US Politicians On Saudi Beheadings: It’s All Iran’s Fault!

From House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce to GOP presidential candidates like Fiorina, Carson, and Trump, the recent Saudi beheading of a prominent regime critic was all Iran’s fault. No matter what Saudi Arabia does, much of Washington claims, they must not be criticized.

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Original Youtube video here.

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Jack Worster

this world is so messed up nobody knows what to do or where to start we are so fucked


Thanks Dr. Paul

Ed Waggoner Sr.

I believe that a large part of US, Saudi, Israeli, and UK foreign policy is driven by the desire to control the price of oil for the benefit of western oil producers and to protect the US dollar.  The more war (and sanctions) Iran, Iraq, and Syria, for example, are forced to endure the less oil (and other minerals) they can trade into the global markets for something other than dollars: This diminishes both the price of oil and the value of the US dollar.

Play Dog

preach democrasy, freedom, universal human rights etc at home, then go and wine and dine with one of the worst still exiting ruling elite, with a mentality compareble to long gone ancient kingdoms. The Saudi house of cards with the gold ones at the tip of the Pyramide is certainly going to crumble and fall within itsself.


The system is so damn complicated and there's so many moving pieces. money is the main motivator for some but I think once you have so much money, power and influence become much more motivating. Foreign policy is currently over my head, but Dr. Paul appears to follow a common sense path of "when you don't know what to do, at least you know how to be." Golden Rule type stuff in his politics. I love it!


Donald Trump has multi million dollar business deals with the Saudis, how is his opinion being taken serious, where is the Media's push back on this?


funny how the american army under trump would be nothing but a mercenary army. No convictions, no ideals, no integrity, if you have the money we will do it.

Joe F

My hunch is that soon Iran will be able to sell oil and this will halt the price fixing that Saudi Arabia has had their grips on for years. I am not defending anyone with my comment. My research leads me to not trust neither Iran or Saudi Arabia. Follow the money. It usually, will lead you to the rest of the story.

Am In

I love Dr Ron Paul! He always speak truth! You guys just remember 9/11 and how many of the terrorist involved in that attack were from Saudi Arabia, who found ISIS in Syria who found al qaeda, Ben Laden was from Saudi fu**in Arabia … These sunni wahabi are the most threat not only for Iran for the world.

Ray Serrato

Great video as always.

Can we have a video on Obama and his executive orders?

Thanks for what you do Dr. Paul!

Dean Fa

You are a good man Ron Paul:)

Konig Frederick

Iran has always been the end game for the wars in the middle east. "Conspiracy theorists" have been saying it for years!


Great conclusion Ron.

Tracy Hersch

Great job Ron. Keep up the good analysis.


ur a great man (:


America runs by devils.


Ron Paul, the last true Statesman.


After watching this video, I know now why liberals never won the presidential elections !
Executions mentioned were for 47 convicted terrorists (both Sunnis and Shiiats) after fair trials that toke years for some of which .. Shiiat clerk Mr. Namir was convicted for prompting hatred against local police officers and independence of the whole Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.. That's a betrayal !

John Doe

Ron Paul is my hero !

bijan Benjamin R

thank yu Dr Paul  for very accurate info. usa needs saudie for selling Arms. wish you would run again otherwise I am going berni sanders 🙂

sam wang

Dr. Paul didn't plan his retirement as well as other senators did. 😉


Initially, trump's business background appeared to be a plus. Now however, it occurs to me that he simply reduces EVERYTHING to money and profits – trump sounds just like a judaic money lender. No wonder he pledges blind allegiance and OUR money, to anti-Christ "israel". Although trump has said some good things, the REAL litmus test is a candidates position on "israel". All the candidates/polititions have made their obligatory professions of "loyalty" to anti-Christ/zionists "israel" – it's business as usual. USA will remain a zionist occupied entity. God help us, in Jesus' Name, through The Immaculate Heart of Mary.


saudi arabia is a threat to world peace

Sammi Hinsch Jahanbakhsh

Iran Is The Most Peacefull Country In The World .. Zionist Are The Real Terrorist Who's Decieving Peopole And Killing Innocent..

Jolujo 58

Total bullshit
The Islam is not a religion…it is a cult of fanatics with no care for life…no care for human rights…no care for anything but their male dominated dominion over all humanity.
Even Ghengis Khan in all his gorey battles and victories, had more compassion for the innocent.

Carl Moore

real good honest report.