The Drug War Fuels Neocon Foreign Policy

RPI Director Daniel McAdams opens the Ron Paul Institute’s “Winning the War on the War on Drugs” conference last month with a short discussion of how the “regime changers” use the drug war to drum up support for interventionist US policies abroad.

Original Youtube video here.

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Luke Monkman

Well said

l j

bruh i thought this was the American Renaissance for a second


All they do is make money off the excuse it's for are safety.. thanks Daddy government I Don't need your safety I need my liberty. If you are a adult you can choose what to do with your free body. Fuck ya drug war and leave my liberty alone… Those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither.

Astrid Albertsz

Thank to all of you who makes it posible that we in others countries can watch this . Dr Paul and Daniel are the best in info the world what is happening . From the citizens of Venezuela thank you.

J to the R-O-C

Joining me today is Daniel McAdams. Good morning Dr. Paul. Well very good and ahhh… Every episode. 😁

Adventure Capitalist

Mr Daniel McAdams, thank you for all that you do.I hope to give you words of encouragement.I believe that humility is a requirement for a follower of Christ. A good leader must first be a good follower.Dr. Paul has entrusted you with the Helm of the Institute. It may be debatable but we know that Dr Paul is in the same class as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson. His work is vital to millions, even if they do not know it.The Bible says that we are not given a spirit of fear (or timidity), but of love, of… Read more »

legal canada

wheres the talk that followed?

Brian N/A
E La Voie

This is fake.
Go back to the drawing board on your strategy. If you really believed that the nation was in peril, you wouldn't just be talking because you're dealing with people who don't play by the rules. There is no possible way you will win if all you do is talk. Real talk n*ggr

June Shannon

Both Dr Paul and Daniel are true gentlemen.


no sound…..

mark vietti

when i first saw Daniel i thought ..oh boy he looks like a religious wacco.. how I was wrong.. hes right on the money with everything.

Buried Axblade

two weeks ago D.A.R.E. made a comeback in NC. I was very tempted to argue with them about how their programs have been getting people killed. I did not, they were set up outside my daily grocery, and I will not ruin my relationship with that grocery.

Frank Blangeard

The first four minutes have nothing to do with the topic.

Frank Margel

Good day to all friends and pals at RonPaulLibertyReport Published on Jun 9, 2019. I am a subscriber and I enjoy commenting on these pages. Thumbs up! What is a nexus in terms of my participation on this channel today? "… : a connected group or series." …, "Republican criticism is never an anathema to liberty and convention." Frank Margel. I upvoted the podcast today and I thank you. Frank out!


Wonderful insights Daniel! Thank you!

Sam Sticka

Well said, Daniel. Keep up the good work.

rolland mousseaux

sabbatean JUs steal and kill and eat goy children…..

Terry Moore

Call them what they are, Neocons are Nazis. !

Patricia M

Drug war? CIA and police drug operations???

Maria Robles

CIA leading drug leaders in the planet with USA government!! Don't look elsewhere all the directions go to Dea CIA FBI best drug dealers in planet Earth


Good job Daniel. I wish we could have watched the entire program I have always had great respect for Ron Paul. Thank you both for the liberty report. This type of reaching out to the public maybe the only chance of ever getting a libertarian President. I am very glad Paul JR is still a Senator. It may very well be the only thing keeping Dr Paul safe speaking the truth.

Mr Bojangles

Genesis 1:29 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is
on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.

Gods knight Reborn

So disappointed 😔 in the Paul’s everyone that is against president trump is against the people and the constitution of the United States 🇺🇸 you guys hate Jews so much that ur making your allies enemies very disappointed ☹️ horrible shit what’s happening in America


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