Weekly Update — Baby Alfie, the Latest Victim of Omnipotent Government

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Erik Hrafn

So taxpayers should be compelled to support the whims of medically untrained parents? Parents should have greater powers than the medical profession? It was a private tragedy, not a public one.

Tim Murray

Baby Alfie died due to a terminal health condition. To blame that on a gov is ridiculous

Maxime Cote

2 wrongs doesn't make 1 right. Government shouldn't have done that, but animating a child corpse with machines does not make it alive.

Donald Ganley

The world needs to know the exact names of the killers , the doctors, and the civil servant functionaries who are responsible for this so that civilized society can ostracize them, and shame them forever. If government won’t provide justice, the people will!

John Grytbakk

Looks like the UK has been taken over completely by Satan. ….that will not end well.

The Great Mechanized Ape

death to the queen.


did anyone ever tell you that you look like enrique iglesias?

Benjamin Sullivan

I need your help now – this is Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate – this is the unequivocal truth: Is this starting to make sense to you?!? https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/john-brennan-samantha-power-exposed/https://beta.townhall.com/columnists/victordavishanson/2018/03/29/the-distortions-of-our-unelected-officials-n2465496http://washingtonsblog.com/2018/03/lets-investigate-john-brennan-time-to-find-out-if-cia-interfered-in-the-2016-election.html https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/03/29/hanson-is-there-a-dangerous-deep-state-of-unelected-u-s-officials-who-are-untouchable/http://ussanews.com/News1/featured-op-eds/benjamin-allen-sullivan-the-government-is-trying-to-kill-me/ https://iamamalaysian.com/2018/03/12/cry-for-help-by-benjamin-allen-sullivan/#comment-211476 Etc. Etc. Etc…This is the Truth!I need your immediate help now!!! My Quantum Technological Revolution (and the theft of it) – John Brennan is a Murdering Torturing Thief as is this entire CIA / FBI / CSIS / CAF. This is Russia-Gate; Murder-Gate Russiagate is a botched CIA murder operation to have been conducted in Russia planned in conjunction with CSIS (little league CIA of canada) the root of which is the theft… Read more »


There was no treatment in Italy. The baby had been in a semi vegetative state for over a year.

Frank Keller

I would hunt the doctors and judges if it was my kid..

Manuel Persinger

we have no rights


Dont call it a grave, it's future you chose

alex jervis

They could do nothing for the child.
They refused to let others try!

Margaret Anderson

I love you, Dr. Paul. Thank you for waking up such a large segment of the populace. Keep up the fight!

Ok Write

So much misinformation so little time. The courts and the government are seperate, the courts have found against the government more than once. Read the court papers for this case, they are all on line. The rights of the child override the rights of the parents. The UK signed up to the UN convention to protect the rights of the child – unlike the US. Alfie had his own legal team and guardian, the arguments were heard in the court and the court decided it was in the best interests of the child for treatment not to continue. The police… Read more »

森 太翔

What is this has to do with ''Western'' anything? Why do these retards constantly make this connection to this imaginary magical unicorn word that they have no idea what it means? Do you brainless idiots even know what this word mean? Its a geographical word, and NOTHING more. I am PRETTY damn sure it's ALL the fgfucking politicians in the world that thing the same about rights, and not limtied to this fgucking idiotic geographical area. US has NOTHING in common with Europe, when you talk about UK, you talk about UK, when you talk about fucking Slovakia you talk… Read more »

Jon Mallary

Where is the British response? What's their justification? It's probably not just but still. One sided reporting is not a good thing, whether one agrees with the sentiment conveyed or not. Credible information absolutely requires balance. Credible videos require links and cites for vetting. Otherwise, somebody else is doing your thinking for you. I voted for Ron and Napolitano in 2012. One of the few who included Napolitano in my write in, thereby preventing my ballot from being anomalous and subsequently discarded, as a presidential write in requires both names!I did that because I do more than listen and react.… Read more »

Mike Dunn

If only Ron Paul had the public speaking skills of Obama… we'd all be free today. Ron Paul 2020!!

Singing Mama

Obviously it takes a village to kill our kids. Sickening.

Immanuel Kant

Did not pass away. Alfie was removed from life support, starved and then poisoned. If you are not familiar with the Alfie Evans case, here is a chronology. This is why you don't give the government or hospitals or drug companies the power to make medical decisions. They have different priorities. The family felt the child was misdiagnosed, as did other doctors. They were not allowed to seek the medical treatment they preferred. They did not believe Alfie was brain dead. When he was removed from life support, he did not die. They had to starve him and eventually poison… Read more »

Graph Guy

Much I don't agree with Ron Paul, but this is an area he is 100%, unconditionally right.
Fortunately in America the SCOTUS has continued to uphold parental rights.

Adele Celeste TV

We need more options for medical care. These "governments" are old fashioned. This is the age of AI and cryptocurrency, everybody will be their own individual sovereign someday. #GovernmentReform


Very sad .😢. Parents should choose .

Victor Petrov

The regime in Britain is killing their own citizens, including their big beautiful babies, Britain has weapons of mass destruction, they hates us for our freedom, they are a sponsor of terrorism (white helmets and such).I think Ron Paul and John Bolton can make a "coalition of the willing" along with G. Bush and Tony Blair and send our big beautiful military to do a little bit of bombing on London, Manchester and the other UK cities, with napalm, agent orange and depleted uranium in the interest of democracy, liberty and prosperity. If approved by the US congress, a carpet… Read more »


And imagine if that baby boy was a royal…. Would've ended up much different!


America missed a great man in the seat of the WH…. The world missed much more! I'd still coming for you Dr. Paul!

Valik Toma

Another amazing segment of logic and will.


While I agree with Dr. Paul on foreign policies, I don't agree with him that unfettered free markets are the solution to all problems. He should read The Lords of Creation by Frederick Lewis Allen – The History of America's 1 Percent. I also think he has a limited and tainted understanding of Socialism. Libertarian social and economic policies do not consider the diversity of social/economic circumstances, abilities, talents, background, etc.

Diana Ekman

When oh when are we as individuals going to finally wake up and fully realise that we are born free!
No government has a right to oppress the people. No government has the right to betray the people.
But there's no excuse for the thinking electorate for allowing criminals to oppress them. That's when vigilance needs to be constantly employed
without ever getting too comfortable.

John Collis

First of all this is case from the United Kingdom and is subject to UK laws and practices. Secondly it was a tragic and difficult situation for all involved. A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18 according to the children act. Everyone over the age of 16 is deemed to have mental capacity unless shown otherwise according to the mental capacity act. A child aged 16 or 17 can consent to a medical procedure, if they decline and the procedure is in the child’s best interests then a person with parental responsibility can consent for the… Read more »

Brendan Hall

People under 40 have no idea what America was.


I'd go on a rampage.

Protyus Games

it is imperative to hold the doctors and legislatures personally responsible for their decisions. When rule of law supports only the elite, vigilantism grows of its own accord. A time is coming when it will be dangerous to be rich.


Amen Brother!

Paul Grad

The judicial murder of a child in Corbyn's socialist paradise.

Chris Lyman

I know it's easy to armchair quarterback but why wouldn't the parents take charge and control the fate of their child? Oh that's right, there's no 2nd amendment in europe. I would rather spend my life in prison than just stand there and watch. Are we really that far gone?

Alessio Balsamo

I don't think family "automatically" knows better. Does a family have the right to torture a kid? The decision on Alfie wasn't made by an authoritarian state (I'm not saying England isn't), but by doctors first, which realized very soon that the disease was irreversible and every treatment the prolonging of a torture, by British courts secondly and by European human rights court in last instance, who agreed with British's. Then, when you – parent – involve the Vatican, you start a twister of hypocrisy of people that unlike you, Dr. Paul, are in fact authoritarian and don't care about… Read more »

richard calhoun

Will the god in the heavens ever rise above corrupt government and help us? I am pissed off at this god concept siding with corrupt government.

Keith Bawden

First it was Alfie – killed on the Orders of the British State! Now it is Tommy – imprisoned to shut down freedom of speech and association! Then the British State bans ALL Media from publicising the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy! This is back to the dark days of James the Second! No wonder the American Colonies rebelled against King George III.