Ray Dalio Wants To Reform A Capitalism That Doesn’t Exist

Capitalism created the greatest prosperity that the world had ever seen in early-America. But by the late 1800’s, a litany of American presidents declared that the age of “laissez-faire” was over. Government would intervene into every corner of life. And..ever since…it has! The horrendous consequences of this are apparent to everyone. But there are now some people who are trying to shift the blame. They’re trying to blame “Capitalism” for the consequences of an over-bearing government.

Original Youtube video here.

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Capitolism does not exist, we will never have capitolism until we have free market. We do not have free market….disagree???….go sell cookies and pie under a beach umbrella and see how fast you get shut down.

Space Cat

WHY does everyone flat out IGNORE the MASSIVE GENDER BASED wealth redistribution that has been HAPPENING FOR DECADES?

Harry Mills

What we have is a fascist regulatory state that props up robber barons and inhibits competition from small "upstarts." That's not capitalism. It's fascism. And the "anti-fascists" uniformly want a fascist setup. The robber barons of our past invariably bribed and corrupted politicians and government agencies for unfair advantage. Those unfair advantages were NOT due to "unfettered capitalism." They were because government stepped in and tilted things in favor of their cronies.

Russell Reinhart

Dalio is actually extremely well educated and well spoken. Would recommend reading his book "Principles of Life and Work" before passing a judgement on the guy or suggesting that he doesn't have a nuanced and thorough understanding of governments and economies.

S. C.

Wouldn't it better for most Americans if the money the US government spends on the military industrial complex – close to $1 TRILLION per year! – was spent on making healthcare more affordable for all citizens for example, or alternatively, if that money was not spent at all, thereby cutting the deficit and the National Debt.

Lena Romero

Ron I am gonna vote for Andrew YANG for President 2020, I want my kids to get the American dividend. 1000 a month. They work so hard and can never get ahead. I think he's a LIBERTARIAN running as a democrat. What do you think?

Shane Lackey

Mmmm , My take on it is , a little Mercantilist is like a little pregnant . Central Banks Represent Captured Market's . I believe this truth to be Universal . Driver's Liscence ….. Fallacious Social Security number …. Fallacious Fed notes …. Fallacious Lies go well until the Truth show's up . My heart breaks for those who pine for the return of the current system once it is gone . However , Federal Reserve notes are Compound interest and irrational expectations . It is irrelevant what America is today because everything you see in it is built on… Read more »


We had totally “free markets” in the gilded age here in America. Inequality was even worse than it is now, labor rights were almost non-existent and the conditions/pay were awful, corporations were doing some of the worst pollution, and there were tons of monopolies. That is what capitalism naturally is like without some common sense restraints. And yes Dr. Paul that was all before the Federal Reserve even existed. And that was some awful revisionist history saying that America was founded on this utopian wealth for everyone and that’s what happened. No, it was wealth for mainly slave owners and… Read more »

James Cavanagh

There is no capitalism when we support: Too Big Too Fail. What a crock!

Gigsro Uiy

When you peel off the skin from communism and socialism you are left with the inner workings and what sustains these systems, we see human energy creativity ingenuity we see a raw resource, the product that is produced through energy, intern from there energy is used again what's the product that goes into another product through the utilization of more energy to the packaging the final product to the store shelves or showrooms through the use of more energy or human labor. So what are we seeing here? We are seeing capitalism regardless of whether the geopolitical socioeconomic structure by… Read more »

Videomedia Television

The Republican Theodore Roosevelt enacted a law to stop monopolies this made a level playing field until Reagan and Clinton stopped it. And now we've got predatory capitalism that in itself will destroy everything. including capitalism.

Cb Rich

Dalio is the worst part of the problem. Hedge fund banksters are parasites. Back in the 70's hedge funds were minor players. Now they control most of old money. Their phoney croney scam is socialism for the Rich, while the 99% compete for the scraps. Their days are numbered as neither the hamptons, Con-netticut, or NYC are defensible positions after the next crash occurs. The next Occupy movement will be a real one. Ray said you want to always wait until theres blood in the streets to really invest, the blood may be his own next time.

Dave Mello

Sounds Like Wiping Out Of The Middle – Class .

Chris Zablocki

If you don't tend your sheep well, then you won't get premium lamb chops or wool. There's more to it, but that's the gist.

Jim Sephton

They feel guilt, in someway it helps them sleep. It is one things to build something up and make it work, and another when, with no work and a little mumbo jumbo, end up with it all. The Billionaire Blues coming to a town near you. But if their lifestyle is threatened they go right back to basically stealing money.


Who are the Capitalists? Answer — those with Capital. Currently, the leaders of Capitalism are really Corporations. Corporations are now People. We do not trust their altruism, because Profit has been declared as their only goal. God does not recognize Corporations — perhaps that is not important. State Capitalism supposedly benefits the State. The State is loosely defined as THE PEOPLE. But which people? For generations now, we have been educating the masses just for this moment: The Beginning of OUR 2nd, 250 Years of Self-Government. We need VISIONARIES who can "SEE" that far ahead. If such a VISIONARY were… Read more »

Trollol Police

Are libertarians taking up the line "thats not real capitalism" ?

Not Sure

Today I asked a coworker to name one thing in America "the land of the free" that is NOT regulated or taxed…
After 15 seconds, you should have seen the surprised look on his face..

maciek zajac

Julian Assange is our hero and must be Free . We can not be silent !

Eleazar Barrios

ear rape audio but still good information dr Paul

Business Crusader

Dalio's books are good, but this recent article of his just utterly disappointed me.


Causing deliberate "Inflation" is crazy! … In 1968 I earned $4,000 a YEAR as a beginning teacher … Today I cannot live on that for even a month. Gas was $.39 a gallon, today I paid $4.00 a gallon! … If you do the research you will find that prices go up, but wages never go up at the same rate … they lag behind! … It used to be a family could live on one wage earner, today it is impossible for most families … We need to STOP inflation! … when the FED is allowed to keep creating… Read more »

Aarc Vault

Dalio, to his eternal credit, at LEAST has the balls to call it what the fuck it is here in the States and West generally: FASCISM!
'Bout fucking time SOMEONE said it out loud, unlike Paul himself, R. Wolff and others who prefer polite euphemisms like "unfettered Capitalism", "Crony Capitalism" or my personal favorite, "late-stage Capitalism".
As if you could 'fix' it without 1st naming (correctly) and identifying it.

Mr Bojangles

Best way to reform capitalism, stop the handouts like carried interest (little to No taxes) for hedge fund billionaires like Ray dalio. Funny how the richer they get, the more they advocate socialism. Seems counterintuitive, until you realize socialism is all about authoritarian control. Who likes socialism more than the control freaks.

Sam Sticka

Economics aren't my strong suit. I don't know much about them, but I agree that we should have a free market system. Just get the government out of the way.


Our problems are apathy, ignorance and corruption. We need republic, representative government. We have plutocracy and kleptocracy. We should take on the corruption, bribes, conflicts of interest. We need more of a meritocracy, accountability, responsibility. The level of inequality is due to corruption. The problem has milestones: The Fed, the 1947 National Security Act/CIA/military industrial complex, the Lewis Powell Memorandum, and then accelerating corruption by the US Supreme Court that favored the most powerful more and more. Artificial entities are not human beings, money is not the same thing as speech.