Pompeo & Bolton Are Good For Gold & Bad For Peace…Gold Soars To 5-Yr. Highs

It took a little over a decade, but the fantasy that The Fed has had things under control since the 2008 collapse has turned into the reality. It was all a lie. QE failed and is no longer just a “temporary” measure. Add in the prospect of yet another war and the motivation to own real money like gold is accelerating!

Original Youtube video here.

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Jeffrey Long

Cheers Dr Paul

Mark Fischer

President Trump proved that he is in charge, he is in control and it doesn't matter what others urge him to do, the buck stops with him. He alone calls the shots. He has the authority and the responsibility and he takes both very seriously. He proved his worst detractors who criticize him for everything wrong again. Congratulations President Trump, you never fail to justify my faith in your judgments and actions.

Semper Fidelis

Normal working people don't care about the price of gold. That's the gold brokers way of scamming rich suckers out of their money.


They are criminals

David Lango

Dr. Paul. Ron. Have a listen to Dave at the X22 Report. He says Trump is getting more QE, just to get passed 2020. He's making trade deals in preparation for this Global reset that you've been predicting, ever since you signed my copy of "End the Fed". Lowering the interest rates and pumping in quantitative easing will keep the economy booming, which is crucial to his reelection.

Steve Levario

You left out bitcoin. Bitcoin is the new gold.



Yeah! Pompeo and Bolton may be good for Gold. Gold obtained with people's Blood killed by war. Horrible! 👹👹👹


9/11 was an Israeli Mossad false flag blamed on Muslim cavemen. Look up the dancing Israelis on 9/11. This event is the catalyst for all of this global government crap. Unless we are willing to identify the real culprits then we are going to be duped forever. Israeli NWO gangsters did 9/11.

Rhio Phiri

pompeo & Bolton the world is against ur behavior

Kyle Ernst

Orange man bad! Yea, do you hang with people that say "death to you"? Well Iran states over and over for the last 40 years "Death to America"…..these are your friends? These are the peaceful people? The hate America first crowd. Donald Trump did not create the crisis with Iran…if anyone did it was Obama that cowered to their demands and the demands of the global that would have America back down. Why not just give Iran their way…wait for them to nuke a US city or Berlin…this is you answer to the problem. Defend Iran at the expense of… Read more »


Please go to war, I bought up a lot of gold more than a decade ago to prepare for the imminent fall of fiat currencies that never happened. I wonder how much they will be able to raise the price by?

Daniel Renteria

Well all the gold that the U.S. hoarded for many countries suddenly one day disappeared! When 2008 hit many countries asked for their gold deposits and low and behold heads of states started dying…… We dont want to remove our government ( the system is sacred) we want to remove the power hungry rats FROM out government! Gold and silver and our natural resources are universal and timeless!

joanne ross

It's the us sanctions in Venezuela that hurts them. It's been going on since Chavez was in office. Koch brothers didn't pay for the crude oil they got. And England stole billions in gold. We should nationalize corporations in America. And do the same k. Check out the website of Florida marquis . And Jennifer veteran 4 truth. We have to stay out of other countries business understand. Venezuela constitution works for the peoples not like in us k. I'm a veteran k




The catastrophe is coming and the elite have been preparing for it.

rolland mousseaux

still waiting for a real central bank audit (and the reality of america's true gold possessions….which to me is a myth until proven….but make no mistake privitization of public property is theft….money SHOULD be a public utility and NEVER privatized – which it now is….the US Constitution was not vague but was explicit on this matter~! america's money should never be ruled by a foreign interest like the JU empire

Ed Waggoner Sr.

Guys, could you upload the video in 720p instead of 480p? Please.

Dessy Duke Lecker

Where the hell is all this paper money. It sure as hell is not in Americans pockets

Billy Dunn

These people can do anything they want to these prices at anytime, they don't need Donald Trump's ridiculous script writers to cause a spike in prices, they can just look at key areas to mess with to drive the prices up. They can get it down to the intended number, and they do this often to send a message to someone. And since the banks are buying the gold, that's what's gonna drive up the prices, not because of Donald Trump's threats. The bankers buy the gold and then they attach the price to it. They just tell key people… Read more »