitution forbids a nation/federal bank.


vs. 30.9 Russian parliament grants Putin right to use military force in Syria.

BR3w Zter

Comment number 222….yeahhhhh


UNTIL you are in possession of your power, you are subject to harm by ALL beings! UNTIL you are in possession of your power, Universal Laws cannot help you! UNTIL you are in possession of your power, you are ONLY a coppertop!UNTIL you are in possession of your power, and stop looking for a 'savior', you will continue to be used/abused by ALL including the psychopaths who run this psychopathic system! This IS an empire! It IS imploding as all empires before it. Insanity of this magnitude is finite and unsustainable in ANY civilization! That is why ALL empires implode.… Read more »


There's no fucking rules in the war against terror.. You definitely don't need authority or permission to engage terrorist.. The pathetic liberal academia is destroying America..

Ralf Rath

The old triple entente is in war again – with ISIS terror! – So France and Russia fight side by side with Britian!
Where is the USA??? Where is Obama???
And Merkel Germany has opened all doors – to protect us all or to give terror a new next Chance ??? Who has to pay the price for open doors in Europe?

Alexandru Vasile

FUCK USA, FUCK NATO, FUCK ONU AND EU…all this fuckers destroyed alot of countries. Peace for Syria!

wisnu jamal

obami is the leader of terrorist… scumbag

We The People Perspectives

With all due respect Dr. Paul, President Obama has asked Congress to declare war in Syria if they want boots on the ground there, and they didn't want to. They decided to keep playing games. Also part of the confusion is that The President is not the commander in chief over the armed forces unless Congress declares. The rogue faction in our government is still trying to run things in the shadows, but I don't think Obama,nor the American people are going to be willing pawns or patsies for their war crimes.

Alberto Maria Ferreira

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