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Stephen Lockwood

Like a boss!!

Liam O Shaughnessy

Needed to hear some Doctor Ron Paul today, the world seems to be circling the drain.

David Yoder

The greatest president we never had. May the liberty movement continue!


Fake mainstream news is the enemy of peace in our times

Christina Thompson

i love Dr. Paul's message , his actions , his record , class act


The BEST President the US never had…! 😓💔

Gary Seven

We love you Brother Paul. You are one of the best men of your generation. May your beautiful life inspire men of following generations to take up the torch of freedom.

Kaptain Kmann

Paul in 2020, that would be worth voting for. even if it doesn't matter, at least then I could feel like I had a chance to vote for someone I Honestly believe in.

Shah Suri

Thank you, Dr Paul. While the venal and vile Democrats pretend to be compassionate and caring, your simple sincere honesty is the truest example of what the world needs.

Engineered Access

Thank you for gatekeeping for Israel amd jews so fantastically


They didn’t kill him yet ? Thought they didn’t want revolutionary’s? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Addrick Stich

Keep up the work Dr. Paul, You will always have my vote.

John Kennedy

I went to the conference and got to shake Mr Paul's hand. I am a supporter of Mr Paul and would have loved to see him as President. The conference on the other hand was a bit disappointing. The speakers NEVER once mentioned Zionism or it's control over Washington or the media, two facts that have long been established and should be a center point of any discussion about the media. War and the media and you don't talk about AIPAC?! But most troubling was the unwarranted support for Trump by many of the members. Anyone doing their research knows… Read more »

Mary A

SO SAD ! Ron Paul was RIGHT about the "war on terror", which led to our 2 longest wars (Afghan & Iraq). BUT, NOBODY LISTENED ! Americans were brainwashed into "supporting the troops" – no matter that the wars were based on false intel and lies. His "What If" speech should be REQUIRED READING / LISTENING for all members of Congress – BUT WHO AM I KIDDING ? So many of our Senators & Congressmen are "bought & paid for" by the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, that they would refuse advice from God Himself !

blaze 2017

Awesome should of been president if it wasn't for public education brainwashing the masses.

Clive Barnett

Love this man.Legalize freedom. I am using that idea. I will change the word freedom to liberty. LET'S LEGALIZE LIBERTY.


There's natural monopolies though… like utility companies in Alberta but either way, as a Canadian I believe Americans have shown their stupidity as a collective by not making you President Dr. Paul… The world would be a much better place. Fiction writers want us to think utopia is impossible, but actually our natural state as modern humans is utopia… The reason the world is so backwards is because we keep letting bad people usurp positions of power and use them in the interest of their cabals and family dynasties… To combat that, all we have to do is elect people… Read more »

Sayonara Punk

Love that tie!

Fastt Ed

Dr. Paul, will you please stop making SENSE ?