Weekly Update — True Budget Hawks are Foreign Policy Doves

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roger Brownfield

The corporate ran Pentagon has NO performance standards. When a Washington General enters a room, everyone should hold onto their wallets. Yet we still thank them for their "service".


"The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists,and will persist" – Dwight D. Eisenhower

oldschoolman 144

Political promises are like farts, they get your attention but soon fade away.

End the Reds V

"Overseas intervention" seems only to have been in one small part of the world for the last 40 years, except of course within one tiny part of that small part that we leave alone. I wonder what's going on Captain?

Norma Rojo

Well said. We are the Republic of Death. In their minds they are killing Venezuelans, Iranians Rusians Chinese.

DFG/President Gideonsflight non profit organization

Can anyone just tell the truth? Military spending support by Congress is about personal financial security( they are getting kick backs in many different ways)! Those of us with a speck of intelligence know that's the case. So just tell it like it is Dr Paul. You sound disingenuous when you don't.

Smedley Butler III

They want us believe that Military spending is money spent on the troops!! You can't be against spending money on our troops huh!?
When in all actuality, most of those debt notes are going to the Pentagon, DARPA programs..fancy toys of death..as well as, a ton of unknown (700 acre) programs scattered all over the globe..

Louis Gedo

Trump is a tool for the Deep NeoCon State

carole carroll

I see Rand Paul gets Republican nasty. I am sure congresswoman is aware of Somalia life. I suggest Rand Paul take a visit to the homeless places and the children who cannot not get proper healthcare. Arrogant man and repulsive. Oh I forgot he is a Zionist who only believes in ZIONIST ISRAEL MURDERERS AND CHAOS MAKERS IN THE TRUMP TERRORIST REGIME AND TELLING PEOPLE THEY HAVE TO BUT ISRAELI PRODUCTS. DEMOCRATS FORCED TO PLAY THE GAME. USA IS FINISHED. IT IS A VASSAL OF ISRAEL AND WEALTHY JEWS WHO ACT LIKE HITLER.

Steve Williams

returning to sound constitutional money is the most important deterrent to foreign interventionism. without the federal reserve creating unlimited amounts of money on demand it would simply be impossible to keep increasing the size of government.


Ronald Reagan — I will reduce Spending by giving Congress less to spend by reducing taxes. Looks like Congress found a work-around — BORROWING! Tax and Spend is far superior to Borrow and Bomb. The results are in. But it is too late now. We the sheeple blew our best AND LAST chance to defund the BEAST. TRILLIONS Unaccounted for. It's too late now. What's coming is the demise of our 250-year experiment in self-government. WE FAILED, because at the highest levels of the People's Government, we lie, we cheat, we steal. 09/23/26.

Pete G

America is Mystery Babylon

My Jesus have mercy on us
and the whole world

MAGA_ZOG Failure

Trump is softening it up. By 2024 we will have a full blown Hitler. Not because of libertarians though. More like because we won't have any libertarians to vote for.


Policing and democratising the world? Surely that's not their aim.

Mike Dunn

Ron Paul. Brilliant man. Terrible speaker when reading off of a teleprompter.

Fake news, Fake food, Fake world

We have to use the dollar and it's power before Trump replaces the FED. You'll understand this if you cover Q post. What would you like for Trump to do? Stop spending money now and shut down the Government and wreak the stock market? The dollar has to fall with the FED holding onto the strings. He has big plains. It seems like you are part of the DEEP STATE now MR Ron Paul.

datrelle g

Budget not nearly enough,with govt spending (borrowing)soaring straight up while tax revenue collapsing even faster,at the same costs soaring almost daily,federal,state govt have never before in history (ever)been this close to collapsing on it's bankrupt ass!

Johnny Facts

There is no America !!! What we have is AmerIsrael a colony of Israel. Israel is the New World Order that Bush was referring to and America is controlled by Israel. Trump is the final nail in the coffin of what once was America. He and most everyone in the US government are loyal first to Israel and America is their enforcer and puppet of death and destruction. Our government has sold out America and our leaders are loyal first to Israel.  Our Congress is bought and paid for with millions of dollars. And their millions have turned America into a… Read more »

buster crab

the world already knows that america is all bullshit and the people there are all brainwashed with no freedom to think for themselves ….


Sounds like we have a Socialist Gov't.


Thank you Dr. Ron Paul.