Saudis Threaten Trump: ‘You Want $400 Oil?’

President Trump’s threat of “severe” repercussions if the Saudis are found to have killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi were met with more threats from the Saudi side, including from a media figure close to the royal family who warned of high oil prices and a shift of alliances. Meanwhile Secretary of State Pompeo is in the air heading to Saudi Arabia to get to the bottom of the missing journalist.

Original Youtube video here.

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Anthony Jenks

The ammount of corporate media coverage on the kashogge story is disconcerting. Especially given the little to no coverage of journalists like Serena Shim. It seems like the corporate media wanted to send the message to Saudi Arabia, "Hey, don't mess with our insiders".

Utsuro Ronin

Ron Paul for Master of the Universe!!!

weeh Dinga

He said below the belt about US weapons it is a piece of chit. Philippines just recently buys 4 chopper 1 or 2 crash 1 pilot died Duterte still waiting for the answer so yeah russia china are also seller.

Dan O'Neill

@3:07 yep

I will die on my feet , before i live on my knees

That's a gentleman's War when you start making threats about controlling the oil prices truth of the matter is if it really got down to brass tacks we would just go take over their country

Adam Fullhan

احسن خلي امريكا تغدر بالسعودية، عشان المسعودين يتأدبون ويبدأوا بتطوير وتوحيد الامة الاسلامية لصد اي كافر صليبي غربي كما يغعل أردوغان

Wulff Human

Would you like your desert turned to glass? I believe would be Mattis response.


Saudis are loosing control of oil prices as america surpasses all others in global oil production


Threatening USA by withholding oil seems crazy. They will just go and take it. Haven’t previous wars shown this.

James Anagnos

thats the problem Ron your stuck in the 70's lol we are no longer dependent on Saudi oil like the 1973 imbargo that ran us out of gas, let them try and see how it works out for them, Trump will pull down his pants and the Saudi king / camel herder will kiss his ass repeatedly hahaha and do what ever hes told by Trump


It appears the assassination of Khashoggi was carried out by a government, which fits the literal translation of state sponsored terrorism.

If the Saudi government is implicated in this political assassination, America would therefore be guilty of financially supporting a terrorist organization.
Isn't that why we went after the Taliban in Pakistan?

Morality is judged by the effect one's actions has on other people.
What happened to my country?

Diego Sanchez

The love of money is the root to all evil.

Jon Grubbs

They might take down the twin towers Again!⌚

Big Worm

Lol why are we even dealing with them? Oh yeah thats right they are Israel's new butt buddy

Honest Man

awwww, patriotic americunts think that "transition" from saudi oil will be an easy walk in the park XD

Honest Man

So are we gonna forget about the CIA and Mossad assasinations of reporters ?

Why do judeo christinas still believe to this day that they have some sort of a moral ground


Americans rather jobs then moral obligations

sina mumuta

The World is control by dangerous violence criminal activist money,soon this power will destroy and people who own Countries will have their own properties, and families will go back where they come from ,

Justin Harper

Saudi clowns don't get that we don't need them or the oil. We could just go to war and bury as many of those Saudi dogs as possible and crush the Islamic ideology and way of life. There isn't a country in the entire middle East that belongs in a modern free society.


I saw an interview with a foreign policy expert, maybe it was Mearsheimer, who said if anything our wars in the middle east make it more likely we will have trouble getting oil.

hambone chops

Yes get out of the muddle east never should of been there,get on renewable energys .

Eric Arthur blair

PLEASE do make oil 400$ per barrel. And start a real green economy
Just invest in renewable energy and we don't need the fuckers no more….. ..


Ron Paul hit the nail right on the Head; It's really very simple, To understand who rules over You, find out who you're not supposed to criticize… Yet the policies being repeatedly urged on Donald Trump by Corporate Democrats and Republicans in both chambers of Congress, the hysterical and delusional US Corporate Media and the top Defense and National Security Officials; Trump himself appointed seem to allow for no other conclusion. • Trump, campaigned on a Policy of pulling back from needless confrontations and conflicts around the World, threatened to launch a full-scale Military Invasion of Syria even if that… Read more »

James Frankson Tettey

A world ignorant, fooled, blind and cheated. I am so surprised that I can't find one person in this world with insight into what is going on in the world. Satan, Nimrod, Occult Plato and finally Hegel, and the fooling and deception go on every day. Why are people so dumb? Answer: because they don't know what God has spoken in the Bible will happen in redemptive history. Why wars? Why oil? Why fiat currency? Etc. Etc. Without perpetual wars Satan their master is as weak as a chicken. The secret is that Satan needs human blood to energize himself… Read more »

samdee sam

Ron Paul is a ass hole

Erona Calloway

The U.S. is the biggest oil producing country ( 14 million barrels a day ) on the planet. We don’t need to import one drop from anybody

Erona Calloway

The Saudi’s can just get down on a giant sand dildo we don’t need em!

Skyler dawn

funny, now army is preparing to go to Venezuela what the reason , oil … this is very dirty disgusting business

tom jackson

I often get the feeling that this is little more than theater for the voters. The real deals are already worked out, and this is just show for the rubes. Oil wells, unlike water wells, require frequent technical attention, and the US dominates that industry. The Saudi king can shut of the oil, but we have a hand on the valve too. There is also the question of who operates Saudi weapon systems. The operators are often ex US military personnel, dependent on both US and Saudi governments for their jobs, who know the systems well. But somehow, the Media… Read more »

Francis Lee

I am so glad that thru the hard work and innovation….    The United States now produces more oil that it consumes with a abundance of NG.   Not a single tanker "comes" to the USA as of last year.   AND with horizontal drilling with fracking we are projected to be independent for the next 100 years.    WHO cares what Saudi Arabia charges Japan/China the purchasers of its product.    In fact tankers come in empty to Houston and leave riding low with processed petro product.    We could pull back completely from the Middle east and our energy-fuel would not go up a… Read more »

John Cottrill

lets kick the door in on the corrupt kingdom of Saudi Arabia . They where involved in 911 but we bend over backwards for their oppressive regime . If they want 400 a barrel then lets take their oil quit fucking with countries that don't deserve it our country reminds me of a schoolyard bully picking on the week but to afraid to confront our real enemies .