Ron Paul: Is Indiana Law a Good Answer?

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana is called discriminatory by its detractors and essential by its supporters. But are both of these groups missing the real point? Ron Paul explains…

Original Youtube video here.

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Caesar Santizo

When it comes to these kinds of issues I don't really care for Ron Paul’s opinion; he feels the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was “government overreach.”


I think businesses should be forced to provide services to events they find offensive.  Especially artistic businesses.  For example, a musician should be forced to play at a wedding where a father is marrying his adult son, even if the musician thinks it's nasty and immoral.


Ron,  You are not giving this issue the weight it deserves, You seem to be downplaying it as much as the other side.
Religion vs The State  IS a big issue.,,,,,its NOT about a cake!

Michael Barry

If only there was this much outrage over the NDAA or the PATRIOT Act, or any of the REAL issues. Wonder why we don't see spineless pukes like Miley Cyrus weighing in on these things. Oh right, because Hollywood and the media are controlled by the globalists whose goal is to use WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION to dumb down Americans.


We are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such. Period.


I don't hear anyone discussing Section 6 of the Indiana Senate Bill No 568; I'm really suppressed that more people aren't up in arms over this, but it's something that seems to be being swept under the carpet. Sec. 6. A state action, or an action taken by an individual based on state action, may not substantially burden a person's right to the exercise of religion, even if the burden results from a law or policy of general applicability, unless the state or political subdivision of the state demonstrates that applying the burden to a person's exercise of religion is: (1)… Read more »


I feel if you run a business you have rights but also clientele is very important,to say that no I can't serve you because your preference in a partner is ridiculous.
That is considered discrimination. Wither or not you the business has a religious morality to it.
Your getting business at that. Money is Money.I mean if it's something highly offensive,sure but not because you don't like their preference of a spouse.

Republic of MAC

Good points made by Ron Paul.


Yeah!! Go Ron Paul!

Ronald Plushkis

The proof that Ron Paul, like these "religious freedom" laws, are homophobic is that they only advocate allowing discrimination against LGBTs.   

You will never see them advocating discrimination based on religion, race, gender, etc.    This proves that their entire "line of reasoning" is nothing more than justifying bigotry.

Rlee bert

Trade is always a voluntary relationship, the minute coercion is introduced, it becomes something else- bullying, robbery, slavery, indentured servitude, etc.


And this is why i wouldn't vote for Paul even if he HAD a chance at winning any presidential election. This law is completely fucking ridiculous, you cannot allow businesses to discriminate against who it does and does not serve. i don't care about your ideological free-market philosophy that has no basis in reality, i care about people being able to have equal access to goods that are offered to other citizens of this country. You have rights to the point where they infringe upon the rights of others. you can associate with any religion or group you want, but… Read more »

sukebo saru

this literally uses the same logic that people used to discriminate against colored years ago hahaha how can one say that this is okay. can we do this for race? gender? because business owners religion may say so?

Ronald John

Athiests and Liberals will never say anything bad about Muslims, because they know that they will be beheaded if they do. They will target us christians even for celebrating xmas. We are not allowed to celebrate xmas, but muslims are allowed to build 1000s of new wahabbi mosques and spread terrorism. Thank you liberals and athiests for destroying the western civilization.

Bharat Gupta

I am sad to see Ron Paul focusing on a custom cake issue which takes away from the larger point. Its hypocritical and disingenuous to say that "religious freedom" means that someone who does not recognize gays can refuse to treat them *the same* as non-gay customers. Firstly, because the fact is that its not truly religious, its based more on personal beliefs and environmental factors (the Bible has two lines of the Gay subject, its not a major topic in the book). Secondly, is it "freedom" to say "you can only do business with me if you are not… Read more »

Leif Force

I never realized how homophobic Ron Paul is.  I never realized….  Christians will do anything to explain away their sh*tty behavior

H Koizumi

Personally, I rather see a cake business go down because of being sued due to this incident then to advocate discrimination. If business refuse to serve people then they deserve to be replaced by those that are willing.


Bake a cake in a SPECIAL WAY?    Forcing bakers to choose WHAT to put on cakes?  why are you making this stuff up, Ron Paul?

Nate M

This law is illegal. You cannot discriminate against anyone, or you open the door to discriminate against other "classes" of people. IE you cannot not serve black people if you serve white people. This is the same thing. It has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with blatant discrimination.

Ronald Plushkis

Don't these 'religious freedom' laws violate the 14th Amendment (equal protection) since they only target LGBTs?

Chee Wai Lee

I appreciate Dr. Paul's consideration of this issue as a complex problem with a clear set of principles in mind. My perspectives (I'm liberal) on this matter are from the issues of the tyranny of the majority – I believe there has to be some form of societal protection for the rights of individuals (particularly members of any minority group) to be provided services without discrimination simply on the basis of who they are. I also believe the business owners have a right not to be deliberately harassed into providing a service. Our history already includes episodes where overt discrimination… Read more »


Has nothing to do with being a sodomite nor living that demonic lifestyle. Its protects folks that have a moral base in religious values. You can NOT say its bigotry when it goes against ones moral code and religious belief.
I would so love you tough acting sodomites go against islam… I dare you !
The only reason you demonic parasitic creatures attack Christians is because you know they will do nothing but disagree, preach the word of CHRIST and keep it moving.

Jeff Beard

What happened to "the customer is always right"? Bigots of all stripe should be shunned be they individual or state! Is Ron Paul a homophobic bigot, I don't know.

ZigZaggy P

I have no problem with the Indiana law. If nothing else it is honest. Also, I do not feel any individual or privately owned business should be forced to cater to anyone. This is where government has over stepped its bounds. It is also why people continue to say "how in 2013…2014…2015..", because change of heart and mind cannot be dictated by any government entity. It cannot be mandated. Therefore, people run to government to try and force outward conformity and pass it off as progress, when it is anything but. In the two major political parties in the US,… Read more »


Why is liberty is being subordinated by government to other values? Even though I believe it is morally and ethically wrong, a private business owner should have right to deny service to a person for any reason they want; unless the denial would cause physical harm.


I'm conflicted, i'm all for personal liberty but I feel like this really opens the door for discrimination.

Christine Dezoma

Admit it!! It seems to me that all we hear about is gay n Muslim rights n law suits!! Where are the rights for Christians, huh?? What is happening? Can't be a Christian n be safe?? Sucks being us… Geeze! Why can't they respect our beliefs without staring a war? If I went to their business n they refused cuz of religion I would understand and be polite and say thank you anyway, and GO somewhere else. Plain n simple. No one gets hurt feelings or ruin them n their families by suing! Grow up please. Thank you n God… Read more »


What the hell was this, a request to have a cake made shaped like a penis or something? Either way, you don't sue the business just because they don't wanna make the cake, you go find another store that will! Otherwise, it's homosexuals trying to get laws to "force" people to do as they want, and that's as wrong as people of faith trying to legislate their morality. People should never "force" others to do as they want, that's totalitarianism, whether it's right-wing or in this case left-wing. It's wrong! The business owner should have the right to refuse for… Read more »

Everett Callaghan

Its anti- Capitalism. Capitalism is accepting black money, white money, straight money and gay money. Money is money baby, just bake the fuckin cake and get that paper.


I disagree with Ron Paul. When it comes to voluntary association, we need to distinguish between private persons and businesses. If you are a private person, you can associate with whoever you want and choose not to associate with certain people. But if you are a business, you can not discriminate for arbitrary reasons.


The thing is, those women knew how this bakery felt before they went there, so why go there? Because they had an agenda. Since when should the rights of one group, trump the rights of anothers?

Josh Staiger

How is fining someone for not giving service to somone else freedom?. People have the right to refuse service to anyone. Im not advocating discrimination, because that is not what it is. I believe in freedom for everyone. A gay couple can always go to someone else. Do gays have the right no get married? Yes! But no one has amu right to make anyone patricipate or force someone to give service to them. Lets truly stand up for freedom and stop having double standards

Shane XYZ

While I do think the Indiana law is better than having an extension of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to cover the LGBT community –  there needs to be more emphasis on who the law favors rather than what the law is reactionary to. The law is funded and fueled by the bigoted (and hopefully soon to be extinct) religious right that dislikes the notion of being forced to serve (gasp) gay people – insofar as it interferes with their "religion," a term that they are more than happy to let their white Christian/Catholic judicial brethren define. From a… Read more »

Daniel Ryan

Probably open a whole can of worms here, but I can't hep but point out the irony of ho many in the religious community screamed "slippery slope" about the prospect of gay marriage-yet they evidently see no such condition in the idea of passing laws, or even granting exemptions to laws, based on religious ideals.  Case in point; I have found more than a little amusement in a group of Satanists citing the SC's infamous Hobby Lobby decision as a means to challenge certain abortion laws.


Im going to go to bank and demand a $1 million dollar loan or they'll be discriminating against me.  I'll go to a college of my choice and demand a free education or they will be discriminatory.  I will go to Ford and Chevy and demand a free vehicle of my choice or they will be discriminatory.  Get it, you cant force anything on anyone, it has to be mutual/consensual….

Darlene Greywolf

I would tell you to blow your brains out but Christianity has all ready rotted any you had! Your Bible says follow the rules of the land, didn't make exceptions.


It’s illegal to deny services to people on the basis of race, Sex, and religion. Why should it be legal to do so on sexual orientation? Either all forms of discrimination are ok, or not. You can’t defend one form, and allow another.

Would you defend denying a black person service on the basis of their skin color? Then why would you do so for who they love?


The "sell by date" for Ron Paul passed a long time ago.