Trump’s Tariff Threats: Will The American Economy Get Squeezed Even More?

Tariffs are taxes on Americans for the benefit of a tiny group of politically-connected corporations. Taxation can never lead to prosperity. Unfortunately, constant doses of patriotic propaganda convince Americans that they’re being robbed for their own good. Ron Paul discusses the destructiveness of tariffs on today’s Liberty Report.

Original Youtube video here.

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Hovnan Alexanian

We need real leaders. Many American companies moved into China, example Apple. Now Apple pays less for the labor in China to produce phones. Then Apple imports these phones into America producing a trade imbalance, lol. Now our government wants a cut and they don’t want to tax Apple but tax us, the Americans to pay even more for these products. Guess where this tariff/tax money goes? I bet it goes to buy more weapons, the military complex. If tariffs are put in than there should be a law that congress introduces that the tariffs are used to lower our… Read more »

Phone User

Protectionist = American.

Shan Ri Ha

The U.S is nothing more than Zionist israel's bitch and Trump does nothing for the U.S and everything for Zionist israel. Now Trump can't wait to send even more young Americans to die in wars in the M.E for the sole benefit of Zionist israel . Take your country back Americans and cast off that puny little rogue terrorist regime of Zionist israel.

Brandon Boyer

God bless America the great! Get ready to be extorted more Heavily!

Fastt Ed

If American car companies would advertise / emphasize that their American made cars / trucks, purchased HERE, would create American jobs even more so.
I see KIA, Hyundai, Honda, and Toyo's driven because people do NOT understand Economics 101. Lots of stupid people. The ones that really get me are the
ones with USMC stickers or Army, what – ever. The PROFITS stay here ! ! ! !

Dean Koch

If Trump makes us pay tariffs he will lose the second term and he will be labeled a fucking CUNT traitor loser piece of shit!!!!!!


Respect ron paul for sticking to his principles and always being honest and not jumping on the trump train which would be much easier like other hypocrites cult like trump supporters who never call trump for his nonsence pretending to be anti establishment when he's clearly another zionist neocon.

sanibel island

It led to the Great Depression which is why all countries will join the "trade war". I am sure they all agreed to this and playing their part of the plan. They need something to blame the next collapse on, concealing the true cause of the economic collapse.


Watch the tariffs, look at those tariffs, nothing to see over here, (millions dead, US is destroys Syria, the plan never changes)

AdaMFitch - My Subscriptions

Mr Paul:
I know you don't know me, but I feel I owe you an apology. When I was listening to some of your books on audio, I thought your foreign policy was anti-Semitic. It also seemed like implementation would affect my son who was born to two American military in Japan. While I am still iffy about the latter, I realized through much investigation that modern Israel is NOT THE BIBLICAL INGATHERING. Also, the Zionist Government of modern Israel is guilty of many atrocities, including killing and selling-out their own people.

Severus Snape

liberty report my butt! This old fool hates the USA. when has this idiot ever said anything good about America. Ron Pual is a nut. I hope this fuckernut dies soon.

Iceberg Rose

Its worse than trade. He called Canada a security risk. Canada have been watching Americas backdoor for years! How insulting. Stop dealing with US, they're a pain in the arse!


the EU is massively protectionist so dealing with people trump is 100% right, china actually worked with him.


Taxation can never lead to prosperity." No great industrial nation ever got that way without protective tariffs for certain key industries. Does not mean it could not happen but it means Nation building historically has used them. Switzerland may be an anomaly. Global Corporatocracy on the other hand would like no tariffs and open immigration as immigrants almost universally work for less than the country's citizens. Thus the Corporatocracy achieves a new kind of serfdom wherein the bottom 90% are constantly pushing labor costs down via competition for low paying jobs. But it would be an example of one facet… Read more »

rainbow sally

Hi Dr. Paul and everyone. I pretty much agree with everything you said except that it sounds like you thought the founding fathers were against any kind of protectionist tariff and that is not accurate. I could go into examples of when protectionism is critical to legitimate national security, but I think that just by clarifying some definitions and examining the Constitution the founding fathers produced should give clear hints as to what was intended — whether they achieved it in their generation or not. The "genuine articles" as the Chumash Indians sometimes call it out west. First let's look… Read more »

Brain Warfare

This is extremely foolish timing for Trump! Shanghai Gold Exchange, Oil now traded in Yuan, Iran dumping the dollar seeking alternative currencies for oil trade, the EU seeking to help Iran trade outside the SWIFT system, and now tariffs and sanctions on US allies! Russian and Iranian sanctions harming the EU more than the intended target!
There is gonna be a revolution soon, and the stupid American hillbillies that support Trump are gonna get pummeled and stomped on to no end!


Jew S A…..

Mr Bojangles

Free trade is not free when your partner cheats. We are no longer the "poor trusting fool!"

Andre D.

It is embarrassing fake midias are having a hard time to report the truth about Trump's economy.

Incomes are rising , unemployment is lower than ever…
Stop whinning!

I am from Brazil and there are tarrifs imposed on our exports and we are not whinning over that here….

Jerry Tiong

if tarif can stop everyone from wasteful spending i will support it, i feel the product make never factor in the environmental cost.

B. Ghould

Free trade eventually will become slavetrade. Economy as national security is a delicate topic.


"America First" means there are no American allies.

Darth Mucus

Dump the Trump!

Samuel Ramos

Very Informative. Thank You Ron Paul

Troy George

So President Trump forces all of the bankrupt countries of the world to raise tariff taxes that will help them pay their debts. What if I suggested that they are all wanting more tax revenues but need to make it look like the governments hands are tied and they have no choice but to retaliate? The world has hit the point where the people need to pay for all the reckless spending of the last 15 years.

Balanced tariff increases between countries just increase government revenues.


Peace does not generate profits for the bankers….only constant war and conflict assures continued profits. Ending the Federal reserve and central bankers world wide is the only path to lasting peace.


I wish Ron Paul would shut up and let Chris Rossini talk for a minute or two.


As Canadians, we're perplexed by Trump's actions. We currently run a trade deficit with America (no, that's not a typo). To use the analogy, your friend is going into battle and you hand them the wooden baseball bat instead of plastic, and then they turn around and use it on themselves. You're left standing there saying to yourself…."Ahhh….ok?" The guy must be a genius, because he clearly knows something that we all don't know.

alexxs S

no, americans wont get squezee


Bullying China does not work. It is a cultural thing, Chinese don't take kindly to bullying. Only 17% of Chinese exports go to the US. The Chinese would gladly take the short term pain and concentrate on the long game. Take it from someone from Singapore, if America wants to solve its problems with China, it would be far more productive to work quietly with them, and treat them as a friend and equal, rather than a party that can be dominated.

Steve Williams

Yes, tariffs are painful to everyone, but the US is in the position of being the biggest exporter of raw materials in the world and should get a better deal from other countries on access to their markets. Tariffs are merely a tool to use when making deals with other countries including allies. Gone are the days when America can afford to give away it's resources and jobs to multinational corporations based in other countries.


My real Hero dear Dr.Paul!!!!!!!!!! Please inform us of some good news too if any. Thank you

Nick Skyland

The founders knew all this about tariffs but decided to allow them. We should support this constitutional effort by the government to protect the economy. If you don't know why, ask. It starts with a government doing constitutional stuff and being more successful than it is when it acts unconstitutional.

Moussaoui Ahmed


Tony Kibbie

So far as I have seen, every time Trump does the 'tariff squeeze' the Left howls, "We're all going to die!" Then things get better for America and American workers. All the greedy nations who have been used to America caving to them suddenly realize that the American cash cow has gone back into the barn, and now they are rolling over. Of course, the Left spins the improvements, calling them crumbs and temporaries and Illusons brought about by the great magician Trump.

kurgan highlander

Trump is nothing more than a gangster. In fact, the entire nation is run by gangsters in both political parties, like Jessie Ventura said, democrips and rebloodblicans

vl7 85

How is there any difference between free trade/cronyism or tariffs/ cronyism. Ron has been saying EU is not really a friend in trade policies. Ron is flip flopping.

Saeed Hussein



Great job !! keep spreading the message! Democrats and Republicans both love gun control. Vote Libertarian! Trump played the NRA members who voted him into office as a bunch of fools.  In order to stay relevant the individuals in the NRA leadership need to start worrying about the entire Bill of Rights and not just the Second Amendment.  The NRA leadership needs to stop blindly supporting a law enforcement system that has more prisoners than any other country in the world. Recently Trump was explaining that "we should take the persons guns first and worry about due process later!"  Diane Feinstein was sitting… Read more »