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carole carroll

Liberty report is NORMAL.

carole carroll

Change by a military coup

Wes Martin

Ron, Why aren't you and Daniel reporting on the good news from Q? You're behind on the fight against the globalists.

I know That Feeling Bro

All of us are sad too.. Pro war against the world and humanity, immorality to the nation. Well said.

Berni Gagnon

torture? another nail in america's coffin (military)

Rich D

The title asks the wrong question. It should say Americans are Making Torture Great Again! That'll show them terrorists! Meanwhile Ron Paul talks about how "nice & gentlemanly" Tillerson was. What a sad thing to see from a once great man.

Theodore Roscoe

Dr. Paul The only voice of reason in a world of insanity …


Our Shithole President Torture and chief .

Bee be Cee

Surely the US will no longer be the arbiter of democracy for the rest of the world and down the toilet for Human Rights too.


Morally corrupt per Geneva Conventions International humanitarian law The Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols of 8 June 1977 contain a number of provisions that absolutely prohibit torture and other cruel or inhuman treatment and outrages upon individual dignity. For example, torture is prohibited by Article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions, Article 12 of the First and Second Conventions, Articles 17 and 87 of the Third Convention, Article 32 of the Fourth Convention, Article 75 (2 a & e) of Additional Protocol I and Article 4 (2 a & h) of Additional Protocol II. In international… Read more »

Mary Jose

Puss butt big mouth dictator have great ego and keep stepping on heads of everyone, USA brings caos and UN expect all countries to accept refugees, and USA with Isreal and Saudi who are the actors of all the barbaric don’t take no refugees, Satan worshippers elites ,I hope the Earth open and eat all of you ,


Put Us in Stupification Camps! CHEERS CHEERS APPLAUSE
Fluoridate the Water! WOOHOO!
Make the Christian Churches DESIRE MURDER WAR & TORTURE


Trump can wrestle and play football but can't go to Vietnam because of bone spurs. Makes about as much sense as US foreign policy. The faith of the common man to believe the hypocritical nonsense of his Lords and Betters is staggering. Always was; still is. Of course a partisan is going to reply about Hillary Clinton. Personally I'd airdrop every partisan voter in America into Syria or Afghanistan and they can sell me their partisanship from the war zones their pathetic parties endorse.

Frank Margel

"He is an outsider! Biggest lie since lighting rods and snake oil salesmen! Frank Margel regarding the Donald Trump presidency of 2018." Better than any Democrat you can shake a stick at…? Oh, yeah! The Donald is a career politician pretending to be wise. He is not a failed leader pretending to be wise! He wins reelection 2020! next!


And we are accusing China and other countries of their human rights violation? Sad

Lucinda Carpe

Very sad times we live in.

manzur kassam

POMP and TRUMP, brothers in arms. The show begins…

Marq George

Ron, you rightly point out Pompeo's unconstitutional position on metadata, but torture? Waterboarding is not torture; period! I think what you're really afraid of is your gal Hillary getting caught since she's a freemason like you. Can't have a secret society member exposed. We know you support the UN when you said that the UN does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital so neither should we. Who cares what the UN thinks! You also were on the house floor saying you support a one world currency. All I can say is that I'm glad you're no longer a US congressman.… Read more »


Gina Haspell tortured prisoners in Thailand and took "joyful glee" in the action. Then she destroyed the records and jailed the CIA whistleblower that let us know (John Kirakou).

She lied us into the second iraq war through her false intelligence.

Appointing Gina Haspell, a known torturer sends the message to our enemies that it is okay to torture our people when they are captured.

WWII ended sooner because the Geneva Convention anti-torture provisions made German soldiers more willing to surrender because they knew they would be treated well.

I am glad Rand Paul is actively opposing her nomination.

More info here:


When I tried to watch this video last, YouTube simply would not access it. Was it down for a bit or YouTube honestly messing up?


Torturing and slaughtering more Syrians, MAGA. This is not what I voted for.

Rod Martin, Jr.

I've had misgivings about Trump since the beginning. This nails the coffin shut on Trump. He's not a friend of the American people.

Gravel Crunchers

Waterboarding is something many United States soldiers experience in training, it's not too bad. Mostly scary, the part I didn't like where the handcuffs, I got marks.

Yuri muckraker

Dr. Paul and Daniel are two of the most Gandhian gentleman out there even when covering such horrific events and deconstructing massive propaganda but this is the first time I've seen them really really worked up and pleading for anti-war Democrats and those who believe in the constitution to step up and oppose these two vile appointees. anti-war movement left-right alliance please wake the fuck up and protest and demand your congress people step up to the plate.

Alan Mann

I think the guy is right however

Mohammad Doofesh

Torture will make America Great Devil.


The American Citizenry likes to think of the United States as different from Despotic Military Regimes, They're only fooling themselves. Ever since the American Government was converted into a National-Security State after World War II (without a Constitutional Amendment authorizing the conversion), it's been the Pentagon, CIA, and the NSA that have run the Government, like a Military Dictatorship.Oh sure, the façade maintained that's ingrained in Civics or Government classes in High School and College: the Government is composed of three Co-Equal, Independent Branches that are in charge of the American Government, it’s fake, and it’s a damn lie. It’s… Read more »