South Korea Seeks Peace With North: Will US Sanction Seoul?

President Trump’s resident neocons, chiefly Mike Pompeo at State and National Security Advisor John Bolton, are determined to scuttle any moves toward peace with North Korea. With this week’s cancellation of a Pompeo trip to Pyongyang, will they succeed in derailing Trump’s big peace initiative?

Original Youtube video here.

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John Rokam

I think you are doing the show too often. 20 minutes everyday is too much to follow. Imo 2-3 shows per week with ~2-3 topics for each episode would be much more interesting and easier to follow formula.


What are the consequences for the USA IF North & South Korea reconcile? 1) No need for US bases in South Korea? (deep state would not like that) 2) One less enemy for which to justify astronomical sums of money for the military-industrial complex (deep state would not like that)…need there be a 3rd reason?

Bobby C

I am a Korean American and I look up to you Dr. Paul. I can't agree more with this video. USA has to stop zionist jew shills (AIPAC) starting wars and destroying the US dollar/ economy through the federal reserve that has been run by Zionist Jews for more than 4 decades. Also, to have a non intervention foreign policy. We Americans are struggling day by day while we send Israel trillions of dollars through tax payer money and empire building/military industrial complex expenses and the federal reserve inflation taxes..

Matthew LaRoche

Thank you Dr. Paul and everyone in the liberty movement, you were actually making a difference in that you are educating Americans!

Land of Stan

Is hating the president a hate crime? As if hating is a crime .

Patricia M

We need regime change in DC.

Lena Romero

the koreans should stick together, stronger together.


Exactly not alot of peace makers negotiating in Washington! Smh.

Demiurge NZ

Thank you for your good work in getting the message across Dr Paul and Daniel.


I can only imagine how many lives around the world would have been saved if Ron Paul would have become President !

andy. hello.

Comprehend what the NEW WORLD ORDER plan is (who drives it on Earth and above) and events and what people do and say are far less mysterious.

Donald Reed

China is becoming aggressive on Twain – China needs to have N Korea back off the Treaty – U.S can not give up S Korea due to Twain's situation – China due to trade is treating S China Sea Resources – China appears to be using these moves to effect the NOV 2018 Mid Term Elections & Trade Agreements… U.S is boxed in at this moment until NOV 2018 Mid Term Elections to see WHO will be Controlling the HOUSE – IF Democrats gain control of the HOUSE – IMPEACHMENT is for sure.. Markets will crash.. The President then will… Read more »

Donald Reed

U.S. CIA / British Intell. / EU / NATO backed Obama, Clinton, McCain, Soros & NAZI/Communist Groups to over turn Ukraine, – Due to Instabiblity in Ukraina in 2014 Crimea voted to join Russia (Ukraine fought against this vote) – Crimea declared independeance & signed "Tready of Accession" radified by the Duma // JUST After The "Caspian Sea Tready" + Russia annexing GEORGIA – Bolton met with Russia, then froze the Russian Assests in the U.S. – NATO then moved short & mid range missiles systems close to Russian Border – Russia then went on full Alert – Then Bolton… Read more »

Taiyono Ibiki

South & North Korea must not be subjugated to this US caprice.
Keep determined to be unified into One State.

Fadel Moon

Sanctions sanctions sanctions …….. sanctions everyone


Andrew Kim seems to be one to keep an eye on in the news.


The US should sanction everyone and just fuck off!

Elena Mraz

great program, great men !


5000 views 115 comment. so sad. when USA lays in waste people will wish they had listened


how many countries has North Korea invaded since Korean War?…… any at all? can we say the same thing about the USA? They dont need peace…. war is their money making machine

Abdiqani Said

We are peace people, god bless us

Steemit OneAzania

The last Korean leader in Seoul who went his own way, fell off a mountain while hiking.

Mike Dunn

Ron Paul 2020! #EndTheFed Peace and prosperity. Donate to the Ron Paul Institute.


If anyone thought for a second Trump was anything other than just another Neocon, congratulations. You played yourself.

MK Lee

US must impose sanctions against South Korea – unlike most South Koreans, Moon Jae In and the so-called Candlelight Revolution government are very pro-N.Korean/anti-US socialists…Their peace means 'Be slaves of Kimmy the communist-state!' Disgusting.

ba sook

US Sanction Seoul is really bad for US. SK might kick out US troops in there, and for US wants world police

coval 77

Weapons in today's day and age have the strong capabilities to decapitate and behead, soldiers with ease. All countries dread and are fearful of the possibility to fight In a world war three that would have horrific consequences, as such consequences that would result in use of nuclear would kill civilians and then be called to accountable fir military actions in which no one be held accountable due to the excuse of collateral damage.. In my opinion collateral damage on a large scale is more like killing and the public population of such countries would perhaps result in an uproar… Read more »

Richard Hewit

The Supreme Leader's playing them like a fiddle.

Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley