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Sheep Whisperer

Why is Terrorism on the rise?

Because America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, Train,Fund, and Support them.


Need to increase audio gain.


Osama Bin Laden aka Col. Tim Osman died in 2001 from kidney failure…


Terrorism is on the rise because The Patriot Act is up for a vote soon

Larry Moto GP rules

Its all about arms sales for the MIC, all the terrorism all the wars are for weapons  sales.

Kedar Kulkarni

Americans are not gullible…I think they r Ignorant or Sleeping…There is a Notion in American Foreign Policy know as Regime Change & Nation Building for spreading Democracy which u will hear these politicians use very often… My only response to that is…. Who do u think u r? God??? Most recently It has been clear that American Govt. again n again takes sorry to say stupid decisions…may be lack of intelligence or may be Greed and to protect Petro-dollar… but whatever hidden reason outcome is always worst…  Eg. Russia, Iran, Israel and other nation told USA please don't give support to… Read more »


Patriot Act coming up for re authorization at the end of this month. This is why things are stepping up in the USA. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2015/01/section-215-patriot-act-expires-june-congress-ready

Mr Roberts nyc

More Shampooing , More lies !! From who? Former CIA ? HA !! All Is run by Criminals !!

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

I love how so many liberty reports begins with Ron Paul saying glad to have you with us today then Daniel McAdams so respectfully says Yes sir. Its too bad those words never come out of Rand Paul. Michael Scheuer life's story seems all too familiar. Its easy for a very smart man to get a high paying job with the government and to write good books about the truth but once you start telling the truth that has anything to do with Israel then you get hammered by everybody else in the government everybody in the mainstream media and… Read more »

EraseMeFrom TheInernet


Hamza - Slay Your Dragon

Ron Paul, Daniel McAdams and Michael Scheuer for keeping it real!

johnny mars

Dr. Paul, it's called divide and conquer.  There is method to the gummint's madness.

Babak Pantea

ISIS, Al-Qaida, Al- Shabab, Boko Haran, Daesh and Al- Nasrah are USA private Armys

Troll With A Purpose

Start endless wars, open the borders, what could go wrong?

Glenn Donovan

If you like liberty,Ron,  why are you in business with the former white separatist and current Christian Nationalist, Gary North? He's the anti-thesis of a libertarian. But I like Scheuer.


So far, have not heard anything regard to US pivot to Asia.
Just wonder what is Dr Ron Paul's opinion regarding about this.


wow…even ron paul and scheuer won't mention the military industrial complex, and the real motives for our wars over there…wtf.  are they stupid, lying, or afraid?


Take another step back…the bankers fund all sides and promote the war on terror via the corporations they own called "the media" sponsor those shows with corporations they own lovingly called "big pharma" (otherwise know as the medical industrial complex) which promote drug designed to deal with the day to day stress the media they own promotes to from all angles they can get they grubby little hands on, print, cable, internet, radio, movies, theatre, sports, what have you. Perhaps just a little pill to deal with the stress of being in debt up to your eyeballs between a home… Read more »

Noah Johnson

Nice suit Uncle Ron!


Mike Scheuer is probably the only person I know of that just absolutely has his finger 1000% on the pulse of American foreign policy. We would probably be in much better shape if more people in 'high places' listened to this man

Prosecute Zionist War Criminals

Brilliant interview between two brilliant American patriots.

Love Supreme

Jefferson and Madison were aggressive expansionists…what is Paul talking about….

jo phoenix

Michael Scheuer is one of the few who is still an America First. He has informed America form our enemy form within the Israel lobby!

Paul Kersey

Michael Scheuer is a great man and a true patriot.

Rich Monk

Jews = communism. The Jews control the American government in every form for the sole benefit of Israel, a terrorist crime syndicate!.


Ron Paul places high value on the power of Ideas. But when it comes to Islam (an Idea) and it's effects he lays all blame on western foreign policy. He continuously downplays the power of the Idea of Islam/ faith/ jihad. Maybe it's because he's an American, but we Europeans have been dealing with the Idea of Islam/ faith/ jihad and it's deadly effects long before the US even existed. However current US policy is a complete cluster fuck. That being said, I still highly respect Ron Paul because he got me interested in economics back in 07 :).

Joe Gallop

Michael is smart… i just cant stand that he likes to allude to islam being incompatible with democracy… Mike you should know better

Bob Lovett

It's great to hear from Dr. Schemer. I have missed seeing him, since he called many news anchor out with the truth about our presence in the Middle East and support of Israel.. There is nothing in the Middle East worth AMERICAN life's or treasure. I look forward to reading his new book.

Lisa Cheney

They aren't interested in his help. Because he is agaisnt the real enemy.

Tintin Hickey

If American generals actually fought to WIN wars instead of 'nation-building' and 'winning hearts and minds' then the American soldier could do his job and get the hell out of these war zones. If we don't know why we are fighting then we are expending our blood and money for nothing.

Bombastic Buster

Its bc we are in a gd war! This is where i part with Dr. Paul. They have ALWAYS FOUGHT . THE VERY RELIGION STATES TO SEEK OUT INFADELS, I.E. YOU AND I. IF NOT THERE THEN THEY COME HERE. This cofab is idiosy!!

T Kh

Maybe I can give an answer Paul, the design of US foreign policy is affected by two vicious factors:
1-Money and business opportunities.
2-Big religious influence on policy makers.

Day after day I come to realize that populations are in deep coma and the public never really mattered that much.

Dina Charlayne

He's just saying common sense stuff. They promote the terrorists by going against them. Just like China – the emperor promoted the gang by going against them. And in California they promoted the mafia nationwide by going against them. There's an over romantic jihadi cool factor. US government's hypocritical (everything ISIS does the US government also has been doing.) and making up lies and they are all surprised people like the terrorists. If you have no common sense it's kinda basic to know if you bomb kids out there people will get mad and join the terrorists. Terrorists have a… Read more »

Hamza Khan

Well USA not doing responsible job that's in Afghanistan well that is not fad to blame Pakistan.

Aviem Farkash

Aviem Farkash says:
Why? Because the CIA employed people, such as Michael Scheuer, who are lacking intelligence, insight and ability to explore and understyand Islam and its all conflicts in the Middle East!!!!!

No any question for CIA Dr Michael Scheuer about the reason he was dumped out of the CIA?
He wasn't resign as he claims, but forced to resign in 2004 after serial intelligent failures and the fake assessment pages he wrote regarding Islamic extreme groups, Saudia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestinians.

Ja Ja

evil thrives when good men do nothing. Thank God there are still good guys to watch out and try to shake us out of our trance.


thanks bringinh him on the show Paul


No one believes the lie of nineeleven.

Phenom AL

Islam using my name Al in vien & Al the choosen name & the Muslim nation knows that and will do everything in there power to destroy the Al name for there terror agenda.F Allah K.


Donald Trump should appoint Michael Scheuer to the National Security Council.


The same Michael Scheuer that refused to give vital info to the FBI before 9-11. Ok.

Bobby C

Ron Paul is the only reason I'm awake right now. Thank you Dr. ron paul for always speaking the truth. I knew you hated the Jews too for what they have done to our country and others. I hate the zionist Jews as well.

barefoot arizona

Scheuer wants to be Ron Paul's Secretary of Defense


It is already evident that 9/11 was done by others than the so called terrorist flying planes into buildings. In this matter you are either a TRUTHER or a TRAITOR, and there are no others. Those that follow the Commission Report are Traitors. Those that are useful idiots or are employed by the cabal that did 9/11 to come into social media and try and confuse weak minded people are traitors. if the politicians that failed to talk truthfully about 9/11 they too are traitors, because it is evident that the truth is hidden by merely looking at the evidence.… Read more »