Republicans’ Responsibility for Socialism’s Comeback

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey, 70 percent of Americans, including about 50 percent of Republicans, support Medicare for all, the latest incarnation of single-payer health care. Republican support for a health plan labeled “Medicare for all” is not surprising considering that Republican politicians support Medicare and that one of their attacks on Obamacare was that it would harm the program. Furthermore, the biggest expansion of Medicare since its creation — the Part D prescription drug program — occurred under a conservative president working with a conservative Congress.

Original Youtube video here.

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Have you seen the new Project Veritas videos?

Adab Doost

if the US ( I am not American ) intended to improve their medicare and education They need to do these things :1-stop foreign military interventions and regime change oparations, ( spend the money on domestic infrastructure instead ) 2- forbid political- corporate lobbying3- close Wall Street ( the Usurers Temple ) and forbid casino capitalism (healthy free market is different from sick usury economy ) 4- make sure people have healthier lifestyle ( control on media )5- forbid "identity politics" and minority rights 6- forbid corporate- foreign lobbies sponsoring of political candidates7- reform the US electoral system and make… Read more »

Jimmy Corkhill

He seems a decent bloke, but misunderstands socialism. In fact if we stopped using labels and just said what we want or don't specifically, then such issues like health care inequality may dissapear. USA doesn't have socialism in any true form unless you mean military and bank bailouts. Only reason uk health system has difficulties whilst giving all free healthcare to all and at much less cost than that of usa is that parts of it have been sold off to financial speculators….like that of the usa system. Do you want to all put into a kitty and share the… Read more »

Alain Vielle

While I am a hardcore Libertarian, I have some problems with the healthcare issue.1) The core of the libertarian values is that the State should only protect its citizens (police, army), but isn't health part of the protection? Responsibility is one thing, but what the hell can you do when you are in a coma?2) If left entirely to the free market, nobody with a pre-existing condition would be able to get insured and thus treated.3) While everyone talks about insurance, insurances are only reflecting the ridiculous cost of medicine in the US. This is this only country where a… Read more »

Erik Münso

No Ron, socialism isn't coming back.The progressive left has been smeared as socialist for decades and now despite not being for neither cooperatives nor state run economy.But now they stopped working against the smear and rebranded popular left-leaning ideas of social democracy as "[democratic] socialism". Which policy exactly is "communism", Ron?Ending the Drug War? – Libertarian or LiberalSinglepayer? – protects consumers and economy from price gouging and helps small businesses.There is a reason why over half the Republican base is okay with MedicareForAll.Living Wage? – do you really believe it should be legal for a corporation to pay a starvation… Read more »

Linda Doucett

wow… I am impressed with the commenters on this thread. Gives me hope. Good segment Dr. Paul.


Fixing The Divide Pt. 1 … The Cease-Fire? Or, we must learn to RULE!:

Julio Rizzo

The day we get "universal healthcare" is the day i move overseas.

Vibhu Srivatsa Iyer

This is so disappointing, I don't feel like there is a political party that aligns with my values anymore

Fastt Ed

It has been proven, by economists that even if the IRS seized all of everyones earnings, for the next 5 years America would still owe trillions.

Charles Patterson

We don't want their vision of "Healthcare" at all as it is an Anti-human agenda. To the "Health care" Industry: Take your pathological idiopathic approach and ram it up your collective a$$3S!

carole carroll

Paul, you may not like socialism but I have just read a shocking document that tells you the truth about the u.s. sewage in yards, leaded water, people dying because of no healthcare, children living in poverty. Infrastructure failures. Typical republicans have continued this agenda for years. Of course you might blame Obama for trying to get healthcare but the republican doctors, administration and the healthcare industry in general are to blame. Trump's ZIONIST tax breaks to Zionist companies. Yes the democrats have war Hawks but evil men like McCain who sits in hell now, and the wives of rich… Read more »


Medicare for all still functions within a capitalist system.
See Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland.

Fabrizio Luca Satorno Algorta

Poverty is violence, hunger is violence, and there is no freedom with unmeasured and unjust violence. Does capital have value? (yes, but not in itself) Do goods and services have value? Yes. Justice, social responsibility and empathy are values too! No sane society would grant all of the value to capital.

Peter Johnson

The healthcare mafia already has socialism, for itself.


I'm an American living in Thailand and I get to see a style of medicine here that is neither communist/socialist, free medical, nor is it the incredibly expensive to the point of corruption, American style medical program. In Thailand doctors don't drive Ferraris and they don't live in mansions, so when you go to see your doctor you pay a fraction of what you would in America. They take the middle path between socialism and capitalism. It's just cheap.

Luis Mauricio Jiménez

As a Mexican Im not sure if this is the right answer or not, look the problem with the US is that health care is too expensive because the US has high wages and mainly because too much regulation and a lack of competition with foreign doctors and pharmaceuticals, Here in Mexico there is like 2 million american illegal aliens, they flee from the states because they cannot paid medical bills. So either you make affordable health care or the Republicans will lose votes forever, at least until all baby boomers passes away. Im a libertarian and I hate government… Read more »

Giovanni G

The establishment failed to exercise their greed control and botched it. keep squeezing people for more profit they'll get no only socialism but full scale nazism or communism. greed is good, but only to certain extend. Ron Paul is deliberately instigating hatred towards the progressive. the progressive does not blame high cost of healthcare on free-market as THERE IS NO FREE-MARKET when it come to healthcare. if one company sells a pill for $1000, other companies won't lower their price to compete, they instead increase to $900 a pill to maximize profit, in the same time they block the market… Read more »

Richard Conrad

Right on Dr. Paul!

erik je

maybe Republicans are CorporateSocialists in secret ?
they invade everywere on the globe to get oil and stuf for free don,t they ?
amazon , wallmart ect ect have corporate wellfare don.t they ?
billionaires want/get taxcuts they do NOT need don,t they ?

and it is amazing that stil after all this time you and others do not point at the FACKT that single payer healthcare is CHEAPER than EVERY OTHER OPTION DISCUSSED
why don,t you and other media just take a look at the way the EU looks after the people living there ?


16 Republicans disliked this video.

michael hazelton

Trump can declare a National Emergency and deport Socialists and Communists. It's been done before during War Times, it can be done again.
Now we need another war excuse to start deporting lol.
Lets fight the UK & Australia. And we'll tell Americans they plotted against Trump ( fact ) & they had a secret 100 year plan to turn USA into a socialist country ( 5% fact ).

James Jack

WE THE PEOPLE ! Are responsible for ALL of this nation's ILLS, that's your biggest flaw Dr. Paul, is you blame those that naturally gravitate to criminality and war crime, you waggle your finger at them when you should be pointing your finger at those that have the power to change this, WE THE PEOPLE have ALLOWED all of this to happen, and they should be punished, they deserve NO FREEDOMS, they have squandered their freedoms and should suffer the greatest pain possible, as pain is the only thing that will bring about revolution, and YOU … you squandered your… Read more »

Jon R. Olsen

Predatory capitalism killed itself.


The vast majority of Americans are slaves to an economic system they don't understand. They work for corporations and give up their rights and freedom to serve their corporate masters to pay taxes to their government rulers without question. Government policies are responsible and the majority of the people are kept distracted. Most modern economic political systems are at least able to provide medical care to it's citizens. The US can't get leaders to even to that. Why stay in the US? It's a system that steals your hard earned income and provides little benefits. The people making the laws… Read more »

Charles Patterson

We don't want their vision of "Healthcare" at all as it is an Anti-human agenda. To the "Health care" Industry: Take your pathological idiopathic approach and ram it up your collective a$$3S!

Andrew M

Paraphrasing from Rothbard's Book "The Progressive Era" (1896-1932) – The election of 1896 where Republicans were able to decisively defeat the Democrats, changed the future of American Politics, and allowed for an unmitigated increase in government intervention in the new century. Both parties became more center-statist with greater government planning and interventionism. With the end of WW2 the modern American welfare-warfare empire had matured and grown, its roots all from the Progressive Era.

Red Gladius

No shit.
Conservatives, by definition, want to keep the statis quo. That's what they conserve.


The sad thing is we already have a perfect government on paper. IF our government, at ALL levels, obeyed the US and respective State Constitutions as they were intended (btw, there is little to no ambiguity on what was intended as it is well documented in communications between delegates while forming the respective Constitutions), none of this would be a problem. As it is, there is NO candidate in ANY party running for office who is not seeking to be a leader, a ruler and/or a master of the people they are claiming a desire to be a servant of… Read more »

Venturist Church

Dr. Ron Paul offered socialized health care to U.S. Airmen when he was a flight surgeon in the Air Force back in the 1960's. His service gave him valuable training and experience when he left the Air Force and went into private practice. So he knows from his own example that the government can make health care work when it wants to.