Surviving The Great Inflation — The Fed Must Go!

No matter where you look, the desire for the Fed to print, Print, PRINT, is intense! The president wants it, the Socialists want it, debtors want it…The consequences of this madness are more than predictable. Great Inflation awaits, and the only thing that stands in the way is an amount of time that no one can precisely predict. The Fed must go! Sound money needs to be ushered in.

Original Youtube video here.

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Antzon 77

fractional reserve banking should be outlawed all over the world. it's an extremely evil ponzi scheme.

Astraea Shaw

Trump works for Netanyahoo – and Netanyahoo has said that he want the destruction of America – so Trump is busy destroying America throu8gh inflation!

JJ OMalley

What you said and what is happening is just another road to Rome. Those words were great , but government and the elite are in bed with this system, and if I had enough dollars to buy gold I would but the corporate government and DOJ need to follow the organic constitution , rather than kill it! What is independence? People are realizing we are a bankrupt , owned country under the law of the sea, not the law of the land! It's all duality from Satan the accountant.

Joe Paul

Economic collapse is part of agenda 2030….along with WW 3 and global pandemic ….. those left will accept the 1 world government

Bill Daley

Think about how much
capital is wasted by
governments around the
world on war and defense.

When the US Empire gives
Israel 38-billion $s, is that
not socialism?

The Empire goes down to
Honduras to overthrow an
elected leader – being replaced
by a US-corporate-thug that
allows plundering the country
and suppressing dissent by
brutal force.

When people flee the violence –
our Emperor tells us socialism
is to blame – do you really
believe these people want
to leave their country – by

Rudy P.

As projected in Table S-10 in the FY 2020 budget, Trump plans to add $5.088 trillion to the debt in his first term. That's a 30 percent increase from the $20.245 trillion debt at the end of Obama's last budget for FY 2017. If he remains in office for a second term, he plans to add $9.1 trillion. Trump had promised to eliminate the debt during his campaign.

JJ OMalley

Great words! Do you think it's time for a referendum where every voter can decide? Imagine the propaganda ! How many will be sacrificed for the elite then! We have been robbed of our history and knowledge by those who have run the world from the shadows for thousands of years! The Rothchild , Rockefellar are just the face of the latest Empire death, and surprise, it's not the US. is the British empire with the banks and off shore colonies where their tax havens are, and we serve the queen! FDR did more for the Fed than all traitor… Read more »

Woodworking Fangirl

Hailing from Europe… What can we do about this? Can we just bribe your Congress and your President? How much money does it need to bribe the US elite?

p ace

Dr paul…
U might need some powerful antibiotik because if u don't then this would turn into lung infection….

Chris Ossman

Dr. Paul,I am not a Libertarian, but I still respect many of your views. That said, I have an issue with your guest's claim that Socialists in America simply want to give away free everything. This is not an honest statement, because those same socialists want to reduce unnecessary spending like the military, bank bail outs, wealth inequality, resource misappropriation and misuse. Many also seek a debt holiday, which the entire world needs, because there is no way to pay off the 100 plus trillion of debt in which Earth nkw finds itself which always boggles my mind… Earth owes… Read more »

piet ikke

The whole government should go. They are all blackmailed or paid by ultra Zionists.

Ben Kimbrough

This is all true but still we have to address the hard facts of what are people producing for their wealth or income this is no longer an ag based society. But it could be and should be more so. What did Moses do but take Israel back to an ag based society and they had prosperity of another kind and they got their moral sovereignty back


they stole the gold a long time ago the u.s.a. is broke

Equal Opportunity War Criminal

Well said Dr. Paul.

Basil P. Leon

Jobs are a thing of the past for most the planet within the next 30 years.
#AndrewYang2020 he's from Silicon Valley and is the only one speakingthe truth about the current state of affairs!!!

Basil P. Leon

Let's hope the Deep State continues to lose it's grip on societal structure

Basil P. Leon

City life is a trap, time to unwind the system. People don't even know survival skills these days.

What young city slicker, knows how to survive without Amazon? Life is going through some big changes real fast.

Elinor Saunders

Less than 1% of the american population owns gold…You really believe they will confiscate it again? Go house to house?

Basil P. Leon

Plus to let everyone know that's not looking into other things.

THERE'S A POLAR SHIFT going on right now, the North and South poles are shifting as we speak.

A change of ages, end times aren't real. We're also evolving in the process!!!

The oligarchs control is over. Even royalty are marrying common people these days.

Make America Think Harder M.A.T.H. #YangGang2020

Mark Howard

Can't print your way to prosperity period!

Renny Zero

Abolish Federal Reserve Sooner than Later.

Donnie Fair

Challenging the Fed will get you accused of antisemitism.

KEK Freedom Heritage

Reoccurring issues and complaints about the Federal Reserve. A few questions that may need to be asked again. Has the Federal Reserve been audited? Who owns the Federal Reserve? Is there any transparency to how the Federal Reserve operates?

JZ Alaska

all i know is my social security dollars will not pay the rent. i am homeless because the laws governing social security retirement income are not enforced, and what is left will not pay the rent.

these dollars are not worth what i paid into the system.

no one adjusted the dollars for the inflation over my career.

and no one cares. it is a recipe for terrorism

Climate Science Journal

Dr. Paul, in a growing economy, the money supply must expand, otherwise deflation will result. Deflation reduces economic activity, as buyers choose to hold their money, rather than spend it.Money supply expansion occurred even before the 20th century, as more gold and silver were mined, expanded species generally. In cases such as the Dutch tulip crash, this mining was a cause. In a modern economy, the money supply must expand in proportion to the GDP. Without expansion, the velocity of money must increase in proportion to the increased transaction value. But there are natural limits to velocity, so that's why… Read more »


You know, I learned something about banks watching Game of Thrones. They're not there to help.

Roger Flores


James DeGray

Constitution said 1.5 ounces of gold per dollar if I remember correctly, maybe it was like 3.5 oz, but over an ounce… Now the are printing FRNs that are over 1000FRN"dollars" for 1 ounce of gold… If they are not enemies of the constitution, they need to really get doing better than they have been. Although I will say not intentionally crashing the currency has been nice… I am not going to say what I think should be done, to wait and see if they can pull it out of the ditch. But unless they change and change soon like… Read more »

Cynthia Hamer

Hitting him with frequency weapons or swamp vapors….brave human being. End the FED, support BDS.


The Fed banksters owe us all reperations.

Joseph Ayoub

One of a few honest politicians and good human being.


the Fed is a destroyer of wealth… ultra-low interest rates confiscates wealth from savers and inflation is a pernicious hidden tax… the Fed facilitates big government, the spy state, wars overseas and strife … when people and corporations take government money, it makes it more difficult for them to criticize it, and here we find ourselves in the midst of reelection season and there isn't much choice between inflationist candidate number one and whoever inflationist candidate number two will be…it is dreadful never the less market forces cannot be ignored… a lot can happen between now and 2020 and an… Read more »


A collapse in the global economy is not feared by the international 1%. In fact, there is an argument that any collapse would give them an opportunity to buy more tangible assets at discounted prices to true value. These “people” [sic] are asset-stripping jackals (Lionel Nation’s label).

Andrew Tucker

We all know, sadly, the fed won't go.

Andrew Tucker

The price of everything rising is reflecting the devaluation of our currency!

My wife asked me the other day, "Why is everything getting more expensive?" I replied "The prices aren't going up, the value of the dollar is going down!"

Keith Shaw

The system just needs to reset and get over it. The 22 trillion dollar debt is never getting paid.


US dollar is on its last legs, the whole economy is going to collapse in 2022 July 4th, obviously, the fates are quite ironic. Nothing you can do will stop it… Predetermined, The guy you have on here as your "Expert" is a bit of a joke. What has socialism got to do with the cause of today's economic condition??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, What could Socialism do??? MAKE THOSE PEOPLE AVOIDING TAX PAY THEIR FARE SHARE… I'll give you an example of an economy and the figures regarding the last 46 years… The UK Private Industrial Profits from EU membership over… Read more »

Leonardo Ibarra

Everybody in the Fed should go to jail


This is evilness is going on with every central bank worldwide. The only hope is the federal reserve is taken down, then every other central bank worldwide collapses.

President Goyim


Dennis Cambly

Buckley's tastes awful but it works Dr Paul

David Porowski
Little Red Hen

Depression of the 1930s was a Global Capital Flow problem set in motion largely by sovereign debt issues that led to a massive capital flight into the dollar which created a tidal wave of deflation. Are we seeing this scenario today?ANSWER: Yes. It is the economic crisis outside the USA that is compelling the dollar to move higher. This is what caused deflation and ultimately forced Roosevelt to devalue the dollar. You can see the dramatic spike and rally in the dollar as Europe defaulted on its debts but the US held.


The problem is that the federal laws – DO NOT APPLY TO YOU!!!!!! All the laws are for organizing the government and ruling its officers and employees. Not for private people. Title 5. Enacting Clause. Enacting Clause. Pub. L. 89-554, section 1, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 378, provided in part: ****** “That the laws relating to the organization of the of the United States and its civilian officers and employees, generally, are revised, codified, and enacted as title 5 of the United States code, entitled ‘Government Organization and Employees,’ *****and may be cited as ‘5 U.S.C., Section __-‘.”Be it enacted by the Senate… Read more »

Little Red Hen

Republics inevitably collapse as did Rome. We are headed into a Grand Solar Minimum which will bring extreme weather, it's crop failures and the resulting spiraling food costs. Then the political upheavals set in as a result and we will be in collapse. They can only juggle so long. Learn to grow food. You cannot eat gold.


No worries …..let's go buy Greenland that will make us all better.

Drew Peacock

Round up all the banksters, you know the Aldrich bank, Rothschild , Morgan, etc.
Promoters of world wars, countless millions murdered so they can make a fortune.
Exterminate them all, give their blood money to the world.