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Charlie Can

When has the truth EVERY gotten in the way of American politics.

S Masco

Did you know the family that was allegedly poisoned by Russia came out with a statement accusing someone else entirely

Praxedis Gonzalez

Is time for the American people,take down the government and star a new one.KILL THEM ALL

Kie Dan

Bolton is a ridiculous chump who just happens to be as evil as satan.

Mohammad Doofesh

The President cannot be sincere.
A sincere president may not be allowed to become president.
Whoever is in control of America wants to be in control of the whole world.

Babak Bobejros

John Bolton is Stupid

Ramon Ching

Anybody who is in favor of war should be sent to the front line. And should not be allowed to return until their victory is achieved.


Trump is just another Bankster puppet! Evidently, desperation breeds gullibility.
The halo that some see on his head is nothing more than the reflective glow from the chemtrails being perpetrated upon us.

Ross Hare

controlled dialectic- hello Rome. good cop bad cop game just as you say Dr. Paul. Just as the election so too projection of foreign policy. It seems our rulers only know one chord…

marsha woods

I fully agree with you  this time Mr. Paul.. this is what some of us have been thinking… I cannot believe how he turned on Russia!!! Sad to see him weaken.. he is surrounded by his enemies and needs to stop listening to them… Esp John Bolton!!!

Normal Smurf

Pls post your content on Bitchute too, so we can watch you there –help us support free speech platforms/ alternatives to YouTube.

Michael Mcgarrity

Agencies are supposed to report to the Executive Branch not the other way around. Agencies need to be put back under control. Big budget cuts are needed!

Wayne Mickel

All of the Neo-Cons and Jews in power need to be just exterminated, they are such a danger just being alive, they need to die.

Falcon Flock Foundation

NeoCon Pompeo + NeoCon Bolton = 👿

richard calhoun

Come on Ron; Trump is "the" con-man and puppet; (why else would the money-men install him?) conning the people while dancing for his dinner for the ones who own his very soul. He has surrounded himself with con-men…so he is in like-minded company…never trust the fricking government, not "1" person in government do I trust. Read about Cynthia McKinney and "the pledge"

richard calhoun

Can you tell us about Kentucky; the law requiring the elderly to work in order to receive federal government assistance? Is Ran involved in knocking the box out from under the elderly?


I think so… especially on foreign policy, because they error in their way of spirit and truth.

I Have A Dirty Secret 2001

WARS=BIGBUCKS PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Ponder

Best way to "fight" his cabinet would be to not appoint them…. but I guess Trump didnt think of that. 5D chess and whatnot.

bill moe

I hate to say it but the state of the union is highly reminiscent of the fall of rome,,inner court conspiracies,,rampant corruption,,and no end of back stabbing,,only question is how much collateral damage is done while the state is in free fall,,

Karen Hodges

Trump has some neocons that need to be ran put of town including; Pompeo, Bolton and Pence is worthless. Who is threatening Trump or his family. Pur country is going to hell

Robbing Hook

Well done Ron Paul. Not just open to the international inspection but also to international banking cartel.Ron Mr.Trump is no one other that the chosen USA president. This time they made it differently because as you may know there was a common sense among people that American elections are rigged. That was another reason for the tale of Russian involvement. Today there was a convention of the hackers in america, that proved the American voting systems (machines) can be hacked by two 11 year old kids. Those 2 kids were able to hack a cloned system and vote for 44… Read more »

jeff meyer

You need to post these videos to BitChute too


It may be that, though he works at cross purposes to them on foreign affairs, Trump must appease the Republicans who represent his base of support.

Bobby C

Donald trump was the one who appointed all these zionist war mongers. Donald trump himself has Russian jew mafia ties financially. Donald trump is a Zionist and all of his children have married or are engaged to Jews. Donald trump is a controlled opposition like alex jones (bill hicks).

Hector Lalalala

The end of journalism


Dr Paul I might share your optimism about Trumps overtures for dialogue and peace had it not been for his hostile behaviour towards Canada’s PM.