Who Lost Iraq and Syria?

Just a month ago President Obama said we were making great progress in the war on ISIS. Now it seems ISIS has taken most of Iraq’s biggest oil refinery. Meanwhile, Saudi-backed al-Qaeda seems closer to taking over Syria. What’s going on here?

Original Youtube video here.

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Jarom Jackson

Another great report! Thanks for making these for us Ron!

Amir Fahmi

I just watched Ron Paul's speech on the eve of the Iraq war. He was right but sadly nobody listens to him.

Travis S

So the gist of this is we're indirectly supporting a proxy war against Iran and Syria while, on the surface, pretending to negotiate with Iran on a nuclear program?

Sean Mcmahon

Ron your great on domestic, but brother you don't get it on Isis. Supposing that Isis may have some support from the locals, is like saying so did the kamar rouge in Cambodia. Da! Of course ! Anytime you have a pure evil force rampaging thru your neighborhood or country, you'll have some that would rather join, than die. Its the natural order of things. I know you know that. So think it thru. Worse still in Syria the people have two terrible choices, the other is Assad. Now not caring that Isis is slaughtering Christians as they go, is… Read more »