‘Sometimes You Have To Walk’ – Trump/Kim Summit A Failure? Whose Fault?

The media is gloating today over the “failed” Trump/Kim summit. Was the summit really a failure? If so, who is at fault? The media and pundits as usual get it wrong. It was both a success and a failure, but not for the reasons they are reporting. Tune in to today’s Liberty Report for our reasoning…

Original Youtube video here.

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The NWO Luciferians think they can push everybody in the corner … Give Kim a fair deal, it works both way you stupid Zionists, Warmongers, Freemasons of the Synagogue of Satan. The world would be much safer without those warmongers of the Luciferians Sect.

Nicholas B

Ron, think about it, Trump did this on purpose, the same purpose Michael Cohen is testifying the same day…they didn't want any attention focused on this in the case they had an agreement. When Kim goes back to Trump, CNN will be forced to air it……


The meeting has not failed. At least Trump and Kim have lowered the tension and temperature in the KP. No more Neuclear & Missiles Tests in NK and no more Big War Games in SK. Trump also said speed is not that important, doors are still open for further negotiations

Sadly LA California Kid

Ron and rand 2020

Sam Sticka

I hope North and South Korea reunite someday. If Germany can reunite, so can Korea.

Kedric Pitman

The Democrats purposely made it look like Trump was going to be impeached while he was meeting with Kim. They knew there would not be a deal if Kim thought Trump was going to be removed. Time for the hammer to fall Pelosi and Schumer must be made to suffer harshly for what they have done while Trump was away!


I would have bet my life that nothing was going to happen from this meeting, like past meetings. This scene is a simpletons playground.

Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget

Dr Paul cannot the American citizens get together and sign a petition to end the fed and establish a gold standard? You just have to show them a 5 minute video summary of the money printing, preferably as simple as possible, so everyone gets it.

Michael DeSilvio

Kim Jong U.N.

What It Is !?!?!

Clinton & China meddling

Mitchell Grim

When you both talked about Sanctions , it reminded me of a lesson of Nullification Former President Thomas Jefferson gave to the States and People when he put Embargos on American ports from trading to Europe nations like Britain. There was so much outrage throughout the coastal States. The People even wrote letters Threatening to hire assassins if he did not end it. State governments throughout the early Republic passed Staye legislation Resolved declaring the Unconstitutional authority against the Federal embargo of trade abroad. American business even smuggled their good north through New York and Massachusetts into Canada to bypass… Read more »

Conscious Being

Trump is not negotiating with DPRK. He is negotiating with the US establishment. He knows he has to allow the UN to lift at least some sanctions, before DPRK will make any moves towards denuclearization. If he had agreed, he would look like a fool when he is forced to walk back when the US establishment refuses to let the sanctions relief proceed. Instead he cleverly walked away, pretending that he won't accept the conditions. He will let the US establishment come round to agreeing to sanctions relief at the UN and then call another summit and triumphantly produce an… Read more »

D. J.

The US has killed over a million people in the last 20 years on foreign soil. They killed a million North Koreans during the Korean War, and even destroyed their dams and crops. The US has the largest gulag system on the planet, and the US is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons, and even went so far as to nuke the atmosphere several times. But, North Korea is a "threat?"

Big Dickdaddy

Kim must accept the fiat central bank or be bombed.

David Schlessinger

it's seems like the "summit" is more about Trump's ego than any real desire for peace. After all, he's escalated bombing in other conflicts, threatened Venezuela and supported that coup, and is surrounded by deranged neocons

steve Haynes

The world is tired of Imperialism and colonial powers, every nation wants its own sovereignty…

Rain Drops

Why is it a "failure"?

sunchi cheng

Mr greedy’s fault!

Larry Goerke

Daniel NAILS IT at 2:102:14 – Like Trump or not, the msm's "failure talk" is just more blather to blacken his eye. They simply cannot frame anything any other way. Moreover, Trump could have "gotten EVERYTHING from Kim" in Hanoi, and the msm would STILL be blathering "failure! failure!!" I think more & more people are seeing this.

Tom G

The timing with our recent acts with Venezuela certainly had to weigh on Kim’s mind going into this round of talks. As Dr. Paul notes, President Moon has accomplished much more than we, and it is wrong to exclude him from the table at these talks. As Daniel noted, we have an 'all or nothing' approach. Unfortunately, the all or nothing is always as we define it. It is always what 'must be' rather than what 'may be.' When we do negotiate a treaty we break it. These are the antithesis of diplomacy and frustrate any progress we may see… Read more »

Steve P

North Korea can never afford to denuclearize. How did that work out for muammar Gaddafi. We came ,we saw ,we killed. Thanks Obama and Hillary!

Shane Sambo

The end game will hv to be war.
At the end US needs to hv a war bcuz fucking Chinese and North korea are just pushing the package too far


The probably should have started with a phone call to see if the meeting will go anywhere lol


Good discussion. I agree that the US should get rid of the sanctions. The trade war only hurts the people.

S Anon

Koreans will make peace, reunify and prosper in spite of US.

Eric S

Wait I thought they were in love?