Trump In Saudi Arabia – ‘Peace In Our Time?’

President Trump was in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, where he signed the largest US arms sale ever, praised the country’s history and record, and declared war on Iran, Syria…and possibly Russia. Some first foreign trip…

Original Youtube video here.

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It's not about money; it is about control. Ivanka and Jared are Mossad.

Leann Wilson

Ron Paul you would have done the same .. you have no security clearance to know why Trump did this .. I think both parties forced it

Rosa Maria de la Pena GarciaPHD

Well, well, well… this proves that Trump is nothing but a plain populist: offering one thing and while in power, he makes a U turn.

Mazyar Zagros

What is the difference between Japanese and Saudis?
Japanese got the atomic bomb, Saudis got rewarded.

Jim Kane

Love these two. Another really good show as always.

Janette Smith

Americans remember exactly what Trump said on the campaign trail and he is doing quite the opposite. We are not stupid, "we will remember and we will not forget". After quite a few "red flags", I think it is safe to say, POTUS has either been coaxed to the evil side or he was playing the American people from the beginning. "Red Flag"#1.If he really wanted to "Drain The Swamp", he would not have hired Goldman Sachs affiliates, Mad Dog Mattis, McMasters, Pence, Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner and Rex Tillerson. That is not "Draining The Swamp". "Red Flag"#2. Bombed Syria… Read more »

disky everlord

Dr,Ron Paui Präsident for Planet Earth


The biggest terrorist in this world "today" are the Luciferians. we can not continue to devastate the middle east and not expect people to retaliate. Islam is the boogyman that they are using to create this NWO. But they will usher in Armageddon. As it is written so it shall be. Yeshua (ישוע) is the way the truth and the life.

Jethro Torczon

Any conversation about US-Saudi relations without mentioning the term "petrodollars" is guilty of overlooking a major factor. That being said, I love Ron Paul and he makes a lot of other good points in this video

Alexandros Aiakides

Trump is jelous of Tsipras social policies. He cuts social assistance to save the……economy.

Daniel Driessen

Trump serves the same masters as Hillary being the militairy industrial complex and big banks like goldman sachs. He has the same friends in Saoedi Arabia and Israel, i wonder when Iran will be up for the chopping block.

Low C C

Fake speech from donny hijacking the country?

Rebecca Johnson

Trump IS GW Bush and the Bush Family CLONED! The Clinton's are a fighting for 1st place, as they were the Family that did the Bush's DEVASTATING DEEDS to the Worker's & Working Class Investor's, that CREATED THE ECONOMIC CRASH in WALL STREET! The Clinton's are NO MORE DEMOCRAT, then OBAMA! They are for SURE, UNDER COVER REPUBLICAN'S!!!! For without NAFTA, the KILLING OFF OF GLASS STEAGALL, & their 1996 TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT, this is what REALLY & TRULY DID IN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to CREATE the CRASH of WALL ST, while they LOOTED & RIPPED OFF EVERYDAY AMERICANS, into the… Read more »

adeel mirza

Trump Hillary Saudis Iranians r all the pets of zionists. RIP Humanity


Thank you Dr Paul and team for your honesty and not falling into the trap of hypocrisy. You guys are awesome.

Robert Nitsch

This is the first straight cogent message I have heard ANYWHERE on Trump buddying up with the Saudis. My theory is he still only cares about legacy for his children and wants them to profit as much as possible from his position at ALL COSTS. He is clearly pursuing the MIC/Neocon agenda contrary to everything he told voters to get into office.


There is no political solution. Everyone should quit working and go on welfare services to speed up this crash.

Clandestine Ops

i can't believe i used to back this wheezy fucker…

Grant Bennett333

Ron Paul speaks wisdom, why can't he be the President of USA I wish Trump would listen to him not Rothchild Zionists, at least he's got his son Rand in Congress, Rands good, but he's not Ron Paul. God bless you Ron 3 3 3

Grant Bennett333

Sorry Ron, you are too authentic.and speak too much common sense. Your not a War munger. Drugs Crime, Terror so on so forth. Your not a Rothchild Zionist shill. Deep state would not approve.of yout management style. Only real sellout criminals can achieve office. I hope Trump gets guidance off you. You are exactly what 5he good Doctor ordered for the World. 333


But i's so libertarian, don't you think? Perhaps the ultimate freedom of being able to destroy the world.

Gwen Viviani

I agree – our current foreign policy stinks.  We've killed hundreds of thousands of people –  for what?   I heard Rand Paul's speech last week – I was so impressed; I wish he could take over our foreign policy!.

Tony Ferguson.

Dr. Paul you were the last hope.