US Escalation: A No-Fly Zone in Syria?

According to media reports, the US and Turkey have agreed to set up “safe zones” inside Syrian territory. This will likely entail the US bombs on Syrian government forces that Americans rejected in 2013.

Original Youtube video here.

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Prosecute Zionist War Criminals

If the GOP had any loyalty to the American people, they would impeach the war criminal Obama.


The exact wrong thing to do, we should sell Asaad weapons and stop the Turks from bombing the Kurds..  Obama and his owners want wider war for some reason.

michael retta

they have not given up on assad. they want to put their own puppet in syria, lets see what putin does, a great ally of assad and iran. nice putting in  free zone so assad cant attack isis, isis is created by cia/ mossad,

John Dough

Syrian regime is also bombing civilians. They drop unguided bombs from helicopters and planes and on civilian areas. Turkey and the countries around them wanna see it stop.

Ggq Theman

Have to say ron paul though i find you a decent man america has so much blood on its hands at this point from conflicts all around the world which are most probably not an unintended consequence but in actual fact the goal all along ,my question for you is what freak of insanity is it in the american dna that makes you think you are the one indispensable country and people do you realise that all the confliicts around the world since the second world war that the USSA has been involved overtly or covertly has seen more human… Read more »


The reason America and Israel want war in Syria has nothing much to do with removing Assad.  It has everything to do with keeping Syria destabilized and unfit for oil pipelines.  Period.

Yui-Omi Muni

I am lost. No two can agree on anything in this discussion. One says this and another says that. Deception is the key to all warfare. Where have I heard that?


"State Media like the NY Times".  Tell it like it is… "it makes no sense…we need to WAKE UP…" Dr. Paul…how do we do this?

Ralph Fucetola JD

Ron Paul, "The Conscience of the Constitution" again speaking truth and calling for peace, which can only be achieved if we Americans take responsibility and finally choose between trying to keep an empire we cannot afford or returning to a non-interventionist Republic, as the Founders intended.

Fatime Oomyadin

You are not welcomed in my nation Syria. Get off anf fix your own problems at home. ALL "chaos" (as you like to label it) is due to the US-planned war against my nation performed by YOUR boots on the grounds, name them FSA, Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS. We are NOT Libya. We are not Iraq. We are not Afghanistan. We know you want to destroy our nation and genocide our people for we did not bow to Israel. But Syria has been fighting oppression and occupation for 2000 years, do you really think we will give away our freedom and… Read more »

Trk icicici

Well, syria isnt fighting ISIL . FSA And Kurds are fighting ISIL. SYRIAN Gov is just dropping barrel bombs destroying everything. Last month Syria's Air Force hit targets in northern Aleppo and helped ISIS advance, Assad is also buying oil from isis:). These guys dont even have a clue.


I am so SAD !


Just like Libya.

Yuri Sponse

A 'Safe Haven'… not 'Safe zone'.  And in all fairness it makes perfect sense. Turkiye and US and EU want an ISIS-free Syria, plus want a cease-fire from the ongoing, escalating Syrian civil war.  Perhaps the most promising factor of such a Safe Haven would be an accelerated path towards a political transition and solution to end of the brutality.

Carl Carlson

The whole world is watching – Obama

Carl Carlson

Congress holds the purse stings. Obama can't fund this on his own


Am I the only one masturbating furiously right now?