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Mike Tharp

Stop stuttering. It not a sign of intelligence.

Dave Todd

Thank you guys, true patriots.

Theophania Epiphany

Proves the Crowley philosaphy/influance : "do as thy wilt"

Hgktkd Jdhbvso

Dr Paul you and the likes of Calvin Coolidge are my role models for monetary and government philosophy.

andy smith

the silver mining stocks will be the best performing investments of all … 2019/20 will be great for the miners!


Rothschild selling off US assets buying gold.

Paul Daystar

Please Consider Carefully… this should have taken 5 minutes…, repetition redundant just keep it simple…


The Fed hoards gold, the rich too, but they don't want others to have it. Even the governments of the world do not have a ton of gold and they don't want the people to have gold either. They want us using their worthless paper money.

Bris Vegas

God Bless Ron Paul

patrick dennisb

The U.S. has more gold reserve than any other country.

apobeta pois

Ron Paul has been dead wrong since 1990s on gold. Thank God Americans didn't elect him else world could have gone back into dark ages when people used gold as legal tender.

He's from Austrian Economics and has less knowledge on electronic wire transfer n elastic money.

Basic example to debunk his love for gold is Japan. Japan never had gold and they are rich. They rightly used their labor and manhour.

Gold is relic past. Russia repatriated gold but since then Rubble lost half of its value.


Yes the FED is the credit card for the deepstate, we are the debtors who pay. The Fed and the federal reserve note need to be destroyed to take down the mafia.

Max Power

I have lost of respect for this man. For all these years he's been sticking to his guns..

dan lee

in Vietnam, Iran, Cambodia, Thailand, Venezuela and many other parts of the world, any large transactions are done in gold

Brian Cattani

Paul if fucking crazy except his concept about gold.

Truth out

My question is if the Governments actually didn't want us to own gold and silver then why would they let the mints sell bullion to us?


Most of us as Americans are extremely uninformed about the value of gold. Hollywood would have us think gold only has value if it is an ingot the size of a brick. Then, when we look at the price we see the price and get convinced we are not part of the customer base. But let's think about it. What if the Dollar falls and we have to trade for what we want? How would we trade for a month's worth of groceries with an ingot the size of a cell phone or a brick? Especially if the price for… Read more »


Ron you've been right from the very start. The government and wall st banks are jumping to crypto now, because they know that their time is due, either by the collapse of the petrodollar or Wall St's loss of influence if they don't jump the train on blockchain and crypto. You've been on top of the issues of authoritarianism and the loss of personal liberty. Too many have doubted you when really you got the audit you've always wanted along with some naturalization laws for political office.

Emil Phoryew

Our President Ron Paul (who won the Republican nomination fair and square) the puppet masters denied to us.


Ron Paul for President ( :

swiSSy Schweizer

Paul is of swiSS descent. The swiSSY controls you.

Muhammad Arsalan Bela

Now u know why fiat curency is prohibited in islam

Zeek Duff

THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and the Rothschild banksters are who's responsible for ALL of the BS we're forced to endure today, including our idiot-child president. The old-boys billionaires have all the politicians OWNED via threat and/or bribery, and despite the stern warnings from FDR, Ike, and JFK & RFK, we've allowed them to grab far too much power, and we're going to play holy hell getting it away from these greedy jackasses. They control the Federal Reserve, and the price of gold, internationally, count on it. They keep stirring the pot to disrupt, force the use of the weapons of… Read more »

Barley McBooze

If we scrapped the dollar, and switched to gold today, it'd be a DISASTER for average people. Why?The golden rule is "he who has the gold makes the rules.. "&who has ALL the gold? BINGO the rich possess 99% of the gold, the average American has their wedding ring, so if the dollar were scrapped most people's life savings would just be wiped out. Like Bill Still said "it's not what you use for money, it's who controls it's quantity.. "& if our Congress took back their constitutional authority to coin money, and we hold them accountable to to only… Read more »

Theresa Sanders

Ron Paul is appallingly macroeconomically illiterate! Gold & silver are commodities like wheat or pickled pigs feet! A Fiat Currency in a monetarily sovereign nation, his only constrained by real resources, (gold, chalk, gravel, intellectual inventions & what is used to create them, AND Productive Capacity, the ability to make & build the THINGS we need) He needs to #LearnMMT!

Dugie Doogs

The American people should be waaaaay more concerned about the end of the Petrodollar scam. But then again, once the Petrodollar is dead there will be no more need for unnecessary wars and young lives will be preserved.


dr Paul need to work with donald trump the soonest.
love from greece dr Paul!!

Jamie Floyd

The American people will eliminate the none federal reserve. Congress will most likely be jailed or hung.

Michael Phillips

America was stolen and founded on evil, drug and gun running!
Cannabis is more valuable than gold and silver! It can be and has been traded for anything on earth! You can trade it for cars, trucks, land, houses, food, clothes, actually I have traded it for 100,000’s of thousands in gold over the past 30 years!

Jean-Baptiste Calo

Awesome Report Dr Paul, Thanks for exposing issues that hare never raised in the mainstream media.

mark vietti

Ron Paul is the only real republican left..

Steven Mendoza

This man is right on.

Mark Marola

Ron …..if you say who these people are what's the use of storing gold……they will simply take it by force.


enslaved to rulers the feds agents nd community boards , the town the school . drive new cars your dying at home . can seek good health care .. hospitals horrific care and hyper inflation insurance fraud . figured out to never go .. finally found out how not to ever go to doctors baring accidents and extreme situation .

Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley

It allows the poor to safeguard their earnings while at the same time allowing business to succeed at doing business internationally and nationally with safeguards in the fact that the people hold the gold. It should be tracked and scanable like paper stock so it can be replaced