Settled Science? A ‘Climate Change’ Dissident Speaks Out

Dr. Judith Curry is a climatologist and was until recently a full professor at Georgia Tech. But when her scientific research did not comport with conventional wisdom on “climate change,” the long knives of her colleagues came out for her. Is the science ever really “settled” on anything? Dr. Curry joins the Liberty Report today.

Original Youtube video here.

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Robert Tombs

There is as much, if not more proofs, that the earth is the center of Creation. Climate change is like evolution in that it is ant-God, and thus natrually anti-science


If Dr. Curry's dissenting view is essentially "Let's go back to the data and take a closer look at this." and her colleagues at Georgia Tech actually had this much of a problem with it? I'm not sure what that says about the reputation of Georgia Tech's school of Climatology. The institute should welcome her back with both arms and a pay raise.Great interview with Dr. Curry. I learned a lot here in very little time so thanks for having her on! I was a student at Georgia Tech during Katrina myself and remember watching the storm come in on… Read more »


Fuck they should just stop calling it climate change, they should just name it protect earth, no more mass deforestation and burning of forrest, more recycling of plastic, at least just start. Wow science ain't settled? So she says what are the chances of slowing down the warming, she admits its getting warmer. Science is based on investigation and observation not speculation. Wow this video is bullshit. Comparing global warming or fucking up the earth with trash to the world being flat. I thought she was going to talk about her findings all she is saying is that she disagrees,… Read more »

J Glad

Filthy stinkin obitzez…

Jim Elrod

follow the money. they are protecting their funding. this alarmist mentality has opened the flood gates of investment. the sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.


this is SCRIPTED

Rick Adlam

"Climate science" that leaves out the Sun and Clouds as variables in its models is not science. Its a political agenda. Science that supports "climate models" that have failed over 30 years to deliver evidence is not science.Trump should throw this "Global Warming" theory open to real public debate, where climate scientists on both sides can debate and I think you would find the "Global Warming" believers would go to water. They would not show up, as their record is one of failure to prove the theory.They depend on the media and Governments to be on their side without proof.… Read more »

Bestoink Dooley

In any almost any field you can find some disgruntled outcast who wants and enjoys attention and that describes Curry.

Lori B

My degree is in international relations, my senior paper was on global warming and how to lower co2 levels from Hungary, right when the wall fell. So I read the science and research, it's not connected. Try to read and duplicate the experiments. I bet you can't. Too many questions unanswered. It's so easy to be pressured to falsify research in order to get grants to live on.I'm a A student and had a difficult time reaching the conclusion my ADVISOR had given me. Actually , it starts with a false premis, that global warming is real, and goes downhill… Read more »

Lucky One

did youtube demonized this episode as it does not give a perspective of " the real science"?

Lara Montez

gravity- is (E) none of the above! –…….."The Theory of Universal Gravity is just not an attractive theory. It is based on borderline evidence, has many serious gaps in what it claims to explain, is clearly wrong in important respects, and has social and moral deficiencies. If taught in the public schools, by mis-directed "educators"- something TESLA was exposing before his murder at the New Yorker!

Todd Latham

She is just an idiot that is funded by the oil and gas industry. Everyone with an IQ above 50 knows humans contribute to global warming with all the pollution and greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere.

Bertie Blue

I suspect when she was younger she was a right goer- agree with her btw

Paul Pinsonnault

What Bullshit

Funky Euphemism

Love Ron's tie

Nate Gabel

According to the law of conservation of energy humanity cannot excavate billions of tons of carbon that's been buried for millions of years, burn it all, and send into the atmosphere inside a century, without creating an imbalance in the carbon cycle within the atmosphere, impacting the way our atmosphere retains the suns energy, and subsequently effecting earth's climate and weather patterns. Weather modification and cloud seeding have been around for decades, so the argument that man cannot impact the weather is flat false. The argument that it will reach a fever pitch and lead to a sixth mass extinction… Read more »


Please invite James Hansen to set the record straight. I don’t see her as a “denier” and accept that she’s a skeptic. But she clearly misrepresents the effects of CO2 on the atmosphere. Hansen will explain it. 2) there is indeed a solar minimum in the works within the next 2-3 sun cycles, which may be fully developed by 2040. But the reduction of solar irradiation is not expected to be more than 0.3 percent. It will probably not cancel the effect of solar driving due to the now almost doubled CO2 content relative to preindustrial times, and also the… Read more »

Carol Freiberg

Climate change is taylor made by a group of psychos spraying our skies daily with coal fly ash. I guess you could safely say that our climate change is man made/caused.


If you ask Judith Curry if she believes in AGW, and whether it is caused by carbon from fossil fuel combustion, I suspect that she would just say YES. But she takes issue with the way that narrative being pushed narrowly, at the exclusion of other possible (but far less likely) explanations. She has a point, but she is not very clear about her position. And I think she misrepresents the overwhelming likelihood that we need to reduce carbon emissions or face annihilation as a civilisation. She is working the fringes. When science intersects with the public, through the media… Read more »


Where are the long standing scientific organisations that agree with her Ron? OH yes there are none … only a small amount of individual scientist agree with climate change is over stated. All related scientific organisations agree that human caused climate change is real. I dont believe individual scientists … scientific organisations with many scientist collaborating together are the ones that make real change for the better in this world.All diseases that were cured was the result of many scientists.Computers were not created by one guy, it was 1000s of scientists.Space flight was possible because of the collaboration of 1000s… Read more »

Roger Diogo

Not settled science, settle "propaganda" maybe…

Ender Whitekey

22mins about a social critique of our peer review process and a critique that we need to broaden our scientific research scope into climate science. I accept the criticisms she lays out. I hope she provides a proposed solution to the peer review process as it currently works. Notice that she is not denying hard realities about warming of the planet nor the effect CO2 has on climate. She is questioning the degree of harm, the scope of harm, the full extent of the origin of the changes we see. This is an entirely healthy understanding and response. Sadly, for… Read more »

Europa Europa

She says CO2 emits infrared, but doesn't elaborate that only 1 molecule of CO2 is surrounded by 2500 molecules of N2 and O2.
It's like having 1 home with a furnace surrounded by 2500 homes without furnaces in the winter. Could anyone with the slightest amount of sanity expect 1 home to heat 2500 homes. If so I want the originators to patent this Climate Change breakthrough so I can buy a license it to heat 2500 homes from one home.