Weekly Update — Tarrifs Are Not The Answer

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So well spoken. Thank you Dr. Paul.

A one legged man

when goods don't cross borders soldiers will


If Americans cannot make their own steel then thats why we are doomed. The only thing we import is service, fiat money and war to destroy countries that refuse to use petrodollar. China exports everything and they are now has the biggest economy. Even American flags are made in China for crying out loud. With all due respect Dr Ron Paul stick on auditing the Fed and Gold backed currency. All manufacturing jobs in US are gone.

Randy Jones

Thank you so much for posting Dr Paul

puttesla intxtbks

This is a way to get others to deal and most other countries already has their own" tarifs" already. That's why we have such big trade dept. with every country, We need to get are own steel plants going again for self-defence if nothing else. Let's make a deal if they want to sell to us, then buy our stuff fair,

jameson somers

Wow the fact that Ron Paul has to tell conservatives that tariffs are bad is just a sad look at what the right has become I pitty the sheer ignorance and nostalgia of a false steel and coal boom that trump so easily fooled u into believing

Nic Williams

so let me get this straight the only way America survive is to continue buying china cheap goods
I'm ready to pay an upcharge for made in America

Mohammad Doofesh

Trump's tariffs expose a deep inability by the American industry to compete with that of some foreign countries.

Trump has proven that he keeps running away from addressing the issues that prevent America from being GREAT AGAIN.
To make America great again, Trump has to understand that the administration of a country is not the management of a business or a family affair.

Men like Ron Paul are the best substitutes for Trump's family members advising him on serious issues relating to the welfare of humanity.


I'm appalled by the number of comments under this video advocating for tariffs. It seems they didn't even listen to the video and only reacted reflexively based on their ideological or political preconceptions. Please try listening to the actual facts of the matter and think things through before making a knee-jerk comment. If Trump is playing 4D chess then Ron Paul is playing 37 dimensional hypercube superstring multiverse mega chess.

PS – I watched this video on my Samsung smartphone which was imported from South Korea.

Nidal Shehadeh

I was watching a YouTube on the Golan Heights and the Syrian Civil War , they give the immense amount of oil found there as reason for the conflict in Syria which is not far-fetched , it is one of the main reasons with the greater Israel being the main reason ,I remembered an interview that I saw on the Thom Hartmann Show in which they were talking about the amount of pollution that would be generated if they are to extract all the oil in the ground and use it , no doubt it will create some sort of… Read more »

Dzooky P2P

??? Does Ron Paul not know American Industries have been screwed over by 'dumping' and tariffs already ? Buddy, the world doesn't operate fairly right now. American industry is being screwed. But he is right… also America can't get rid of Welfare over night, too many people are dependent in it. Just mentioning he wishes to reduce it would chip away at his support. Mr Paul's analysis is correct, but finesse is key.

Beef Chavez

Trump voice: "Wrong."


If tarrifs are so bad why do other countries impose them on our goods?

Night Wall Watch

Dr PAUL ….We Love you BUT you are making a LARGE FOOL OF YOURSELF HERE ……. Get on the phone and CONGRATULATE POTUS for the good representation so far …..we are in an economic warfare already and we now need to get FULLY BEHIND TRUMP ==== GET ON THE TRAIN —- MAGA!

Nidal Shehadeh

Peace may be coming to the Civil War in Yemen , https://youtu.be/d8M6yeU_s_Ithis Saudi opposition Sunni Islam website is talking about secret mediations carried out by Egypt in the yemeni conflict , supposedly Yemen will be split into two with the South being supported by United Arab Emiates and the North will be under Houthis control who are supported by Iran ,one of the sticking points is several pockets of mixed Muslim Sunni and Shiite with the Houthis proposing and exchanged of certain territories , whoever controls the south of Arabia would control the entrance to the Red Sea at the Bab… Read more »

Dennis Cambly

For those who want to boost Ron Paul's audience – like it, add it to favorites and share with at least one social network. Comments are good too 🙂


I like Ron but sometimes I wonder what fairyland he lives in in regards to economics. I think the Mises model worked well in simple closed economies but as history has proved we have had cycles of boom & Busts under the gold standard and fiat money standards. The question is whether these busts and booms were engineered by those wealthy individuals who control the system. I urge everyone to read: 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism [Ha-Joon Chang] He explains no great country got that way without protective tariffs.

pooper pants

You can tell when Ron Paul is serious lol

Doug Reynolds

Ron paul is correct if we were in 1850-1900. Austrian economics of murray/rothbard doesnt take into account the efficiency of the modern supply chain when combined with the indiscriminate outsourcing of technology and the use of borderline slave labor abroad to undercut and make irrelevant our workforce while also keeping in place an asinine corporate tax policy. Cost of living in america for workers is a real thing.


The irony of RPs current stance on tariffs is that in the past hes justified having new tariffs to remove unjust taxes.

arthur granopoulos

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Suzanne Anon

Ron Paul, I am tiring of your repeated naysaying designed to foster suspicion against the choices made by the ONLY GOOD PRESIDENT that WE have had, and YOU have worked for, in our lifetime(s). And I hope you stop pitting yourself against this President – ESPECIALLY from an angle premised on IMMEDIATE CORRECTION OF A SYSTEMIC MESS WHICH IS THE RESULT OF DECAY ACROSS DECADES ie, DID NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT – thus, EXTRICATING FROM THAT MESS, WHILE SETTING THINGS RIGHT IS NATURALLY A PROCESS. And your shortsighted bitching is annoying. Have you ever thought about what sorts of video titles… Read more »

Wouter Vos

In principle I agree with you, but in this case the tariffs might not be so bad:

Luis Mauricio Jiménez

Tariffs never worked in the past there is a lot of economic literature on this subject, it is a shame that people completely forgot the mercantilist done in the past, it is suppose that Adam Smith and David Ricardo won this batle, but with ignorant people like Trump and His followers the mercantilist theory made a comeback, wake up people Trump is governed by emotions not by logic, the problem is the cognitive dissonance on this people who clearly are nationalist one of the many ways of collectivism.


You and Gerald Celente should have a debate regarding this issue

Christina Thompson

ok given tariffs do not work in a global economic model , one step at a time here , trump is removing us from wto I thought , also distancing us from the UN I thought , pulled us out of the pacific partnership I thought , all these actions are kinda focused on restructuring our tradeing block as he states he's going to renegotiate nafta , in a singular tradeing block tariffs do work , secondly he has gotten rid of some regulation , more so than an president since I've been alive I think theres more coming ,… Read more »


If you're pro Trump tariffs, I'm just going to assume you have low IQ.