The War Against The War On Drugs – With Guest Jacob Sullum

If hemp’s now legal, why are people still getting arrested? Reason Magazine Senior Editor and civil liberties champion Jacob Sullum joins today’s Liberty Report to look at some of the darker corners of the drug war…and to give us a preview of next month’s Ron Paul Institute conference, Winning the War on the War on Drugs. More information:

Original Youtube video here.

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Death of a nation

Smedley Butler III

When you replace the word War, with 'Racket'..all of a sudden, the War on drugs, War on poverty, War on hunger, War on Cancer, and War on terrorism…start to make a little bit more sense..

Matt Dietrich

Give me Liberty! We are all the same with the same libertys! God given

Deep Cycle Garage

Dr. Paul, big fan here. Respectfully, marijuana is a contrived word that has racist origins. Let us all get into the habit of calling it cannabis. Also, you made a great point in one debate where you said if heroin was legalized no one would run out and try heroin. Decriminalization makes drug use a non-thing. It's like children no longer have it as a point of rebellion to make their parents mad. You may find the book "Cannabis and the Soma Solution" by Chris Bennett interesting.

Amy H

Klobuchar is not the "center-left," she is a Reagan Democrat, a right-winger. And just like Reagan, she wants more laws and rules on guns and more people in prison. He wasn't shy about stripping people of their 2nd amendment rights as governor of California, and she wouldn't be as POTUS or governor of whatever state she comes from.


Should be able to put what ya want in ur body want to shoot heroin go ahead kill urself

Jonathan Mallard

the 2nd amendment is a protected right, it doesn't give the right it is only a protection of that right ( although it has not been of much protection for awhile). to some this might seem insignificant, yet it seems a small step to go from mispoken to truth/law

Lisa Noname

The government ought not be able to tell anyone what they have to put in their body or what they cannot put in their own body.
That goes for drugs and vaccines if you want to call them a drug I don't know if vaccines qualify as a drug..
People need to learn the value of minding their own business.

Googl Selzmiyinfo

The only disagreement I have with Mr Sullum is that there are center-left Democrats. They sound like right-wingers to him because they ARE right-wingers. Other than that he's spot on.


I think I remember this guy debating and schooling Bill Oreilly on drugs.


According to the 2011 report issued by the DOJ National Drug Intelligence Center- in the year 2009 on a State and federal level, this nation lost over $190 billion waging the war on drugs. That' just one year people.

Report is called "The Economic Impact of Illlicit Drug Use on American Society", all figures in red are 1/1000 the actual values- all figures are in red.

Jim Sephton

Due process still strips people of the right to defend person and property. Nobody should be left defenceless, the Government has shown a complete inability to defend people from harm. So the punishment continues. A punishment torn from the hand of God.


America seems to need to be at war constantly. Although they never have a war on homelessness or some such thing

Dessy Duke Lecker

Gun grabbing tyranny must be met by freedom loving Patriots

C. C.

The so-called "War on Drugs" is certainly a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

Harry Mills

I can definitely see a person "following" a channel in order to refute the statements of a particularly toxic so-and-so, and that being construed as stalking. For instance, I love hearing Jimmy Dore go on about the Russia Hoax, but half the time I'll RIP him on his Progressive domestic politics, because I see it as a call for feudalism. I THINK Jimmy's too hip for that, but that doesn't mean his fan base wouldn't target me and try to label me as a "stalker."


The war on drugs is not a war on drugs ! You can't have a war on an inanimate object. It's a war on people, liberty, freedom and the Constitution. It's part of the dumbing down of the nation and advancing government power !

JC הֵילֵל

NRA is a joke!

AddresseeNot Recognized

CRIME is carried out by the DEAD ENTITIES of Govt and Corps using a suitable EXCUSE such as a WAR ON DRUGS. The fact that these dead entities are used shows that harm or loss is being caused to the people, because dead entities are NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO THE LAW,(common law). Govt and Corps cannot cause you harm or loss when you DO NOT CONSENT. Consent is withdrawn when you return their mail, (addressee not recognized, no contract)

Advik Trivedi

Free Palestine

Jeff McKenney

I hear so called feminist who want gun control or gun bans but say hands off my body. Is it even possible to fix there kind of stupidity?