What Did Sen. Richard Black Learn In Syria?

At a time when all the foreign policy “experts” in Washington want us to believe they know it all, that what is needed is US force to overthrow the Syrian government, Virginia State Senator Richard Black (R-Loudoun) traveled to Syria to see for himself what’s going on. We get his impressions in today’s Liberty Report.

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Original Youtube video here.

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basura racista

Mick Sheehan

Great interview…. theres still some hope with honest men like these around…

Bill Johns

ISIS was Creation of the US and Israel to destroy the Middle Eastern Levant to protect Israeli Occupation of Palestine.


We need to start staging protests all across America to end these illegal wars. We are headed toward WW3 if things don't change.


That fucking pussy Boris Johnson is definitely on the Saudis payroll!


Are we the servants of our creditors? We screwed ourselves ,and everyone else, then went to "others" and borrowed (in desperation) a few trillion dollars. Ugly stuff.

Gisli Ingvarsson

We Christians are experiencing attack on our values and existence. This war in Syria was started under Hillary and has now brought down her candidacy amongst this misguided attack on Lybia. Will Trump end the military involvement of USA in Syra? I don't trust him anyway but there is a slim hope he will.

Majid Najah

UK May husband is an arms dealer" the decision-making in Britain could be poisoned by people who can earn money from conflicts," !
Drain the swamp in DC and UN

Mustapha Aoujil

Dr Paùl has learned from Syria ,what America hs failed to learn .

Pagans Rule

Thank Goodness there are a few people who see what's really going on….

Gwyn Williams sr.

Dr Paul, if Assad falls, Russia will be removed from the ME and big oil wil be able to install their pipeline to take Gulf State oil across Syria on the way to the lucrative European markets. Is that what this is all about: the weakening of Russia and control of the global oil market ?.

Rodney Milojevich

Finally some TRUTH.

Jacob K.

someone get him a cold pop

T Russell

Syria is about Assad approving Iran's pipe line proposal and rejecting Qatar's. It is also about Israel's insecurity and willingness to do anything to weaken or destroy strong states who could potentially harm them.
Qatar and Saudi Arabia pay the mercenaries and the US and Israel arm and train them. This can be done because of the poverty of the region. Thousands of young men with no jobs or future are available to fight. Israel and the oil states direct our foreign policy.


I fear Soros & MSM have too much power to change things absent some kind of revolution.

willem ngatievans

Shalom Katoa,Salvation is of The Lord Jesus Christ Romans 109 One Way to God and Heaven John 146 KJV Bible ok Stay out of Hell'

Cheryl hutchinson

richard black is amazingly brave to speak the truth. great admiration for him.


The information about Saudi women here is wrong. Not treated as "dogs"!

Zaps Zapper

Those Toe missiles will end up killing American and Israeli GI'S Those anti aircraft missiles will end up bringing down airliners all over the world. The Koran tells these people to kill the unrepentent infidel and they beleive it. As for 9/11 it was an inside job ( neutonium Physics shows that ) this then implicates Israel and elements of the US government. But right now the west is a hares breath from a hot war with Russia. Of course you will here none of this on Zionist controlled main stream media.

Democrats Only

Pretty obvious we gonna turn Syria over to ISIS.. shame really. Latest false flag on the chemicals told me what our government mindset is.

Dave Todd

God bless your work folks🙏🏼

Pluto Mars

Too bad Richard black is christian ISIS. He only cares about humanity and liberties as far as it serves christian theocracy


Journalists sacked for exposing CIA weapons shipments to terrorists in Syria and Iraq: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TTnaIftsH0A

Morgan Hunt

17:50 where is this DIA study?

masarati 73

Good interview and good video: the Orchestrated attack to Syria was both abominable and Stupid, degrading further the reputatio of the USA as a warmonger bully: DISGRACEFUL!!! Trump did something that was illegal, criminal and should be held accountable for it, he is hiding behind the armed forces by kissing up to them, "what a wonderful job they did" … this is not the point, nobody denies that the attack was very efficient and very destructive, just like a common criminal can be very destructive attacking and kill someone without any legal reason, I am not calling the armed forces… Read more »

History is Fake

Lost my thumbs up with your stupid ill informed reference to Hitler, who IMO was the greatest leader for the people since Napoleon. Both fought the international usury bankers cartel and it took all the traitors of the world to beat them both times. Same co–suckers lying to you today have been lying for centuries.. and printing the school books and the history books..

Massoud G

Turkey is a fake Criminal Country

Alec Foster

"…and there are other countries who pay for our foreign policy…" He could mention Saudi Arabia but mentioning the main foreign influence on our foreign policy, Israel, is a no-no!

Coper Field

Allah bless Ron paul