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Sadly my reason for finishing grade 12 in homeschooling is Social Anxiety. Love your show Dr. Paul.

Jean-Luc Charron

Although I like the flexibility of your program, I think by imposing or having a prescribed curriculum may be doing something similar to the public school system, where they impose their curriculum, albeit with less flexibility. I don't want this to be a criticism of what you are doing, as I believe in what you are doing. I agree with homeschooling. I am homeschooling a child now. I would like to see teaching and homeschooling evolve to go beyond any curriculum and /or ignore curriculum requirements because it dies not suit a particular child. This becomes more possible when college… Read more »


Dave Ramsey has a high school curriculum on teaching young people about budgeting, saving and staying debt-free. Even how to go to college debt free!

Omar Iw

Was wonder if Dr Paul is going to talk about the medicine pill that went up in price from 13$ to 750$ , It was caused by Obamacare because the law says that the government can't negotiate price with pharmacological companies ,If people were buying their own drugs this company would collapse by tomorrow but since they get their money from the government uncle Sam will keep the printer running .

Katie Holley

I pulled my kids out of government schools last year, and this has been my first year homeschooling a 4th and 2nd grader. My 4th grader is enrolled in RPC English and Science. She is able to do these classes almost completely independently (I only help with navigating the forum). In school she hated Science, but this year she LOVES Science. She wakes up in the morning wanting to get started on her Science class right away … Science is complete before breakfast, lol. My 2nd grader is taking Reading 2, and is enjoying the class as well. I love… Read more »


I started using the RPC with my daughter and I would recommend it to everyone. It's a terrific transition because it gives a whole years packaged course. There is no reason to worry about lesson plans, because they did it for us already.


Unfortunately I think Homeschooling will be outlawed. I don't know what pretext will be used, but our government doesn't want to lose ground with its indoctrination centers they call Public Schools. If Homeschooling keeps growing and children are taught the real History of our country and not the revised history and when children are taught the constitutional principals of our republic starting in elementary school, the government won't like this.


I can see many advantages to home schooling. 1) Peaceful parenting: If you want to keep your child isolated from dysfunctional people at young ages, home schooling will allow you to choose who your child interacts with. 2) Advanced education: If you have a child with above average IQ, you can allow your child to learn at his/her own speed. I have always been a big fan of letting people work at their own speed because I have an IQ of 124. When I was in high school I took a tech school electronics class for high school credit. That… Read more »

flush Liberalism

It's good to see so many parents pulling their kids out of the failing public schools, and homeschooling them instead.

Priscilla Sieckman

Thank you,Dr. Paul for all you do.Our children and Grand children are our future! <3

Dan Campbell

There's a better match with Home Schooling and Technology, than there is with any large bureaucracy. If there is some discovery on Sunday morning, which contradicts some portion of the science curriculum, you can post errata or an appendix right away, and integrate it into the curriculum tomorrow. In a large organization, you simply can't move that fast. I know almost nothing about Paul's curriculum. Sounds workable, as long as the students get to explore economic & political systems of their choosing, regardless of what the founders of the institute believe. The stigma and labels are the big problem. If… Read more »


Pubic schools are a terrible place for your children to learn social behavior because too many parents raise children without a moral compass. That environment has a negative effect on your child.


Thank you Daniel, Your comment at the 14:30 mark really hit home with me, this is one reason I am choosing to educate my granddaughters at home. Thank you to all for this very informative video. I will consider the RPC…

Julie Awad

Used the Ron Paul Curriculum during the high school years. Especially liked Tom Woods' courses on Western Civilization and Government. Encourages discussion and critical thinking! Excellent material and presentation.

Judy Spady

Both of my Sons have been enrolled in the RPC since it's inception and we couldn't be happier!! It, truly, is a curriculum like no other. My 15 year old is learning so much from the Business courses and he just loves history since he is learning the truth of it. The instructors of the curriculum are phenomenal and my kids will have a much better future – full of the truth – instead of the lies from government schools. Thank you to Dr. Paul for giving our nation this wonderful gift. 😉