Rand Out – Victory For Hawks?

The departure of Rand from the presidential race has left the hawks gloating. Non-interventionism is dead, the Ron Paul Movement is over, we’re all neocons now, they crow. Let’s just see about that!

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Original Youtube video here.

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Cursed Account

Lindsey Graham just said today that Ted Cruz is a "libertarian" with a foreign policy "like Ron Paul"…


I know you are an optimist, but the majority of the people in the USA are never going to get it.
I remember when Ross Perot warned the USA, "All you'll hear is this giant sucking sound" as Bill Clinton and GH Bush laughed at him. That was in 1992. The USA's fall has been coming for a while


Ron Paul should run again. He'd run circles around the frauds currently running.

Jonathan Backe

thanks DR Paul


If Rand Paul had become President, he would have been assassinated within a few months. It's possible that he could do more alive and as a Senator.

Jack Daniels

rand just dropped out what why?

John Joannou

Although the candidates in 2012 were bad, this year they're beyond awful … if you had to run Dr. Paul, you would stand a GREAT chance! I say that with full awareness that the game is rigged, but the groundswell of support for you would be twice that of 08 and 12 put together, which could make it really difficult for the puppet-masters.
I also feel guilty for even proposing this considering your retirement and what you have already accomplished for the cause of freedom and peace.
Please consider another run… the world needs you

Picking Profits

I am so glad to see Ron Paul still putting out content at age 80. Maybe in 4 years Rand will run as a Libertarian like his father did in 2008 and 2012 on the Republican ticket instead of a Moderate like he did this time around.


8.02 It's true, it's Bush's fault. We have Bush to blame for the Obama presidency. Even Jeb! with his run still doesn't understand how off-putting the Bush name is to people.

BTW, Rand can do more for liberty without "presidency". Being President is an entangling alliance all its own.

Christian Carnett

Darn it Dr. Paul, Rand is not you! He is who he is….But we need you to run one more time in 2020! This last time! The younger kids will only listen to you if you are on the national stage. They want to believe, they need to hear you!!

Steven Spates

Great episode .


Ron they all talk so much crud when rand isnt there to defend themselves he would handle them like a true gentleman. These decievers are sickening when they bloat, i cant believe they talk like they truly believe in what they say. At least i have the ron paul liberty report. You have my appreciation for your wisdom. I come on here see common sense and a sound mind to speak with genuine knowledge and to hear the voice of liberty. I aspire to be able influence people to hear the bells of liberty like you have. God bless ron… Read more »


ron paul… galt's gulch wasn't open borders. if rand wasn't so much left libertarian… he probably would of had trumps voters


Again, I say those who call for war, better be the first people signing up for the infantry when it comes.

Professor X

Ron Paul, please throw your hat in the ring 2016. there's plenty of time. if for nothing else, to speak to the People in mass. I do think you have a shot. my wishful thinking

Gg Mo

See a very heavy agenda , the run was merely to re-ignite the beacon. Just as it was when Ron ran. It's up to the people to alter the narrative in their narrative , to pay attention to their local politics, to pay attention to what they support unwittingly in their lives. Examine the microcosm and act accordingly and consciously toward Liberty.. The Paul's will not be golden calfs for anyone and I respect them greatly for it.

Young World

ron paul changed my life in 2012. I just want you guys to know in case bernie sanders wins the presidency its been an honor to be part of the liberty movement but unfortunately im pretty sure bernie will run this country straight to the ground and well probably end up like the Soviet Union and the rest of the has beens.

Jt Williams

the poor American people are supposed to forget about the government's policies last week, last year, and the previous decades, and only listen to the latest round of outrages by enemies of the American state, and get hyped up for the next intervention. It's always time to face down the next Hitler, or risk being known as the next Neville Chamberlain. I fear that Ted Cruz would love to be another Bush style "War President"

Nick Gore

With two young children I worry more than ever about these never ending wars and even more so about the talk of bringing back the draft. I'm also worried about what will happen if they do try to draft the children of men like me, what will be our reaction? Thank you two for everything you do to inform us and promote peace!

Backgammon Player

I knew with statements like "Assad gassed his own people" Rand wouldn't be able to gather support.
"Hi Shawn and good to see you Glenn" is freaking boring to watch.



Lorenz Müller


13th Elm Productions

Lindsay Graham and John McCain don't like this video.


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!

chiki briki

Ron, thank you so much for standing up for the constitution and your fellow Americans, you may not have won but you have to know, you are presidency material. And a damn fine one.

Caleb Sayre

Paul/McAdams 2016!


Ron Paul, please run for President. There is still time to jump in.

James Maring

Gary Johnson should return to the Republican party and beat everyone there. People think that's a statement that kisses up to rinos, but Ron Paul did it, so Johnson for sure could too.

Phil Magliulo

Love u Ron.

Allen Munich
Scott Stankis

cut government 50%


Who is the closest candidate left now to being a libertarian?

Queef Cream

I'm conflicted whether I should vote at all. It does seem scummy for me to say that but I'd feel horrid for voting for any of the people who're running for office this year.


Rand is a true Statesman. I think his record so far is excellent and beyond all the rest. It's irrational, this criticism of Rand that he's not a blueprint of his father. No other son is expected to be like this and for obvious reason.

I'm so sorry it didn't work out. Rand was miles above anyone else. Thank you Rand for standing up for Liberty and our Rights. I would like to volunteer to help the Rand Paul 2020 campaign I think that's a good year for an eye doctor.


I'm no libertarian, but I enjoy these videos. There are few YouTube channels that actually make you sit up and think about things. #RespectToRonPaul


Rand would have done quite a bit better had he not veered so far away from your platform, Dr. Paul.

Jordan Cotter

What does he mean at 9:59? How does he do his job better and who do we vote for now that Rand is out?

I'm one of those people. I don't wanna disappoint Ron Paul.

Jordan Cotter

21:30 Why so negative?!!