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Until a force driven with the support of the greater percentage of the population forces a new paradigm, things will somewhat continue as they are: in short a paradigm "rigged" to enrich the top 1-2%. The FED program is based on continuous expansion of debt in a finite resource earth. The elite are destroying the ecosystem that currently sustains humans through pollution, poisons, and geoengineering.

Sarah Benedict

Why no videos? :'( I wanna see Dr. Paul!!!

Steve Williams

I hope you are listening to Ron Paul. I hope you have a plan for when the government confiscates your retirement accounts to pay for another war. The perfect interest rate for the banks is a negative one where you pay them to keep your money.

Chas McD

There is no federal reserve. We the people do not owe the criminal debt created by corrupt American families and politicians. Corporate and politicians ruined this country. We the people do not recognize the world banks. Bring all the dollars and gold back to America. Let the criminal corporate war profitiers and every politician that voted on big defense budgets pay the big banks interest. This country has been fucked since WWII. Every president congressman and senator need to have their retirement and benefits revoked. All the dark money the CIA and secret space secret biologics and drug money needs… Read more »

Sparky Runner

The problem is that Ron Paul lives on another planet than the rest of us ! Has no idea that the FBI deep State Freemason's control his government .


Bend the Fed

Fastt Ed

Fed this and fed that. The debt will crash us all and at that time who will really give a damn.

Charley Howard

No doubt about it, the Jews are really milking us dry. It's now to the point where $3 can buy $1. Inflation as well as the national debt is making ordinary life impossible.

Dee Schwartzenberg

Dr. Paul: would you please be more mindful of the filthy ads that are shown before your vids? Watching an obese Central American sausage herself into an undergarment that is 10 sizes too small is as bad as pornography IMO. It's made worse by having to watch an illegal "star" in advertising.

Jesse Looper

Nuke the fed!

Ronald Pittman

Lending houses and the roll over aspects of ( realestate ) when individuals have no security of property, is simply a state of being for socialist forms of government. life spans are limited, reinventing their wheel every generation. after instituted by force in this Nation USA. when a family has no security for hearth and home, other than paying tribute to the Bank run state, and its "Legalized Plundering", there is no unalienable right, to "liberty" and All its Attributes. No one has an "inheritance" but the Elites of society. Nations face such issues of "Sovereignty". Do they Not ?… Read more »

Everything Is Rigged

most incompetent people on the face of the earth

joe paul

Be careful…..the money changers. Do not like being exposed…….

Finance & Economics

Well said!

Ryan Brady

Thank you for retaining the pause before the intro begins, I can watch enjoy in peace now.


the Fed is a scandalous institution controlling the entire economy by setting interest rates, printing money, creating credit out of thin air, devaluing currency, and creating a hidden tax of inflation. As the economy continues to deteriorate, when people have higher prices they will want better information and answers. Ron Paul has been taking on the Fed since the 70's. He was once a one man wrecking ball when it came to the Fed… not anymore! When it comes to the economy we would be better off without a Fed. Markets would control interest rates, there would be less malinvestment,… Read more »

Sam Sticka

No video?

Al Dee


Fawad Charkhi

Not only the fed but the Israel, international Jews, Zionists, white noses, Christians fundamentalist, western colonialists and shallow minded believer of democracy all must realise that their deans are dead dead dead and no recovery and revival ever possible because too much and too long crimes against humanity. People who are not supporting and identifying with these criminal institution and groups must must seek higher human values to clink to.


The Man from La Mancha: https://youtu.be/RfHnzYEHAow he even looks like Ron Paul!

Benjamin Guidry

Can we just for once not get screwed by our government feeding money to corporations? The more I delve into economics, the more infuriating it gets. We have multimillionaires paying capital gains tax, while I'm scraping by to give my children a better life. I really wish Ron Paul would have 8 years in the oval office to work for the people, instead of having to choose in 2016 between a megalomaniac narcissist or Donald Trump.


If the government dumped 100 trillion into the economy it would all end up in the top 10 percent of the people. And half of those would be in China. It's like if you dumped fish in a pond where 10 percent know how to catch fish and the other 90 percent don't. The problem is that most people don't understand how to fish.

Bobby C

Long live isreal! Long live the fed 🙂


Jewmerica is finished the more they struggle the faster they collapse it so basically good news for all.

Emil Phoryew

Ron Paul, inflation is not under control!! Prices in many sectors of the economy are rising at a scary pace. Take the post office. Prices have tripled there in 12 years. On January 22, 2019 a 1 ounce letter is rising from 50 cents to 55 cents. Priority Mail prices will be raised between 65 cents to a dollar. States are beginning to charge sales tax on Internet purchases, which will raise prices as well. Property taxes go up hundreds of dollars a year in New York City. It only goes one direction overall and that is up, WAY UP!


' Let's Unit To End The FED '


fake news. the fed will figure it out

Ohio Lawn Barber

The end of the fed will only usher a collapse and bring in a new currency!

michael cooper

What's Dr. Ron Paul's opinion of President Andrew Jackson and his war on bankers and the failed attempted assassination on President Andrew Jackson ?

SARAH Connors

Mr. Paul, would you discuss the expiration of the ILLEGAL FEDERAL RESERVE'S EXTENSION that expires 12/2018. We NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO US ABOUT THIS…NOW!

Trapper John

Just shrug

Doug Graves

The Federal Government is supposedly a sovereign entity, why would such a government even need a private bank to print debt for commerce? The only answer can be, this government lost its sovereignty and has no access to real wealth. In other words all the land and people and all the resources belong to someone else. This is a government in name only.

Ariel Ortiz

If you simply demand lawful money on all your deposits pursuant to 12 USC § 411, the feds and your bank cannot perform QEs on your money because your money will be categorized as public money and the bank has to put it in a non interest bearing account. This is literally the solution. Ron Paul please wake up to this! PLEASE!!!

Rick 1776-1970

GM just cut 8 new vehicles and 5000 jobs.
The Jews at the feed are selling us out!!! Wake up

Rick 1776-1970

Jews give Jews and Shabbot Goyim loans at low or no %%%%% to invest in slavery and the governments make regulations to make sure it gets paid back.
Oh no 2% omg , how can I buy hedge funds , annuities and crytocurrency and make sheckles!!! No.50% that's all goyim

Michael Howell

God bless you and your son! good work on your boy having the balls to stand up against Zionism! Ashkenazi equals Nazi just saying!

Tim Steinkamp

The nice thing about a private company running the banking system is they can make fast decisions because they know time and indecision cost money. To get consensus from government on the new way or government running it will take 30 years to decide. Is there an outline of a new system to take over the Fed? Why not base money on land area with a variable of the people on it instead of gold? It seems a waste to store a commodity from the land that cannot be used when the land itself isn't going anywhere.


Buy bitcoin, bankrupt the dollar, bankrupt the government, end the manslaughter as foreign policy.

Stephen Lee

There is only one way to fine tune the economy kick the thieving federal reserve out the nation go after their cronies the to big too fail with real law and regulation. Kick the feds out and forget about the debt they have stole from the people. That's how you fine tune the economy. The economy is doing just what the thieves have designed it to do, steal the wealth of the nation. The BANKERS are doing just what they want, screwing the people. I know you know this, so this makes you a traitor to the republic. Lying to… Read more »

Simon Ata

The federal reserve?where is and what is reserve?

Shine the Light

Ron is exactly right-on. The role of government has been totally skewed, repackaged, and sold to us as a candy-coated steaming pile of crapola. Their number one role should be to "protect OUR individual liberties… and that is it. Telling us what to do and running our monetary system DOES NOT WORK."

Frank Margel

Good evening to all my Friends and Pals @ RonPaulLibertyReport, Published on Nov 28, 2018. There is nothing better today than hearing Dr. Paul and Friends readdress the FED. There is no FED plan to rescue the United States of America regarding MEGA trillions of dollars of debt. Emerging markets are reeling from central banks and IMF shenanigans. The greatest solution to this ever-increasing economic doom? Liberty! Check out the debt clock REALTIME ~ http://www.usdebtclock.org/ ~ Frank out.

Kitty Antonik Wakfer

"The system is run on counterfeit." Yes, & coercion via Gov/State Enforcers keep it going along w/ the very many who think coercion is necessary for social order. It's not!

Adam Kallin

1. Print trillions of dollars
2. Keep interest rates at zero for a decade
3. ??????

Dennis Cambly

A cute cartoon of little red people removing all the gold would go with this Dr. Paul 🙂

beer guy

Ron Paul is one of the most important Patriots of this time errah. take care Sr