What’s Iran Up To; Fed Plans New $4 Trillion QE

Doubleheader today — what to make of the off-again, on-again Russian use of an Iranian base to bomb ISIS in Syria and Ron Paul’s reaction to reports that the Federal Reserve is drawing up plans for another $4 trillion injection of cash via quantitative easing.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Derrick Minor

Hillary Destroyed Libya for the petro dollar


RFE = CIA propaganda, Al Jazeera = Qatari state propaganda. Not exactly credible sources for any kind of reporting.


If (or when) this economy collapses, I hope the arrogant jackasses that engineered the collapse answer to the American people for financial malfeasance and racketeering. Something on the lines of the Nuremberg trials would be appropriate.

Sonny Salvador

Thats right, it was something a general said on tv and it went viral, he is no policy maker, I think he was upset over something that the Russians one one point never asked for permission to do something and he got upset over it, I am not sure wth happened either but I know one thing, Iran and Russia MUST MUST MUST stay friends no matter what end of story.Dr Paul may God grant you hundred more years, Amen 🙂 and you Daniel ! you should lose some weight bro lol ok I am just kidding you look great,… Read more »


Trump would of too.


So when they print four trillion dollars will they add that to the national debt or will they subtract it? We are talking twenty percent of the national debt after all.

Samuel Self

Approx. 125,000,000 households in America. That $4,000,000,000,000 equates to $32,000 per household. Or, it's $11,428 per person (assuming 350million population).

Just think of what our economy would do if they just gave us all a part of that $4trillion instead of propping up banksters.

Klaus Bj

Thank you Ron and Daniel. Very much appreciate your insights and dedication.


Why are Ron calling Assads goverment for a Regime?? isent that only if u are a dictator?

Consider This

Consider this… the US (aka Obama Admin) is officially helping/supplying the Kurds, and is un-officially helping/supplying the 'Other Rebels' (Al-Qaeda, Al-Nustra, ISIS…). The US is telling the Syrian Gov't that they cannot bomb the rebels because there might be US Special Forces among the rebels, and that the Syrian Gov't should just leave it up to the US to attack the 'Terrorist Rebels' (SOUNDS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS when its said out loud). .All of these rebel groups have an intermingled presence in Syria. They are all fighting to overthrow the Syrian Gov't. The US wants the current Syrian Gov't out,… Read more »

Consider This

Consider this… for the $4 Trillion QE, just hand it out directly to the US people. That would be about $12,000 given to every man, woman and child. So a family of four would get $48,000. This way, the people could spend the money on necessities… such as guns, bullets, food, gold, silver…

The Millions Will Rise

Ron Paul for president

Azez Alazez

The Federal Reserve system was created by Congress in 1913 shut it down – and put the crooked bankers in jail to solve America's problems.

James Embry

1 person missed the 🖒 button 😂

Brian Shirazi

is there a way for me to contact mr paul?


You are the man Ron Paul, dont forget it

marsha woods

What planet are you living on Ron?? There has been no recovery at all!!! downturn?? so now it's going to get worse for those of us on a fixed income?? Social Security is in a mess because of you rich people… do not try and act like your one of us..

Micheal Stevenson

Their our enemy and we need to wipe them out, no more deals…..

Shazam Drz

This discussion is disgusting and totally true… Disturbing.


"sir i don't agree with your dislike on this video, but i will fight tooth and nail for your right to make that choice" -Paul

I wantAvote

$4 trillion dollars is enough to give every American man, woman and children $13,000 each. This is what should happen with this spending, otherwise bankers will award themselves bonuses and nothing will change.

Eric Chandler

QE=putting more money in the banks for them to loan out for the money multiplier effect of increasing the money supply. No wonder the banks don't pay for deposits no more. They can just create the money.


Dear Dr Paul, please go and look up schizophrenia. Then look up dissociative identity disorder. Then please stop misusing medical terms. Finally please apologise to patients and families who are affected by schizophrenia which is a devastating mental illness. For that matter I also suggest you don't start using DI disorder as an adjective. Thank you. Regards, Dr D.


Subscribers of the RPLR are growing nicely, but why are the views so low?

Ali Alwi

Iran thanks to US for lifting the economic sanction. US no more big Satan to Iran like they said before. Part or tarqiyyah strategy. Nowadays, Islamic countries losing states or areas. South Sudan, East Timur in Indonesia. The Greater Syiah is achieving positive target in Iraq (done), Yemen/Syria(ongoing), Bahrain/Indonesia (coming soon) etc. See their true color when getting the "Wilayah".

B Mcginnis

where is this paper about another 4 trillion QE?

David Snead

On June 10, 1932, Louis T. McFadden, said in an address to the Congress: "We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks … Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers … The Federal Reserve Banks are the agents of the foreign central banks … In that dark… Read more »

:Robert-Francis : Sullivan.

What day are not discussing is the backstage chess game where the Federal Reserve Board is under the control of general Dunford and the new QE is transitional spending to move the former petrodollar into a new gold backed Treasury Reserve Note; I love and respect Dr. Ron Paul but he knows what to keep his mouth shut about and he knows how to stay on point (that does not mean he's telling you the whole story); connect this URL to see my background expertise :: www. LinkedIn. com/in/RobertFrancisSullivan :: Godspeed dear Patriots <3

Jim Kane

This is my favorite show on the internet