Will Congress Finally Pull The Plug On Brutal Yemen War?

After three years of US-supported Saudi and United Arab Emirates war on Yemen – with thousands of civilians dead and millions facing starvation – some Members of Congress are looking to curb US facilitation of the genocide. Will new measures taken in Congress result in an end to the US participation?

Original Youtube video here.

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The Ron Paul Liberty Report. A safe space from the circus in Washington unfolding. 😆❤️❤️You just made you new intro cause let's be real, it's always a circus unfolding up there.

Paul Andrews

Remember Yemen

Alexandros Macedonia

ZioCons never know when to stop with their evil. This will be their ultimate downfall

Scott Bogue

House Rep. Ro Khanna has introduced a House War Powers resolution that would end US involvement in the Saudi-Yemen conflict. Sign the petition: Tell your Representative to pass the resolution and withdraw the US from Yemen immediately at this link http://act.demandprogress.org/go/18730?t=1&akid=20170%2E3826935%2EZiNVJO

Cyriak Papasissis

Hadi's legitimate term of office as President of Yemen ended after two years. He was an interim office-holder.Through a presidential coup he extended his term illegally , stayed on violating all agreements reached among the participants of the uprising against the 40 years- dictator Ali Saleh. His backers in the coup were the Saudis. He attempted to become a new dictator with the help of Saudi Arabia. That is the non-legitimacy of the Saudi cause in Yemen.


I cant watch anything other than this. Politics has become a zionist zoo.

József Osztronkovics

It is evil that the president and the regime of Zionist US of 300 million people is nothing more than a tool and puppet to demonic bloodthirsty Israel


it would be very good for Yemen AND for the USA. But I fear they don't have the balls to disapoint the industrial-military-complex.

james thompson

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved

Ron Clark

Are there still Yemen soldiers left to fight after 3+ years if being bombed but advanced US weaponery? How is that possible? being such a small country….

Kitty Antonik Wakfer

USGov could not support Saudi Arabia & UAE in their war against Yeman if there were very few USppl willing to be in the USMilitary. It's the large numbers of Military Warriors who make it possible for USGovLdrs – chiefly the POTUS via Exec Orders – to wage war &/or support other Govs/States in their wars. Disgusted? Do NOT enlist, to become Warrior or their direct supporters! Dissuade others! Aid would-be enlistees in finding truly productive work. Also do NOT voluntarily associate w/ those who reject reasoned logic to not be Warriors or to support them. USWarriors are NOT acting… Read more »

stewart hart

Wouldn’t be cool if the Liberty report did show notes w links to all it’s sources used in the video!!

Kalash Operator

I watched a clip where families in a Yemen village were eating boiled leaves to stay alive. It’s sickening to know the US and Saudi Arabia are responsible for millions of people’s misery in Yemen. Most Americans are brainwashed zombies so they don’t give a shit. This is a war crime, and everyone involved should be prosecuted

Kalash Operator

Nothing ever changes because most Americans are brainwashed zombies who follows the 2 party system. Trump is no different from Obama, Bush, and Hillary. They are all corrupted warmongers and criminals. Lock them all up!!!


Started watching this channel in last few months. From the other side of politics, but really surprised at content and the questions that are asked.

Keep it up, and definitely keep out calling the hypocrisy from both sides

Shah Suri

They haven't pulled the plug on the 17 year disaster in Afghanistan which is far more brutal…

Mr. Game & Watch

You're naive if you think we can vote our way out of this chaos.

Im Dman

Unfortunately Ron Paul is a Freemason and is part of controlled opposition.

I Am Troll

He is a fool. Houthis are a threat to us.

Damian Luch

don't be silly – war is America's primary business

Cliff Smith

This is a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Blame the Iranians. Personally, I believe all countries should leave Yemen alone, but you can't ignore Iranian and al-Qaedah interference in Yemen as such interference threatens the security of the other Gulf states and the Suez Canal.

Derek Simenac

speaking about cruelties, how is some dictator abusing people and different from corrupt plotitcians selling health care to big pharma and insurance companies so that average people are denied treatment because they cant pay. Then the plotitians lie abut costs and tax hikes to protect their corrupt decisions.


Why does Daniel McAdams believe Save The Children, the UN, Amnesty International etc on Yemen but not believe them on Syria?