Trump Threatens China Trade War…’Art Of The Deal’?

President Trump is threatening additional billions in tariffs against Chinese imports while sending warships up to China’s declared territory in the South China Sea. Is this another big bluff? Will talks continue? What do the markets have to say about it?

Original Youtube video here.

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Eleazar Barrios

thank you Wrong Paul very good episode

celtic barbarian

I don't think china gives a phuck what the yanks do LOL .


IMO a revenue tariff is preferable to the personal income tax. Elimination of the income tax on AGR less than $100,000 and an across the board revenue tariff to make up the difference would give a huge boost to the middle class.

Richard Sewill

Even if the United States wins now, doesn't the United States lose later? If we behave like the bully in the sandbox, who will want to play with us any more? If I were another country, I would be trying to reduce my trade dependence with the United States. I would be trying to reduce my dollar dependence. I would be trying to reduce my purchases of United States treasury debt. I would be circling the wagons expecting a military intervention from the United States. If something bad happened to the bully, I would be wary about offering help to… Read more »

Black Lighting

insider trading 101


Free Market Economics? No economic model will work so long as the markets are selectively rigged and replete with fraud and deception. The CPI should be at least 8%. Ten-Year Treasuries should be near 7%. The Debt is Not Worth $22 trillion, but the Bond-Holders are not willing to take their 60% Loss. Perhaps Bush should have let Everything FAIL in September (09/23/08) 2008 — like a CAPITALIST. And not like a Corporate Socialist. THEN, the People might have seen the NeoCon's Errors, as blatant then as they are now: Borrow + Bomb = a false profit.

vincent chiong

Trump ' Art of the Deal' is flip-flop, walk-off, destroy, wreck, quit, threaten along with, lie, cheat and steal to get his way Uncle Sam does not negotiate, but warn, threaten, bully, dictate, compel and use of force. A Mafia state that is morally bankrupt and anything goes


In a democracy, the people deserve the government they have

alfred Rojas

Art of Threatening to submission! Hahaha


I disagree with Ron Paul because Americans have more jobs now thanks to tariffs (besides the lower taxes and less regulations).. Tariffs are bad unless you mirror them to prevent false foreign government sponsored competition.


Trump is stupid. Now Chian does not want to ship the real goods for useless paper money. The paper money ends up to treasury bill which is a loan to the US government. The US keeps buying Chinese products on loan. China wants the payment by gold. If no, no more car parts and laptop shipped.


Yes, trade war with China is not really for trade, it is for a geo political power show off. China doesn't need to import much from us, in reality we are dependent on Chinese manufacturing. With a negative manufacturing growth, we have already lost the trade war with China.


The true enemy of the USA is the Jews/Israel. Russia and China are the tool bags of the Jews/Israel and their Jews Banker Cartel. They destroyed many countries before and now is the USA turn. We ally and befriend with the wrong people. The fact is this, 85% of all Jews in Israel are communists-Russians-Jews. Can't you people connect the dots yet????????????


China's economy is much bigger now. China just ignores Trump as a nuisance.

Mr Bojangles

The negotiations make it look like someone is finally standing up for the people. What is concerning is the stacking of Jesuits on the supreme court. If you've ever wondered why so many unconstitutional federal institutions exist, this where to look.


the trade war with China under the Trump administration has bothered me…on today, off tomorrow and back and forth with a lot of tough talking … there is always so much at stake for the American people, particularly the American consumer that gets higher prices… trade wars jeopardize trade relationships with other countries …meanwhile the Fed churns out new money while holding interest rates low… too much power… sound economic principles that Dr. Paul and Austrian Economists promote are found in the free market… a market economy based on volunteerism brings greater prosperity to the most people as possible.

Maria Robles

Guido= CIA= GreenGo


MSM Main stream media owned and operated by the international bankers propaganda they are great at name-calling their favorite words are BIGOT, CULT, RACIST . The news media is worthless and shameful.

Robert Lefebvre

When 'a people" known as 'Americans" continuously buy boatloads of goods from a "people known as Chinese" and pay with worthless digits created out of thin air with a mouseclick that are worthless "notes" from a bankrupt and fraudulent Federal reserve bank then there is no real "trade" going on. Either the Chinese are complete fools and don't realize we create all our money with a mouseclick or they fully know we create all our money with a mouseclick and they send their widgets and beanie babies over for the simple reason they know they are just giving us the… Read more »

Brandon Boyer

I'm skerd. Buying massive amounts of metal and claiming my own independence. I represent the govt. Not the other way around


The world is not a rational, orderly place. In the real world, Trump's bluster and bravado and negotiating tactics seems to work. A calm, rational man like Ron Paul is often at a disadvantage in such a negotiating, bluster-filled world.

I can just imagine if a presidential race between Donald Trump and Ron Paul occurred. Trump would blow Ron Paul away with bluster and emotion laden speeches and debates. A calm, rational man like Ron Paul gets blown away by a smart, bluster-filled man like Trump. That's the way we emotional humans are.