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Dan Campbell

Sorry, but I don't believe that Cheney, or any of them, believe what they are spewing.  The rhetoric is driven by the weapons manufacturers & the oil industry.  That is, it's all driven by profit, far removed from anything resembling a free market.  Or compassion, for that matter.


Why is no one (even on internet) covering the corruption FACT how Rumsfeld made millions rebuilding the destroyed Iraqi Cell sites???!!!!   Bob Dylan hit the nail on the head when he wrote "Masters of War".

Gary White

Ron needs to school Rand on these issues better, if Rand was talking about this, he'd have a chance against trump

Goj Ira

Good show Dr. Paul. I'm really surprised this channel only has 12k subscribers. Definitely deserves more!


Because US foreign policy has become so schizophrenic and blatantly (allegedly) counterproductive, I believe the real purpose of all this "friends and enemies" policy is to create a meatgrinder.  To create stalemate in Syria was the intended goal.  Stalemate means endless bloodshed.   And we're so happy with what we're doing that we only want more of it, based on foreign policy ideas like Donald Trump's and how popular they are.


For some strange reason, the Protestants have always aligned themselves with the Jews – it may have to do with the origins of Capitalism, and/or the Protestants' sole reliance on the Bible. But the evangelicals got hoodwinked by Cyrus Scofield and the Rapture. They think that if they step up the heat, Jesus may make his second coming early, and they won't have to die.


I love Ron Paul. Cheneys new book is so ugly.. Thanks for speaking intelligent truth Ron.


Your green screen needs work.


Well ,the truth of the matter is. If you Don't run for President then we are only left with "Evil" men. Not 1 of the people up there would run the Government the way it should be or you would.
That leaves us with criminals. If I have to have a criminal , I'll take the one that calls the other ones criminals. We all lose if Ron Paul does not run.
If they actually count votes this time , we get Trump.


John Kerry Admits Dollar Could Lose WRC Status??

Now what does this have to do with Iran? Think !

Yui-Omi Muni

Why are you outlined Dr. Paul? That gray hair makes that stand out. DICK Cheney at it again. Why is he not behind bars yet? How many idiots bought that book and actually bought into it? Wasn't Cheney the one telling the military to stand down on 9/11 while his counterpart was listening to 3rd graders read? I read some comments in here about Trump getting President. The media is going to sway folks away from Trump and it will between Bush and Clinton. And there is another one who should be behind bars. Isn't she is trouble for the email scandal?… Read more »

Dissent Truth-

End Zionism, but remember the Pope at the Vatican isn't any saint either. There are many fronts to this NWO.


The Ron guy really good and seems very sensible and I say this as a Liberal.


Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Cynthia Mckinney and other great minds have always been on the right side of history. How on earth can the United States dictate Foreign Policy in other nations if they can't turn around to say, "Who are you to lecture us on anything when you can't take care of the very people who fight your Wars for Oil for you?" How on earth can the United States lecture other governments on anything concerning Human rights when we have Guantanamo Bay, Cuba or the Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal? I have to wonder if anyone ever… Read more »


I can't wait for those shit holes AKA the worlds only "Terrorist States, USA & Israhell"
to finally implode.


Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld perpetrated 9/11 which was a False Flag Attack and they are responsible for all the deaths and injures on both civilians and military. 9/11 = 1776


I'd like to get into a ring with these Chicken Hawks and tear them into pieces with my bare hands.