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Jeff Wright

I could be off base here, but the site and way info is presented gives me the feeling I am being sold something. The few presentations I have watched, Ron had another fellow sitting at the desk with him. That person didn't add much other than being someone with whom Ron could pretend to be having a spontaneous conversation. Better to have just Ron speaking to "us" directly. My comments are not intended to offend, but merely my observations.


Good idea.It can't all be about Ron.

Alfonso Geiger

Hello Dr. Paul, I just got a e-mail from Rand saying the 20th is your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOCTOR RON PAUL.

Joshua Bennett

Daniel is essential to the Liberty Report. He is brilliant and can speak to foreign affairs with the best analyst, among a host of other subjects of course.
The RPI has opened doors previously not available to the Libertarian view on American foreign policy, with Daniel leading the charge on various formats.
Well done to the folks at the RPI.

Bradley Frank

Is this some kind of joke? How many websites does Ron Paul need? How about he focus on one good website, rather than 50 horrible ones?

Prosecute Zionist War Criminals

It's a shame that Rand Paul didn't follow the geo-political philosophy of his father more closely.