President Trump – Don’t Cave In To Warmongers On Syria Withdrawal!

No sooner did President Trump Tweet his determination to remove US troops from the “endless” war in Syria than the entire Washington Beltway had a total breakdown. From Mitch McConnell to Ilhan Omar the cry was identical: “How dare you! How dare you bring US troops home!” Will the President cave in to his enemies in Washington and the media? Or will he keep his promises and fulfill the wishes of a majority of Republicans?
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David Bruce

why are Shiff, Pelosi, Biden, Dershowitz, Brunell, Wexner, etc…. not in custody?


Vietnam war basically started in 1945, ended (partially) in 1975, then theres the whole deal with Vietnam having to fight Kmer Rogue and China over the years, thats +30 years of war just there. Vietnamese-Cambodian war actually ended in 1989 only, so thats 44 years of war thanks to USA / France / Brits. and so many millions of dead, circa 10 million, and for what?

Elizabeth Klimas

"regime change"?????….. children with parents need "regime changed" for RANSOM, purses with GOLD need "regime changed" for LOOTING…. TERRORISTS/MURDERERS and THIEVES 'changing regimes" MURDERING & LOOTING….. it's about time for NAZI ANGLO-AMERICAN ORGANIZE CRIMES CORPORATION, REGIME CHANGE!!!!

Dessy Duke Lecker

Stick to the truth and everyone will hate you in a world of lies and liars

Jow Lorenz

the njew world order traitors are trying the same dirty tactics to cause illegal regime-change on Trump as they used on demo-cratically elected leader assad . assad has every right to defend syria from the foreign invaders and corporate-fascist sponsored traitors. Trump is like the lion getting attacked on all sides by hyenas.
he needs to start chomping corporate-fascist traitorous motherfrackers asses…
all them poi-zion kosher-polluted mainstream coop attempting collaborators need to be exposed and incarcerated too.
war racket is a bunch of murderers — wake up schmucks !


The voice of Ron Paul Institute is the voice of peace and liberty and the whole world needs this voice. Many many thanks for everything.

Quantum Chang

Does Trump know this channel exist?

Shaun Gilmore

These people are not elites they are murderous scumbags.
Can we please stop giving them this title.

peter Camacho

Dr. Ron Paul I wish that you would stop feeding the narrative that we don't know. Who is this we? Perhaps the average citizen doesn't know. But many do know and you know the real reason, don't you? This is a globalist agenda this is not happening in violation. This is not an exaggeration those at the highest levels that take us to war and propagate War, know the real reason. Continuous war is the agenda the reasons that are propagated through the media is propaganda. Continuous war is the agenda. When the agenda is continuous war of course there… Read more »

Tom Vera

It's another vietnam. To hell with syria. Protect the Kurds. They are like Isreal. They were running a sucessful goverment when Sadam hussain used chemical weapons on them after we stopped helping them. They are good honest people. Always help the Kurds.

Motersickle Bum

ZioCons are mad because those US troops were slated to be killed as a false-flag to invade Syria and Iran for Israel.

Robert William

President Trump, Assad has the final say! he rightfully, as you are is protecting his Sovereign Country. 🙂

Yahu Savant

But the "war mongers" rule the foreign policy of this country. This is the 4th time that Trump has ordered the withdrawal of the US military from Syria. I doubt that they shall be brought home.

rolland mousseaux

opponents of trump's withdrawal would deny assistance to a NATO ally……strange position to take if america funds NATO ….STOP FUNDING NATO ET AL

Kevin Diaz-Lane

Leave Syria alone – they are a sovereign nation and have not attacked the US.
The US deep state wants war with Syria because they don’t have a central bank, so the international banksters can’t control their economy or political system.

Carol Reid

Good on you Ron.
Tell it like it is.
You speak truth and share a sensible analysis and approach.
Whose political campaigns are funded by war profiteers and lobbyists and contractors.?

Co Ragoo

American politicians are like eating shit then vomiting then eating the vomited shit

Mr E

All ten planks of the Communist manifesto. Already in place within the U.S.S.A.!

Watch "Shadows of the DEEP STATE | Destroying Our Sovereignty" on YouTube

Alan Conlan

ISIS has been recruited, trained and armed by the covert operations of the CIA. This is a center point. Why is this fact being ignored?

Carol Reid

You two make a whole lot of sense.


"President Paul!"

Carol Reid

No mission statement, no timeline, no exit strategy.?
Doesn’t sound like even a good business plan, does it.?

Fairness Equality

American people think like their great great grandfather George Washington

brian niziol

Why are American troops still in Syria? Why were they there in the first place? So if Trump is against the war mongers why are they not at home or somewhere else. What he says is not what he does. So the only thing different about him than the rest of the war mongers at least he war mongers will do as they say even if it kills us all. Trump will talk and tweet us to death with BS before he allows the war mongers to have their way even if it kills us all.

alvaro villatoro

Israel did 9/¹¹

Braden Mitchell

The kurds were betrayed after world War I when the British and French drew the borders for these countries that were part of the Ottoman empire.
The Kurdish problem should have been solved by the UN establishing their own country years ago.

Cody C

I knew he wouldn't follow through.


He will cater to the highest campaign contributors.

our world

yes yes yes!!! March out Thank you the sycophants are everywhere. I don't trust any of the situation including last years feigned end or the called of Iran attack called of in the nick of time, I also don't think they will allow all troops to leave ….. But it doesn't matter if he is serious or feigning, We should support loudly. When the left attacks from the right the hypocrisy shows. Of course the right is going to lose it, It's an emergency all call for "think tank" retired generals. When FOX, MSNBC, CNN, Pelosi, Omar, Sanders and McConnell… Read more »

David McCray

the only good thing Trump has done in 3 years SAD! ISIS is funded by Saudi Arabia. let Saudi defend the kurds

Kit de Silva

They can b*tch all they want, but when the turkeys start firing, there's only 2 things the US thug army can do – either shoot back or get out of the way.

David Bell

The lie about the U.S. defeating ISIS reminds me of the Sunni Awakening in Iraq when they tried to say the troop surge turned the tide of that war. The Huffing Post wouldn't even allow comments that mentioned Sunni Awakening. More recently they blacked out 500 words in the Ukraine call transcript to leave out Crowdstrike and the DNC server and go from asking a favor to Joe Biden.


Seeing is believing. Trump has played his cards and shown us who he is. A puppet for Israel. He isn't going to do it because his recent decisions speak for themselves

Yellow/Blue _Austrian Watchman

❗️Daniel McAdams for President !!!!!! It’s time to run. We need you and the mises caucus!!!!!!❗️

Hossein Mobtaker

Ron Paul, The great president that USA never had.

Lord Cromwell

President Trump 2020 then Trump Jr in 2024. We got to get this Nation back at all cost's. And you are not alone. We can Make this Land home and bring heaven to Earth. Do not let anything stop us from that goal.

Brent Holt

If Trump hires them then they are not the swamp unless Trump is the swamp.

Mac Castro

Don't forget who created ISIS

Adam Borgen

Who writes us military orders to troops? That chain of command needs to be exposed. Troops are ORDERED to go into these nations illegally. We need to put a spotlight on the order crafters and those that are in control of them.