Red Flag: 70% Of Americans Are Furious With US Politicians & Wall Street

According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, some 70 percent of Americans are as furious with the ruling class as they were in the run-up to Trump’s election four years ago. While they feel satisfied with the current state of the economy, they feel Washington and Wall Street are running roughshod over the rest of America. How will this sentiment affect the coming presidential election? The economy?

Original Youtube video here.

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Christine Pound

The economy IS NOT DOING WELL. It's the complete opposite. I really admire you guys, but this is a straight up lie.

Todays Tomorrow

If we can get a million people to storm area 51 then why dont we get together and storm the fed? Ron Paul to lead

Wide Awake

I see that unsatisfied misery not only in the wealthy that has not worked, but also the freeloaders. Yes, they have that in common.

Anthony Nardella

Doesn't matter how many people are dissatisfied, if nobody does anything about it and it continues big whoop to do

Tim Dog

Being bankrupt is a sign of a good economy?

Thomas Burns

NEW World Order BANKERS are the ENEMY'S of FREEDOM'S . !!!!!!!😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😐😎😎

Jason Sanford

What we're pushed off about is the blatant tyranny being pushed by the government. Trumps office included.


[Because] a well regulated militia [is] necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This is how I like to paraphrase the 2nd Amendment.
Simply adding "because" or "since", then changing "being" to "is", makes the 2nd Amendment's confusing language quite clear. Subsequent research into what the word "militia" meant at that time, makes we the people's current responsibility quite clear also.

Salmon Grundy

We're tired of paper tigers too.

Michael Schult

Our Dollar is worth less than it was worth 45 yrs ago !!!
Our Government is run by big business where only the few profit !!! Jobs are all overseas !!! OUR COUNTRY WENT BANKRUPT, before then came the FED(Central bank )and we soon be there again !!!

Jack Bradford

Americans are simpletons no other western population would put up with the corruption you have over there and have the cheek to call yourself a democracy.

Little Red Hen

China would very much like to see Trump lose the election so they can get back to negotiating trade deals by offering special treatments to the career politicians who look to get something out of everything for themselves.

Abhinav Gautam

Really well put. Thank you, both for your thoughts.

Andrew Grant

Thank you both for your work….

Phil Hall

Stay armed America
Piss on control government
Support the 2A
No to ALL red flag laws


Dr Paul disappointed with this one. I don't listen often, maybe he'd disappoint me more often if I did.

Jose M

Useless corrupt lazy public servants that provide no service. They tax and tax. How did these poorly performing folks on the tax payer dole, become "authorities?" How are they the annointed that get to tell others what to do by the end of a barrel. THEY are the servants!!!


It’s not only Americans. Europe too.
Politicians should start to feel worried and take the public serious. The smallest spark or deviation in the economy could trigger something very bad.

James Richard Retta

Authoritarian mafia style rule is the problem. President Donald Trump betrayed and deceived Americans and killed America. He gave leftist democrat dictators everything they wanted by giving them his Red Flag and Pre-Crime Prison and other authoritarian gun laws. President Trump. He killed America. He knows the recent staged set up fake preplanned and premeditated “mass shootings” are performances trick people into giving up there guns. Then only bad guys, fraudsters, and corrupt government will have guns. Trump murdered the US constitution 1st 2nd and 4th amendment rights. America is dead.

Mathew Peter

USA, 'democracy' sic. From the outside looking in, you are the most UNDEMOCRATIC regime in the western world. your perverted minority has slowly taken away ALL your rights and you now have no rights to stand up for anything good, decent, honorable or any REAL CHRISTIAN VALUES, with that said, this has created a culture 'your congress of clowns and government has conditioned you to roll over and get shafted no matter what they do'. You have handed over ALL your rights and capacity to decide what your government does because you have never stood up to it. One step… Read more »

David Porowski

Absolutely SICK of tRUMP & “king of Israel” MIGA//= MAGA
total bullshit from Yiddish tRUMP(AIPAC will run Biden over DJT as Dialectic Hobson Choice to keep Trump in power)

Rosolino Lo Sciuto

Conversione all'Ateismo e' idealismo da Cosmopolitismo. La classe dirigente ci sta' portando verso lo schianto imminente