Who’s The Bigger War Criminal – Duncan Hunter…Or Those Who Sent Him To Iraq?

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has found himself in the hot seat after defending a Navy SEAL on trial for wantonly killing civilians and stabbing prisoners while in Iraq. On a podcast, Hunter wondered what the big deal was – after all, he’s responsible for hundreds of civilians killed in Fallujah. It sounds like a war crime, but perhaps the real war criminals are the neocon liars and a feckless president who sent the military into Iraq in the first place. If Hunter belongs on the dock, so does half the Bush Administration.

Original Youtube video here.

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Art Newsome

As a twenty year veteran (Army) , I’m totally anti war. Duncan Hunter should be on trial if he knew that he fired into civilian housing!


This is the one story, Dr Paul that I wouldn't want you to report on…. With that said a U.S. SOLDIER IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERO, not a fucking serial killer!!!! This horrible story makes you want to throw the HERO word out of the equasion… To think Guido is calling for a US INVASION OF VENEZUELA, we're men like that, will be fighting against his people, shows the depths of his stupidity… The dangers of war are not just the BOMBS, SHIPS, FIGHTER JETS and Tanks. Its the MEN who are forced and left behind picking up the pieces….… Read more »

James Wisrik

Those that send him.

Kickbackand Relax

US Military has been established to keep the Military Industrial Complex safe, not regular Americans. US Military = US Mercenaries = Special forces working for 'for profit' war industry.

Kickbackand Relax

And that is why Pompeo and Trump refused VISA for UN International prosecutor to look into crimes committed by US Military. UN ICC like a lap dog, dropped the case.

Alan Conlan

Everyone knows the invasion of Iraq was a war conducted by war criminals, a crime beyond measure against humanity. Freed from accountability, the war criminals expanded in number, and through their players on the ground, led by the CIA, fused and sparked the Arab Spring across North Africa, just one of the reasons to break up the trade agreements of Magrib coming into fruition. This was furthered by the wanton destruction of Qaddafi's Libya where people had enjoyed free medical care, free education and free electricity. This was the sinister criminality of Hillary Clinton and her White House drone. Can… Read more »

Didi Faster

there's this thing called Due Process, it's a really good tool to weed out the guilty.

Dex Wolfe

If we're going to pardon WAR CRIMINALS..I don't wanna hear a peep about the WAFFEN SS OR GERMANY WW2…

The Man had Choce…and many German soldiers did the right thing…..so could ours…but the US Regime have a hubris that's larger than the crimes they commit….


I remember when they said that they recruited thugs to send to Iraq, and in Afghanistan, they were the contractors as well.He didn't have to follow that kind of orders, but there were orders based on lies.


Just a reminder….
War, it ain't nothing but a heartbreaker
War, it's got one friend
That's the undertaker
War has shattered many a young man's dreams
Made him disabled, bitter and mean
Life is much too short and precious to spend fighting wars these days
War can't give life
It can only take it away!
Edwin Starr


Biggest? DICK CHENEY!!!!

Alen Agovic

Serbia for Trump, greetings for mr.Ron Paul!!!!!

Zozodo Lewin

Thet man heis war crminal and heis still working shame

Mirsad Seferovic

No difference between Nazis and them!

Claudio Esteban

"To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men."

-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Mark Moorhead

any people watching this video who live in californias 50th district should write to duncan hunters office and let him know that he will not have your support in his next bid for re-election

Domingo De Anda

I'll be stupid like some of the U.S leaders. Since the military Industrial complex must make lots of cash, then have the really bad criminals seat on bombs, blow them up and make more bombs.

Tom Martin

We take young people and destroy their value system and inhibitions by training them to kill people that they have absolutely nothing against viciously and and aggressively without thinking and then when some lose perspective we cry that they are criminals. I have often wondered how these vets control themselves when they return and people act against them.


The use of depleted uranium for ammunition should be banned entirely. As far as I'm aware, it was developped specifically for the armour-piercing effect that gives its user an advantage when up against targets like ennemy tanks or similarly protected military vehicles. Therefore we can clearly state that firing at civilian targets or the systematic artillery bombardement of a city such as Falludja (or more recently Mossul) with this type of ammo makes zero tactical sense. And as the US military, of course, is fully aware of that fact, the decision on using it nevertheless must have been based on… Read more »

Chris Gilfeather

Jefferson advocated for us to begin peacefully absorbing the Natives into American civilization. We didn't listen and instead made war for a hundred years, countless tragedies were written.

Lisa Scott

So explain to me again how America is different than than ISIS?


Americans must rise up and demand government stop using their tax-payers money to support Israel and the Jews for they are warmongers and terrorists themselves. Make Rothschild and the Jews and Israel reimburse us all the expenses that caused us since WWI to WWII and now WWIII…. or nuke those criminals-terrorists and be done with it.