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e james

democrats love little republicans like ron paul because they could push 'em around. Donald trump is infuriating the left because he's got a pair of balls and he's a fighter.

Michael Gorman

Where is the server, the MSM is full of shit


How stupid can you get it has advanced neo con project on Iran which is why Netanyahu and Bolton and Pompeo are so happy – nearer to war with Iran – really Ron – you can do better than this is stupid analysis which is so superficial

Frank Zhou

Remember when "liberals" used to be "anti war"? It's been so long that I barely remember it. Isn't it funny that they say "love Trumps hate" yet all of their rhetoric is hateful towards Trump and Russia! Liberals would rather be poor and living in a bomb shelter than enjoy the peace that comes with prosperity!

It's Maybe Me

Trump: "Nothing would have been easier for me politically. Than to refuse to have engaged with Putin. Id rather take a political risk in the pursuit of peace, than to risk peace for political reasons"

Tooth Harvester

Bless you Mr. Paul.


The USA is caught by the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that requires wars to use weapons so they can justify the 650 billion dollars a year the US taxpayer pays. Trump's response has been to INCREASE by 50 billion that military expense. It means the US government is under a constant push to be in a war and that's very dangerous when it has such a powerful military

Tony Ofarrell

A success? How do YOU know,nobody knows what was discussed,what do you call a success?

Race Bannon

Do my ears and eyes deceive me? Ron Paul and his buddy aren't stabbing President Trump in the back like usual?

Edward Russell

Trump is doing great. He should never change his statements. Just stand up for his conviction. President has great powers. No more wars. . World needs peace.

Steven Sessions

without the server there can't be indictments against Russia


It pisses me off that the media made Dr. Paul out to be an "isolationist". Couldnt be further from the truth. Assholes

antny james

That summit, just like his most recent meetings, was an embarrassment and far from a success….wtf are you people smoking?

Gaius Giustiniani

Anti war and pro liberty… no wonder the elites hate Ron Paul!


Russia was never and is never going to start WW3 with the US/NATO. Putin has always been a paper tiger. NATO's combined GDP is over 18 trillion meanwhile Russia's is just over 1 trillion. Russia's military expenditures are a mere 6% of NATOs.

T Allen

Trump ad Putin BOTH are "Neo-Cons. This will become apparent after they've left office.


One thing I remember striking me during the election is Trump giving opposite answers to the same question. "I met Putin." "I never met Putin." "I've been to Russia." "I've never been to Russia." (paraphrasing) What the heck was that? Paul and McAdams think it's nonsense that Putin has some kind of leverage on Trump but I wouldn't be so sure. Maybe Rand is right, and Trump doesn't like the media's "Russia" business because it delegitimizes his Presidency. I think this would be enough on Trump to appear like being compromised (that Putin has some kind of leverage on him).… Read more »

peter vithus

I just LOVE these guys ! I'm sure the numbers of views here on Youtube is drastically undercounted deliberately as I'm certain The Liberty report have a huge following among the I'm sure still sensible Americans, who hasn't bowed down and swallowed up the propaganda and fake news by the liberal MSM ! Like a huge numbers of citizens of the world were are sick and tired of the concept of Amrican exceptionalism and believing that its ok for the US to meddle in every country internal matter especially through their pre-emptive illegal wars e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan Libya, Syria etc.… Read more »


So crazy how even today people still think it's Trump that's divided the country. It's the media that's done that! Heck don't you people remember the way the media treated Ron Paul when he was running?! Ron Paul nearly won every single online poll and straw poll there was, that was a fun time…until the media blacked him out. They tried that with Trump but unlike Paul, Trump bit back. Fox News even did it. We have Youtube now, we have compilations of all this media bias, spin, propaganda. It's basically a library of truth. I think many learned from… Read more »

Craig Ross

Neocons are the poisonous frogs in the swamp!