‘Shock & Awe’? 16 Years Later, Who Won The Iraq War?

This week marks 16 years since the US attacked an Iraq that had neither attacked nor threatened us. Claims that Iraq had WMDs were lies and the Bush Administration knew they were lies. So 16 years later who is coming out on top after the US attack? Here’s a hint: the most unintended of consequences.

Original Youtube video here.

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The Vietnam-Style War for Oil, War of Aggression in Iraq WAS and ALWAYS has been a Fool's Errand from start to finish. The American Electorate and Taxpayers were turned into baffling and bungling Fools when the Government Officials sold that obvious Crime against Humanity, of course it was bought Hook Line and Sinker. Aside from the Horror of Vietnam, The Vietnam Style War in Iraq was the "Mother of all Strategic Colossal Blunders", the George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney Administration sold it to an American Electorate who they viewed as nothing more Annoying Afterthoughts and Irrelevant Footnotes in… Read more »

Perry Jones

Americans voted for George Bush the second time because they didn't really mind the Iraq war. They were more happy about prosperity that Bush created. This shows that most people are not that bright – more greedy than anything else.


The corporate military contractors, weapons manufacturers, oil companies, financiers and Israel won the war in Iraq, and they are still winning it. Iraqis and the American taxpayer lost the war, and they are still losing it.

jim j

You would not attack a country that can defend its self, a nation of Cowards

Jack Worster

No shock here doctor Paul

Eduardo Rivera

Libertarians are so ahead of all other parties that we Libertarians are always waiting for everyone else to play catch up…

james G

this is a nation of war mongerers