Three Dangerous Syria Powder Kegs – Will US Light The Match?

The illegal US “base” at al-Tanf in Syria, along with the final terrorist enclave in Idlib and the Kurds in the north are three flash points where a major conflict could break out at any moment. Why does the US remain? What will the Russians do? The Turks have announced they will soon attack US-backed Kurds in Syria. You heard it here first!

Original Youtube video here.

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Osman KURU

US isn't the champion of democracy they are the champions of terrorism along with Israel.


The problem is the criminals from America are not invated in Siriya but beacose thay are the bigast terorist in the world

Paulo Raposo

I really love your show but I believe it's important you start referring to he USA as a country separate from Deep State who is running the country in the shadow. But as we all know, it's not the USA, it just so happens to be using the USA as a host, like a parasite does. I think that's important in order to protect the American people….that are themselves victims of the Deep State. It's also important to make that separation, so people who don't know, start to understand the difference in it. And the same should be done to… Read more »


Assad should at least charge the US rent for the area they squat on. Pay up or you'll be evicted by force! Trump as a real estate man, should understand his position.

Outgarth Loki

Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing that you don't put a tomato in fruit salad.

Antun M

Dr Paul please don’t confuse intelligent and Pompeo!!! Pompeo = stupid, dumb, deranged, idiot etc.


US foreign policy is kind of like the arch-villain pretending to be the superhero. What are you doing in our bank Captain pillage? Oh, just checking your gold and other resources are, er, safe, yeah, safe!

mark Balentine

it's time to get out of all wars they aren't worth staying in.

123 45

Why amwrica is in Syria
America is tyranny
10 milion Albanians in Turkey and many milion out we are ready to served in Turkey army
Blood is in the hands of Zionist satanist american jews

John Adams

This is the first and likely only time I disagree with the Liberty Report over the Syrian Kurds. Turkey and the US funded all the same terrorist ground with the exception of the Kurds. Turkish Military is stationed along side numerous terrorist in the last stronghold of Idlib. The Syrian Kurds and the Syrian Army along with Russia maintain talks and neither Syrian Army or Russia consider the Kurds terrorist. The Syrian Army also has shared security checkpoints with the Kurds. Last year the Syrian Kurds handed over a portion of Manbij to the Syrian Army and the Russians and… Read more »

Kazal Biswas Biswas

চোরাই তেলের ব্যবসা হবে না যেনে বৃটিশ, ফরাসি ও জার্মান আগে ভাগে যুক্তরাষ্ট্র কে একা ফেলে পালিয়ে গেল এখন আর নেই কোনো অভিযোগ নেই আসাদ ও তাঁর সরকারী সেনাবাহিনী উপর বেসামরিক নাগরিকের উপর রাসায়নিক অস্ত্র প্রয়োগ করছে সবাই জানে এই জীবাণু অস্ত্র তৃতীয় পক্ষ ইসরায়েলি সেনাদের কাজ লক্ষ লক্ষ সিরিয়া সুউচ্চ ভবন গুলো মারাত্মক ছোট আকারে বোমা বসিয়ে ধবংস করেছিল ইসরায়েলি কমান্ডোফোর্স।


Another great episode of the Liberty Report by Dr. Ron Paul & Daniel McAdam…Thank you for the thoughtful and analytic views on current affairs.

Rob Ball

Wake up Rong Paul. Iran and Syria want to wipe out Israel. How can you be so blind?


Pretty cool , you mentioned the quest in your studio.


But in all seriousness, the idea of American (and allies) foreign policy being all about spreading democracy, peace, stability, prosperity etc. seems just a useful smokescreen to spread the neoliberal agenda and open up opportunities for US big business and banking to make a tidy profit at the expense of the local populations. I don't doubt there are some neocons who do believe in the righteousness of their cause, probably believing they are doing Good work but I think they are not only deluded but their cause has been used by the ruthless and selfish forces of big business.

Art Carvajal

The americans care more about baseball than a war far, far away..


All Neocons need to be voted out and the un-elected ones need to resign. End the wars!


You know Dr Paul, International laws do NOT apply to America – "We are ABOVE THE LAWS"…We make these rules to control the world but not ourselves. Oh yeah, welcome to my world of betrayals !!!!


The US forces are there to further Israel’s aims of expending it’s borders beyond its illegally occupied Golan heights. It’s that simple.

The Kaiser

Hello Mr. Paul – Greetings from Germany.